Leo In Retrograde

You of course are aware of my broken wrist, due to a tumble during a tango at a place called the Grinning Gator, of all things. The floor was open, with nothing but me and the multiple ales I’d consumed to stop the fun. It all worked in my favour, truth be told. The pain of the break kept me from work, and the short-term disability pay kept me homebound, for fear of running short.

Thus leaving me with nothing to do but ponder my current circumstances, and what, if anything, I wanted to do to change. What did I decide? Well, I haven’t.

Re * tro * grade ~ directed or moving backward.

Didn’t move backward, but definitely had a good look… and I suppose that is why I don’t know where, if anywhere, I should go. Backwards is obviously not an option; so forward it is.

Yet, the question I’ve asked, myself, is how.

That answer I don’t have, yet.

What I do know, is when Venus went Retrograde in late June, it sent this Leo on a two month journey, through solitude, falling, breaking, and a meander amongst my other wounds.

Some say the falls one makes in this time are symbolic of our struggle to greatness, as you have to fall in order to be en pointe.

You know me, always go the difficult way, getting scratched and mangled in the process. Though, not for naught, as I generally come away with an alternate perspective.

So Mom, we will just have to see where these tumbles have taken me, and where the new beginnings lead. They don’t recommend new beginnings during Venus in Retrograde, but meh, nothing is decided on that front anyhow. Newboy Stephen is still in the testing phase, no new beginnings as yet have been determined.

We’ve been attempting a mingling for over a week, to no avail. For instance, he’s off today, and I’m back to work. He works the weekends, I have them off. He works nights, and I work days. Difficult.


But, as someone once said to me… “what is for you shall not pass you by“.

And, I think you know what Mom, I think I just may know what I want.

Stay tuned for updates. Now, of course, one of us has been quite pleased with her summer, and who can blame her. Nice long walks all over London, and of course my undivided attention for almost 8 weeks… doggy bliss.

A summer to remember. Maybe for both of us.



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