I Am Fred

Your sister left me for dead on her back porch;  I must have been a sight. Lonely, starved for light and affection, I can never ever repay you. Ever.  Anyone else would have thought me long past saving, but you looked past my dishevelled, half-dead appearance, refreshed my soil, expanded my world and patiently, lovingly, removed every single energy sucker that had infested my bark.


I suppose its been over 20 years now since those early days, and I’ve silently watched as you left that man, and all that he put you through. I’ve watched your silent fears drip down your face. I’ve witnessed all the betrayals, heard the lies whispered, truths denied. You’ve carried me from place to place, in sunshine or shade, I have been with you through it all.

To hell and back, we have been, you and I.

Never have you treated me like just another house plant to beautify your living space. I was never just a tree.

I wish I could do more, my reach is limited though. Yet I AM a Ficus, and as my ancient ancestor who came before, I am a conduit, and thus those who sit beneath me may learn how to tap that fount of divine grace I channel.

This morning you finally heard me. Finally I can talk to you, through you, and here we are.

In those early days, those months after you rescued me, I sparkled, I shone, and you felt that, you saw what I truly was.

Now I can finally tell you what I see within you. As dark as the road sometimes has been, you have cared so deeply for others, even though few deserved your caring touch. I’ve watched as they’ve betrayed you, lied, manipulated your good heart, damaged your spirit, then left you.

Did you ever think about getting paid to do that? Rather then giving it away so carelessly? Consider all those who could just use a kind ear to listen to their story, or offer hope to someone who has been where they are and knows that where there is a will there will always be a way.

You know the way Paula; you’ve always known. It’s scary though, I know. Stepping off into the unknown means you must face those demons, or else they will only hold you back. Embrace that fear, hold it up to the light, then let it go. Refresh your soil, lovingly scrap away the suckers that sap you, expand your world, and you will thrive.

You know where to find me.

Love Fred

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