The Justice Of Maat

hearthIn the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it was the Goddess Maat, daughter of RA (sun god), wife of Thoth (god of writing and knowledge), whom one met at the end of the arduous journey everyone took after death.

To her you would hand your heart, and she would weigh it against a feather. If it were heavier, your soul would not go on. In this final test, when you lost, your everlasting soul was devoured by a ferocious beast.

featherIt was considered a crime against Ma’at if a person engaged in jealousy, dishonesty, gluttony, laziness, injustice, and ungratefulness. The guilty Egyptian was deemed to have violated the Spirit of Ma’at and would face a further judgment in the Underworld during the ceremony of justification in the Hall of the Two Truths.

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