Those 9 Foot Ceilings And Me

So Mom, been thinking lately of a switcheroo within my living space. Rrrreallllyy pre-occupied lately with it.

Currently, I have my floor plan laid out in a pathway through the furniture like a horseshoe.

Great Grandma’s dresser, with its wavy old mirror, greets you at the small foyer I created with my wicker divider. In Feng Shui, they suggest always positioning mirrors across from the door, or reflective surfaces at least, at entrance ways, to ward off any negative energies that may enter.

Then everything flows from there, ending in my bed that is tucked off in the far corner.

If I moved my bed into the kitchen, and there is plenty of room, I could have a lovely window I could open right by my head. How divine would that be? I could use the divider and that sheer netting I bought just for that purpose. Create an atmosphere of restfulness and peace, with wispy fabric and soft greens and blues.

Fibonacci spiral with square sizes up to 34That would mean I have this big beautiful room to work with, and that’s somewhat daunting. I was thinking of maybe working with a Golden Spiral sort of layout.

It means all the junk that now resides at the other end of the kitchen would have to find a new home – such as a garbage bin. I would have to be more organized to pull this off. This big orange room would become my living space. I’m looking at how to arrange it so it can be a classic living room, serve as a giant dressing room, and dining room. Obviously, I’m going to have to think outside the box on this one.

I know decisions, decisions. And, of course, it also means spending money I don’t really have. So I have a lot of time to fiddle with my plans.

Ultimately what I want is a sitting room/area, with a couch or chaise, my giant wicker chair, an ottoman perhaps. I would somehow have to integrate the Green Velvet Settee into the scenarios, perhaps moving it off to the corner and creating a sort of parlour/dining room type area?

I don’t know. See, metaphorically this all sort of smacks of a projection of my internal battle, er, not sure if that’s the right word. Not struggle either. But a recognition of how I live, what I love, and who I REALLY am, not just who I want to be. And how do I be this thing I so very much want to be? And is it me? Dare I utter its name?

With that move to the kitchen, comes this whole opening up, this releasing. With my window open on a summers eve, the netting gently swaying as I lay dreaming. That soothing breeze, I can almost feel it, assuaging my sweaty body from the hot flashes that still stalk my nights.

And of course, I’d need a spot to write. A nook, a little quiet space to inspire me towards that dream I once dared not dream.

It all has the feel of continents moving, this re-arranging. I mean, I’ve got big pieces of furniture to haul about and organize into a new setting, somehow.

I require though first one key component, a couch. I don’t have a sofa of any sorta. Just that uncomfortable, though lovely, Green Velvet Settee of Grandma’s. Don’t worry Mom, I would never part with it, it means too much to me. I love the carvings, they just don’t make furniture like that anymore. The loving, hand carved geometric designs are beautiful, and not too much ornament. Did you know Mom, that it’s called an EASTLAKE SETTEE.
Green Velvet Settee

The Eastlake furniture style as envisioned by its namesake, Charles Lock Eastlake, came about in response to his dislike of the over-the-top Rococo Revival and Renaissance Revival styles popular during the Victorian era.


I guess many of my pieces are what one would term a “conversation piece”, so they may as well take centre stage in this big old Orange room.

Lexi and I are so different you know. She is all grey’s and soft whites, rustic knick-knacks, with this whole Scandinavian simplicity. Whereas I’m more of magic and an organic sense of sacred space, like a grove in the woods on a sunny autumn day.

Thinking how nice it is to talk to you again about these mundane things Mom. Cause they do matter, and I missed sharing this stuff with you. I miss your practical, yet creative eye.

Well, should go, need to get ready for work. I will, of course, keep you informed of my progress as I re-imagine these pathways within my living space.



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