Decorating a Bachelor Apartment

make it so

the week began and once again i missed him. in the dead of winter whilst i watched him wilt, from lack of sun upon his leaves, and to the kitchen window he was moved to that lovely little inside garden room. yet i missed him my lovely Ficus Fred long we have journeyed, just him and […]


Those 9 Foot Ceilings And Me

So Mom, been thinking lately of a switcheroo within my living space. Rrrreallllyy pre-occupied lately with it. Currently, I have my floor plan laid out in a pathway through the furniture like a horseshoe. Great Grandma’s dresser, with its wavy old mirror, greets you at the small foyer I created with my wicker divider. In […]


Dollarama Design & The Dog

So I’ve discovered the downtown Dollarama…and I’m hooked. Last weekend I bought 8 of these Bamboo Floor Mats – which do a fantastic job of covering up the wine stain. They also give the room almost this old circus or gypsy tent feel. They ground the room a bit I believe. Also purchased were some tea towels. […]