straw and shower curtain

A Peek At Where I Hang My Hats

On the stoop yesterday aft, productive day, as the doggo got a walko, and other things I needed to do, and we spent some quality time on the stoop. Watching the world go by, and while there is less of it, or less people, there are people. Actually, more people, but spaced out people throughout that day, going on their daily sanity stroll round the … Continue reading A Peek At Where I Hang My Hats

Those 9 Foot Ceilings And Me

So Mom, been thinking lately of a switcheroo within my living space. Rrrreallllyy pre-occupied lately with it. Currently, I have my floor plan laid out in a pathway through the furniture like a horseshoe. Great Grandma’s dresser, with its wavy old mirror, greets you at the small foyer I created with my wicker divider. In Feng Shui, they suggest always positioning mirrors across from the … Continue reading Those 9 Foot Ceilings And Me

Dollarama Design & The Dog

So I’ve discovered the downtown Dollarama…and I’m hooked. Last weekend I bought 8 of these Bamboo Floor Mats – which do a fantastic job of covering up the wine stain. They also give the room almost this old circus or gypsy tent feel. They ground the room a bit I believe. Also purchased were some tea towels.  Oh, I know, just WAY too exciting. Insignificant décor becomes significant … Continue reading Dollarama Design & The Dog