Me And The Moon And The Sun

Got a bit of a shock at the market. Whilst picking up a salad for me, and kibble for the fluffy one, and who should appear?

I mean, it is a small place and I guess I’ll just have to get used to seeing that blue.eyed.boy from time to time.

Not 100% certain he saw me, but I’m 99.9% sure. Due to the look on his face.

As I was grabbing up my bag and settling the kibble over my arm, I turned back to the aisle beside me, to cast one more glance. His head was turned, eyes were off to his right, with a stricken look. He was squinting as if the light was too bright, or he was concerned about something, looking at nothing.

And, he had two young children with him. Niece and Nephew? He said he didn’t have Grandchildren yet. Who knows. Heck, what do I know? Really, Mom, what do I REALLY know about him? NADA! I know sweet-diddly.

He’s not good enough. And, I as much told him so, when I left the last time. For the last time.

I’ll straighten that crown.

So, other than THAT, Monday was a bliss day.

Irish got a walk, I ate a salad, AND Rose and I went out for another tour. This time, I explored farther down that path I discovered that runs along the North bank of the Thames, the one right at Adelaide I told you about?

Well, that path leads me all the way past Highbury, to Meadowlily Conservation Area, and it keeps going. Wowzers.

This time on my return journey didn’t have to get off the bike to trudge up the hills. Nope. I’m gaining stamina. I didn’t bring my phone, though. Nope.


Well, I admit I wondered after on the intelligence of that, as I cycled alone along the asphalt pathway. But I like to be completely disconnected on these rides. To relish the freedom, and not for any reason, sometimes just to taste everything without interruption.

Whatever, I would put up a hell of a stink, and have a fantastic resting bitch face (yeah Mom, it’s a thing)…I’m sure it scares most men off. Which, of course, is not my intention, but anyways. Useful in these particular circumstances. And, if they smile at me, I’ve mastered this smirk that says yes, I can be friendly, but I don’t have to be if I don’t want to be…hissssss. I might be small, but I’m mighty.

Oh, and I saw the weirdest thing on my walk with Irish earlier in the day. Hadn’t been back to Euston Meadow Park in a bit, so figured we were due. Had the yen of being in the woods, actually. So off we trudged.

When I was cresting the hill, this is what came into view, to the left, on the path ahead.

cross in the meadow

Strangest thing. A dog grave marker, do you think? I hadn’t been back since the spring. But it’s new, so since the spring new.

Reminded me, suppose, of all those old dogs that lay buried in our backyard, back at the Homestead. For some strange reason, it reminded me of Grandma and channeling a bit of her extroverted self-assurance. And, I was thinking about change.

stream in the woodsWe both enjoyed ourselves. Irish spooked something out of the bushes, and the cool shade of the little forest there, it soothed me. I do love the way light plays through the leaves of the trees. The pools of the sun that dapple the earth beneath. Such beauty, and almost like, just out of the corner of your eye, you can catch a glimpse of the fairies playing in the light, then twirling back off into the shadows of the forest.

That appeared, just between. Between the walk at the meadow, and the ride later. Sandwiched in. Standing in line, as I randomly got this craving for some veg in my diet.

This full moon last night was in Capricorn.

You know, he’s a Capricorn. All wild goat, to be sure. And, just to put a finer point on that, my moon sign, in astrology, is Capricorn. Leo is my Sun sign. Your Sun sign is one aspect of who you are, your moon sign is supposed to be the other half – usually either inside you versus the you presented to the world. The Yin/Yang of your spirit, I guess, this time around.

That all said. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is mate material. Or that he’s significant, other than in terms of maybe just a lesson, I’m thinking. You know? Of how it’s meant to feel. There’re all kinds of conjunctions of the planets going on too, but I won’t bore you with the details. Basically, if I could have a man with the sincerity and caring of Crossroads, and the attraction I have towards that, well, that would be it. My ideal.

In the meantime, I’m just going to follow my bliss. It will pass. Those synaptic connections will over time erase it, bit by bit. So, just work hard, play in the sunshine, sit on my stoop and watch the Cardinals build their nest together. I’m content with that. And write to you. Take photographs with my crappy phone camera.

Oh, and the swag bag from the work summer party was a picnic basket. Very cool. Used the plastic water bottle Monday on my bike ride. Can’t wait to go on a picnic. Maybe I can convince Sue to come, maybe she and Crossroads and I can go off to maybe Gibbons Park for a little picnic under some giant old tree. That would be fun.

Must go, work later today close, and should get ready. Walk the snoggin’, wash the dishes that are piling up in the kitchen.


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