bee ba

The Best of ~ remnants, part four

originally published -> May 28th, 2013

in the bohemian grace
of daffodils and whispering pines
we are swaying, dancing
our last waltz
on a fresh path
to opposite ways
and goodbyes
thru a twilight mist
it fades campfire & squeeze-box
and the glow of embers
illuminate the moonlight
and the fading coyotes call
far off in the distance
as we languish on these tired lines
finding solace in the glow
of last days
and that underlying
humus and hum
I wander humbly
onto that other path
not death, but life
quill at hand
defining moments
awaking a passion
born upon the shores of a lake
that Tuesday afternoon
fades into yesterday
with the rhythm’s of the night
almost in full swing
the last kiss
at dawns early light
is not far away
as I digitize my loquacious thoughts
of dialogues of a life
and this rainy day
entraps my shell
but it shall not take me.

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