Yeah, It Was That Him

Yes, I am stubborn. Just a moment ago I caught the reason I put the feeder back up, as a flash of red of the male cardinal caught my eye. In for an evening visit, and sang to me of the most wonderful things, not 7 feet from where I now sit. And as the rain falls softly out my open window, I suppose that is what inspired me to sit down and write.

And, I as well get the pleasure of watching the thieving tree rats racing up and down the dead piece of cedar I hooked the feeder on. Wonder how long it will take them to sabotage themselves again. Will see.

This little oasis of mine is coming together.

I lost another tooth in the back yesterday morning. Woke up and out it popped, and not completely unexpectantly. But, I convinced myself the tooth fairy would want this for me, so I went out and bought another of the ‘Island Breeze’ Hosta’s the Tuckey’s Home Hardware was selling again this year, to add to my chartreuse themed little in-between garden. And so I spent ALL day yesterday enjoying it, resting my back against the bricks, and once in a while gazing up at the Black Walnut Tree.

As well, the pic came up in my Facebook feed of Rose, and so I guess it has been exactly one year since I first spied her over at D3’s, and said: “please, can I have her“?

And Irish turned 9 this month. So Rose and I went out on a long cycle, and Irish and I went on some long adventures through the village so she could smell the ‘news’.

ducks going to churcch

Funny too, came upon this young Mom, with her long dark hair tied up in a bun in the back, face a little scrunched up and scolding the angry little boy in her arms, saying “I gave you plenty of chances, but you decided to ignore me”…”Buu ut TTT… I WANNA GO BACK”, he wailed, bottom lip quivering.

Good, teach him young…sometimes you just run out of chances.

Which is exactly what I thought when I turned around, the other night, after laughing at something someone had said, just as the retro lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody belted out “mama mia, let me go”, and there he was waltzing into view, right past my line of vision, and looked back, smiled, expectantly.

I turned to who I was chatting with, a friend who was the very reason I was even out Sunday night for Retro Night at the CTO. Had not been in years and years, and don’t often have Monday’s off to recover, or have anyone to go with for that matter.

So as if I would just turn away and chase after him as he passed, was what I saw he expected, and I shook my head and thought…I gave you plenty of chances.

Out of all the people in that room that night, dancing and swaying to old tunes I knew from the radio when I was a teenager, he knew which hole in the hedgerow lead right to my door. Only one could show up, out of the blue, but did not.

But, the strangest thing is, and I can’t believe I even thought this. But, when I was heading downtown to Retro night, you know, I went past his place, as I normal do when I walk downtown, and I actually had thought about stopping in, and if he was there invite him down, and then leave – but I just gazed down his driveway instead, and walked on by.

I saw him arriving out of the corner of my eye, like a force in the matrix, and I just happened to turn around, and there he was. Almost like he got my silent message as I walked past his place.

He laughed, and I swayed my hips and turn around, closed my eyes, soaking in the vibe that filled the room, and pretended I didn’t see him, didn’t care that he was there. He had every chance.

Yes, one could say I’m stubborn about some things.

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