Biking To Work In The Snow Before Dawn Doesn’t Suck As Much You Might Think

As I was leaving for work this morning at 5AM I whispered, “thank you spirits of white light and goodness, keep me safe“, close the door and push my bike determinedly out to the road. I ended up an hour late yesterday, having to gather the last of my change and take the bus, no choice, few plows had been out yet so riding was impossible (believe me, I tried).

Since Tuesday we’ve had 20-30cm of snow, and with the windchill, it would feel like -18, the weather network said.

tracks in the snow - the temenos journal

So I went to bed last night uncertain how I was going to do it this morning, as I didn’t want to be late again and had no cash for a cab, so it was Red or walk.

And through the snowy streets, just me and the snowplows, I ventured forth, focused only on the road ahead, which street to take, dodging little piles wet bike tireof slushy snow at the intersections.

As I ascended the last hill, closer and closer, I pushed my scarf away to feel the chill of the pre-dawn on my face, snow crunching under my tires, and finally, I made my way across the empty parking lots – I arrived, I am bada$$ (or crazy).

And, praise be to whoever arranges these things, I got to work and the truck never came. So here I am sipping the leftover coffee at home while the gunk from the tires drains onto the wooden floors, and I am proud of this cycling chick I have become.
[btw, a good-hearted co-worker gave me a ride home]

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