A Little Porch Politics And The Puppets Of Power

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A Few months ago and I’m back in Dodge visiting my family, hugs all around, home for a visit.

So after all that, and the big old solid oak front door shut from prying ears, my sister and I are out on the front porch, and she broached the taboo topic, the elephant in the room. Prompted in no small part by my rotten father flipping out this card from his wallet, and saying: “hey look, Paula, I’m a card-carrying Trump supporter“, with his usual almost evil Cherish Cat grin, and followed by his usual hea hea hea laugh.

It really does blow my mind how I can be this man’s daughter, look like him, has his temper, his smelly feet, his freckles, yet sit so so very far apart on some things, like politics. Therefore it is a topic we do try to steer clear if only to avoid full-out verbal warfare.

So, to my sisters initial broaching of POTUS began with some background on current feelings, as obviously Dad was angling for a conflict. I didn’t bite, nor did I bash, instead I informed.

You know, the whole thing just gives me anxiety, really. My sister seems to take great glee though from our discussions, so I oblige and inform. I do not take any glee from it.

Thing is, and as I explained to my sister, lately I’ve been viewing everything from a different perspective, from a more elevated POV, up in the helicopter so too speak, purveying the ground from a much higher angle. Basically, the details are becoming like a smoke screen of little crisis, one after the other, and it does sort of make one question why? And, do each of these little storms matter? Do they have an ultimate purpose?

In fact, many of the tactics, firing, hirings, tweets and taxes, et al, spewing out from Washington are just a dog and pony show.

They play on our worst fears, draw insight from our distractions in order to further some or another objective. Unbalanced and swinging out wildly at whoever threatens their pet project or cause. Manipulating those who are unaccustomed to such spewing of lies and unsubstantiated innuendo, even so far as using our very likes against us.

This is our world today.

The Homestead - thetemenosjournal.com
The Homestead – probably late 1940’s.

Yet outside, on that front porch, where so many of the most important moments of my life have transpired, I began to see all this chaos playing out as mere fluff, a distraction.

And this is more or less what I said to her, and later Dad.

For most people, to my mind, none of this matters. You know, details details.

The real threat is not whether or not Trump is a good President or a bad President, the point is he is chaos itself, a tornado. This seems to have had the effect of creating a certain level of disinterest. It has this systematically and progressive weakening of the U.S democracy and institutions while taking the government into a possible constitutional crisis. A country squabbling amongst themselves is a distracted country.

Who would benefit?

Well, now, golly gee, you don’t need a magic ball to figure this one out – Russia, or, rather Putin ( as I doubt the average Russian will benefit all that much ).

Also, is it not just a wee bit unusual that an Amercian President has surrounded himself with those who have such strong ties to Russia, and in some cases stronger than they do to the U.S.?

Russia seems to have spent much of the last half of the 20th century, and much of the 21st, so far out of sync; something like the kid on the playground no one wants to play with cause he’s too weird and doesn’t play well with others anyways.

Now here comes this dream guy on the scene, who also doesn’t play well with others, is also just a little too weird, and thus we would seem to have this new era bromance alliance forming between them.

How on earth that all got started and who knew what and when is Mueller’s Team mandate, and therefore we will have to wait and see.

Oops, and there I go ranting on again, and what I expect to accomplish? I don’t know, wisdom? Knowledge? A warning? To be wary of the new world order? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

The bigger question may just be how did we get here? Ponderings for another post.

Now in Ontario, we have our very own alt-right populist leader, in our new Premier-elect Ford, as many anxiously await what antics and chaos he will bring tagging along behind him to Queen’s Park.

So I told Dad back in March that the details do not matter, all the lies and innuendo’s, firings and hirings, because what matters, what seed I wanted to plant in his brain, is that someone else is benefiting a lot more than he ever will, and to think about that just a little bit. Think about who would benefit from the chaos that the U.S. government is embroiled in on a daily basis? You know, little tidbits that Fox News isn’t likely allowed to report on.

Now, this wouldn’t go anywhere if the GOP were not toeing the Trump line, and while there is descent within those ranks, there are those who indeed walk in lockstep to ol’Trumps wishes. I would imagine that keeping him happy is a daily struggle, and his caretakers have a daunting daily schedule, and it’s no wonder this White House goes through people like toilet paper. I imagine most just stay long enough to garner enough notoriety and so forth in order to publish a book.

Though the key benefit to having such an inexperienced politician leading the free world I would imagine is the great gift of his naïveté to the ingrained manipulative nature at the core of politics, and the natural inclination some have to the art of getting others to do what they want, without them even knowing they are; I wonder if some of the GOP are giddy with the possibilities, Trump thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, and flattery reaps dividends with him.

Oh, and cannot forget Trump’s love affair with despots, a rather telling characteristic, as despots the world over drip praise like honey, and as such, it is to these characters he heaps praise back, like a perpetual game of “no you’re wonderful…no no, you are wonderful”, back and forth.

Personally, I think his ego is his Achilles Heel, and there are those who are really keen on that little factoid.

Ah, the useful idiot.

Dangerous, yes, but useful to those hungry for more wealth and power. Dangerous as the idiot believes themselves to know everything and thus ignores and believes themselves above the fray, superior. Idiots are difficult to keep contained, so I wonder how long this reality show of chaos can continue.

The firings, hirings, indictments, lies, collusion, obstruction, constitutional crisis, looming impeachment, and the overall culture of corruption, all just the background noise of a nation that’s lost its mojo, and a leader on the stage who appears for all the world at the mercy of the puppeteer pulling his strings, as his nose grows, and you wonder if he will ever become a real human.

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