Tariffs And Toady’s

First, let’s chew on this – right now, about 42-45% of American’s support the rumptus. Yet, the more amazing number is that 90% of the GOP support him. Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Given his total experience with politics is as an opinionated armchair commentator, his naiveté, his rich man with an inferiority complex, his cock-surety, made him like nobody else. And in the beginning, I suppose many in Washington after his election probably just thought he’d be easy to sway, get the right person in his ear (and out of it) and he can be tamed. But, as he went through the “right guy’s and gal’s” like they were bum-wad, it has become obvious, at least to some, that he is sheer chaos and his incompetence is dangerous.

Many in the GOP seem to just to be able to dog-paddle within their own ponds and continue catering to the lowest common denominators that populate their electorate, no more, no less, no caped crusaders for the cause of preserving Democracy anywhere to be found.

To be honest, I hear nary a peep on that front, from pretty much anyone in Washington, and strangely so. As if the very word today has no meaning.

But let’s see, new tariffs have meant that manufacturer’s, like Harley-Davidson, that proud American motorcycle maker, is now taking U.S. jobs to Europe, because of those tariffs. GOod job rumptus, good job. { clapping with a sarcasmy rhythm }

“If export markets get shut off, I could see us getting to the point where we’re dumping our milk in the fields,” said Jeff Schwager, the president of Sartori Company, which has produced cheese in a nearby town for generations with milk it purchases from more than 100 dairy farms throughout Wisconsin. “It’ll be a big ripple effect through the state.”
[New York Times]

Cheesemakers in the mid-west are watching as European markets, in the midst of new trade deals since Trump walked away from the table, are making agreements with their own interests in mind, cutting out the U.S. market altogether, putting Wisconsin Cheesemakers at a huge disadvantage. These deals mean that if you sell, let’s say an Asiago or a Parmesan, that those cheeses have to have come from particular places, and only those places, to be called Asiago or Parmesan, leaving American cheesemakers having to sell those same cheeses under a different name to certain markets, causing as much as a 30% drop in profits.

As well, those same cheesemakers are getting blindsided by the rumptus’ tariffs by retaliatory tariffs, these imposed by Mexico (and I believe from Canada) as a ripple effect of a steel and aluminum fight.

Oh, but he’s the bring jobs back to America guy, right? Make it all great and stuff again, wasn’t he?

But it was always more a sales pitch than a strategy, exemplified by the fact that he ignored details of the fast-moving, interdependent nature of the global economy. Trump worries a lot about trade deficits with other specific countries, yet such narrowly calibrated statistics don’t reflect the overall scope of trade and investment flows. For example, the president has called out foreign automakers for scorn, without acknowledging that companies like BMW and Toyota produce many of their vehicles in the U.S., while Ford and GM have assembly lines in Mexico. [ibid]

So his wrong-headed notions about the global economy and his schoolyard bully diplomacy skill-set, and the fact he refuses to listen to anyone, or, at least anyone that in any way shape or form at any time happens to be frustrated enough to disagree with him, is why all this is happening, cause he’s incompetent.

The GOP is scared of him, and not due to his power, but rather his chaos, uncertainty, his wishy-washy walk-backs, and the idea, I think, that someone has to be around to clean up the mess after he’s gone, you know, keep the toddler busy while they, well, TRY, to govern. Or, and I’m sure for some, they wallow in the chaos and believe they may actually profit from it.

Although, of late, according to Senator Flake, all the Senate apparently does is agreed to this or that, and is not really doing much more than acting as yes men for the President; not exactly the modus operandi the founding fathers had in mind.

This all makes one wonder, is he afraid to compete? Is he just so incompetent that it doesn’t know he’s incompetent? Or, maybe he just thinks he knows everything and doesn’t need to work with others? I mean, seriously, he doesn’t play well with others at all well from what I can discern from this distance.

Supernova Ignorance.

Subtlety is lost on him. Reading, pft! Complex issues are beyond him.

If anything, his tariffs will make it much harder to impede China’s ability to acquire advanced technologies on favorable terms, according to this article I read from the Washington Post. Which means that the rumptus has made it more difficult for American industries to compete, with one hand tied behind their back, and no trading partners left who’ll give him the time of day.

The U.S. will, sooner not later, effectively be on its own, as past partners make new trade agreements with different countries, and the world moves off into the wild-blue-yonder, and the rumptus leaves many American’s back in a dust bowl of his design to chew their own cud.

And, chew on this;

The trouble is that Trump’s bombastic assaults against our traditional trading partners — and military allies — virtually guarantee that the essential cooperation will be difficult, if not impossible, to attain. “Trump’s focus on the trade deficit is causing specific harms to American national security, including the distortion of U.S. [foreign] alliance relationships and loss of leverage against China,” wrote Derek Scissors of the conservative American Enterprise Institute.
[ WaPo ]

Is this what WINNING looks like? Guess so.

{gggrrr…as many of you noticed, no doubt, spelt tariffs wrong, not once, but TWICE…too rushy before work, well, and I suck at spelling. Thank the gods for spellcheck, when it works ;( }

3 thoughts on “Tariffs And Toady’s

  1. I totally agree.

    Today the SCOTUS just decided 5-4 (thanks to that rat bastard Mitch McConnell) that tRump’s Travel Ban is Okie Dokie. They also ruled in favor of religious groups AGAIN that faith based pregnancy clinics don’t have to give women notices about other clinics that are able to perform abortions. They say it’s a free speech issue. Like they always do.

    I am so sick of these bullying “religious” people pushing their stuff on me. New damn laws that always restrict others! Are we going to be a theocratic dictatorship?

    These are just the crap of today. SO FAR. I’m lucky to have lived in the real USA. We hadn’t solved all our problems, but we weren’t becoming a dictatorship.

    Oh and good for Harley-Davidson!


    1. I know, my way or no way…no tolerance at all. In the months to come it will only get worse, as this imbecile leads ya all into your “greatness”. Lots of people talking of civil unrest, and maybe, finally, the destruction of the U.S. economy MAY turn his base against him, as they and their neighbours start losing jobs, pay more for everything, and you go into a recession, or worse. Often wonder if maybe that’s exactly what he wants…recession, unrest, chaos…cause that was Bannon’s wet dream…disorder to re-order…into what is anyone guess. {shudder} My Dad’s coming up for a visit soon, be interesting to know his slant, or what sort of brainwashed crap he believes. ugh!


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