For Those Who Think They Be Gods

It confounds me this attraction to that larger than life character that stepped from his very own Tower of Babel, cleansed of his bankrupted deals with Russian money, clinging to his clothes the seeds of prejudice and greed, like an invasive foreign weed he spreads.

Now the American leader will have another opportunity to advance his country’s interests in acquiring more of nothing from Russia in return for keeping in lock-step to Putin’s pleasure, against the advice of those who suggested he get at least SOMETHING back.

I promised myself I’d say at least one nice thing about him once a day, so here goes, if nothing else one can say he’s, um, generous.

Trump has, after all, echoed Putin’s line on the 2016 attack on the American elections, endorsed Russia’s re-entry into the G-7, opened the door to formally recognizing Crimea as Russian soil, canceled joint military exercises with South Korea (which is a step Putin suggested to the Republican president), tried to further fracture the European Union, expressed his dissatisfaction with NATO, and moved toward handing Russia more power over developments in Syria.

Why would Trump want to meet privately with Vladimir Putin?msnbc

Yeah, does Trump even know where he is? Like, geographically? Or, maybe there are some pee tapes. Does make one wonder why, but not for long, cause that makes my eyes blur. But, alas, not a day goes by anymore that I don’t at some point wonder why. Does it occur to him that maybe that dude doesn’t have U.S. interests at heart?

When your cycling to work all this shite disappears, as shaking your head in disbelief can be tantamount to suicide, and thus I become lost in the ride. The turns, the sights and sounds become my oooooommmmm, and all the latest vainglorious arseholes transgressions become a distant parallel universe irrelevant to what is before me, at that moment it all goes away, disappears… POOF… like magic I am freed from its embrace.

I would highly recommend long bicycle rides to wash off the residue of negativity that proximity to these evil entities leave behind, left uncleansed it infests our lives, our worldview, our choices, reactions, decisions, words we say, or do not.

We can not control the universe, but we can control our reactions to the trials we are given by the gods.

Thinking again about that book I read awhile back by Neil Gaiman, American Gods. The actions of the character of ODIN, played like some sort of Mafia Don, and solely and selfishly focused on self-preservation and HIS worldview or the highway, and the faith some have in these knock-offs.

That book also reminds me that things are not always how they seem, there may be a twist, and in the end, ultimately, we may be at their mercy, yet it is how WE respond that does truly matter. We give these faux gods their power over us, as they are powerless without the many.

To preserve that often tenuous grasp they have, they have to knock the plebs around them down a peg or two, back down the ladder, knocking over everyone else below them as well, so they are focused more on survival, ill-equipped to revolt, or realize what the heck is going on around them, outside their little bubble of belief.

Their advisors are minions, not equals, never. For there is no one that could be equal, so why pretend?

I think we refer to that as a god complex, em? Their way, or the highway back to the mouth of the shark that was your home sweet home, but no longer, into the mouth of death you go. Sounds a bit OLD testament justice to my mind.

Is that where we are now? When Abraham lost and found what was promised, after the flood, and back as far as the gates of Babylon, enslaved, depraved, their god ordered the child split so we may see their mother cry?

Until they were free.

2 thoughts on “For Those Who Think They Be Gods

  1. I am starting yoga on Monday. My hope is that it will help my body and mind. I will talk with my friend for a bit if she is on line then turning off my phone. Maybe watch the rest of PBS’s Little Women, but I have to get away from our, whatever he is (liar). I can’t listen today. I need a break.


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