What We Do Onto Others

Sinking in the quicksand of time, these ultra-conservative nutbars would have the whole of the United States back, kicking and screaming if need be, to the good ol’days of their childhoods, when many of those fuddies in Washington grew out of their short pants. Back to the days of yore, while the demon spawns rocked around the clock and women snuck away and died with coathooks up inside them, and racist laws barred everybody but the white from enjoying the pleasures of the booming 1950’s.

Yeah, let’s go back there. Friggen nuts. And just when ya thought the world had begun to change, equality was finally coming to the U S of A, and man where ya wrong if ya thought that. Nope, they’re going back in time, rolling back decades and decades, of human rights, and all the great ideals that govern modern democracies today.

Every few days, it all sinks a little farther in, and the land of the free, home of the brave, will soon be no more.

Or, so sometimes it seems. Lately, I’ve probably been growling in my sleep, and even have avoided reading ANYTHING in regards the rumptus SCOTUS pick, or tried, as far as that went, which was not all that far. To the corner of my eye, the headlines enticed, but I said nay, naw, another day, not today, more British Crime Drama’s, please and thank you, more genealogy, more Time Team re-runs I’ve seen 80 times each, at least, and I tried, I did.

Are we surprised the traitors pick, Kavanaugh, is a get-out-of-jail-free card?

Here I’m all Roe vs Wade and all the other right-wing, ultra-conservative, nutbar crap, and the orange one goes all ME ME ME. Ol’Pencey is happy as a clam, no doubt, to be so close to seeing the sweeping powers that man will gain, help this wanna-be-demigod, to rip any rights and freedoms women have won away, get the b-e-i-tchs back in the kitchen where they belong, apron strings leashed to the oven door.

This man could change history in the US for decades to come, completely wipe away all those hard-won rights and freedoms, the progress, the decades of cases that dragged them out of the Jim Crow south draconian laws clutches.

Photos by Pixabay on Pexels.com

And a Russian asset runs the show, and you begin to hear the loud roar of the swamp people that ring the beltway, as they beat their wallets in glee, relishing its thickening. I’m sick.

It’s like watching a car accident in slow-motion, watching bodies fly through the air, and their’s nothing you can do. Nothing. It’s a juggernaut, steaming backwards in time, smashing aside human rights, equality, women’s rights and I am ashamed to call myself an American. Completely ashamed.

America is broken.

What happens now? Who knows, w h o k n o w s.

Pure fascism 2.0, as they dismantle the justice department, disengage the public from the truth, mire the waters in innuendo and half-truths, fanning crisis after crisis, until the populace is tenderized and looking away, and enemies of the state begin to disappear in the night.

I’ll be honest, I sometimes look over my shoulder, wonder if I should even be sayin’ any of this, let alone publish it online. Seriously. And I am so so very weak in the knees at the thought of that. The reality of possibilities where that scenario resides, in a fascist state where minds are not ones own, and loose lips will get you shipped off, to your very own Siberia. Remember that place?

I honestly thought the world had changed. I did. Obama had this tranquilizing effect, I suppose, made you think people were growing up, becoming more humane, more decent, more respectful of others, more aware of their surroundings, learned how to take care of their things, loved thy neighbour, and finally, maybe, learn for once that what we do onto others we in truth do to ourselves.

But I was wrong.

3 thoughts on “What We Do Onto Others

  1. This explains my feelings exactly, only I probably wouldn’t be as eloquent or nice.
    I too look over my shoulder. Although everyone who knows me just laughs. I don’t. The Cult45 constantly threatens that liberals will be round up. So, you never know.

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      1. I try to make it a joke. I wave at my phone, someone’s watching for sure. Especially on FB where the top of the page has a lit up picture of a camera.
        It can hear me. This I know. My phone will be on the table & I’ll talk about something & then get ads. So I say hello to the phone randomly. I wave at helicopters and police. Why not? If they’re coming for me, they are. So I’m going to do my best to cut down on any anxiety I can.

        I have to learn to be succinct.

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