The Ol’Dawg Needs New Tricks

Alrighty, so, here’s what I learned this week, first of which is that I have come to love this new colour, called Ultramarine in this chalky finish and that it adds this rich velvety warmth, a depth, in contrast to the burnt orange walls.

Next, I learned a little about trade deficits, how exciting, eh? Came across this video that helped to explain a few things, and I especially thought this bit was interesting;

“Most economists believe now that it’s a big mistake to focus symbolically on how much stuff you make, its guaranteed to push your economy backwards”

Bloomberg Politics – youtube channel – Published: June 19th, 2018

So, no surprise, as the rumptus’ misguided ideas have no bearing in reality.

And, rather than looking ahead to new markets, technologies, services, new energy, tools for the future, this moron would prefer patterns of the past, no new thinking, just old and tired ideas. Ideas of another time, of course.


As the Bloomberg piece pointed out, “economies are about more than just making stuff”.

He’s definitely a bull in a china shop internationally, wrecking trade deals left and right, potentially losing certain markets completely as other countries turn their noses up at having to deal with him and his minions, and turning away from new and emerging global markets in favour of those where the U.S. has dominated in a distant past, ignoring such opportunities for growth in services like Amazon, and the new technologies, such as energy, all of which go to create future growth exclusively focused on the very things that do make America great, such as that famous entrepreneurial spirit.

But no, let’s look backwards, lets’ concentrate all the focus on the loss of manufacturing, now the expertise of many south-east Asian countries, and I say, get over it.

The reality is that things are no longer just manufactured in China cause it’s cheap, it’s also more efficient, and more money has been dumped into those efficiencies than they have in North America, so it also just makes more sense. Why bash your head against that wall? Move beyond.

Plus, there is a huge population of skilled workers eager for a piece of the capitalist pie, and you can bet they’ll just get on with it and whip America’s butt as it speeds past, whilst those un-United States stagger from one crisis to another, one rumptus scandal after another, propping up the economy with false hope and a few prayers.

Now, I will say that one of the craziest things I learned this week, is, did you know the cybersecurity chief I guess was fired at some point, and so with the digital infrastructure under attack by the Russians, having established their interference in the election, and that they are already at work on the midterms this year, wouldn’t ya think they’d expend some energy to get a new person installed? But no, you would be wrong. Instead, they just leave the door swinging open, the post vacant, with no strategy and no one in charge. Nice.

Which I guess will be convenient when they go and question the results, wiping away all trace of any gains made by the Democrats, of course, due to Russian interference.

Oh, and now collusion is fine, eh? Read that? Guiliani going around telling everyone that collusion isn’t a crime. Dealing with a bit of semantics here, of course, splitting hairs. Em, yeah, so, Mueller investigates crimes, whatever words you choose, if someone is charged with something it will be because they have evidence they committed a CRIME.

Giuliani’s an idiot, and a useful idiot, as he stirs up the chaos just the way the perhaps illegitimate POTUS likes it.

But he is not alone, oh no, the dumpster has his fauxy minions spinning the yarn as far as it’ll go, uncollude the collusion, into more confusion.

Yes, we have a definite ramping up of the rhetoric, so, does make one think that something is about to happen, bust open, a new indictment higher up the food chain? Maybe?

Last but not least, found a new crime drama to obsess over, called New Tricks, about 3 old retired cops led by a smart blond, {I know}, who make up the members of a cold case squad.

And that’s about it for new things. Oh, one more thing about collusion, as the faux news and minions conveniently ignore, is shorthand for a real federal statute, and I guess all that needs to be established is whether or not it was a rookie trump oopsy, or treason.

Yeah, maybe I’ll spend my day off with some more New Tricks, and less old dawg.

3 thoughts on “The Ol’Dawg Needs New Tricks

  1. The burnt orange and ultra aquamarine look great together! Love the Buddha.

    Yes, you have this traitor described exactly. He’s trying to take us back to 1818. Especially People of Color & women.

    Liked by 1 person

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