The Little Fox Who Let The Ruskies Into the Coup?

Way back before the election, the words of a co-worker who still hoped the strumpette was really some sort of wrecking ball that had the intention of destroying the Republicans from within, as they began to embrace him, some holding their nose, and one by one accept him, gawd only knows how some had the stomach for it, but something had changed in the American landscape, and the GOP was ill-prepared to address it, little lone recognize and capitalize. Dems were certainly no better, and remembering back at her words, as she said there had been a rumour she’d read on Reddit or one of those social media outlets millennials use. I laughed at the time and thought the idea a rather too complicated conspiracy, nice to imagine, but full on bunk. Seriously, Trump really planned to destroy the Repubs? See, bunkish and junkish.

As I watch the Repubs haemorrhage members, and the Dems gain them, as they ride the chaotic wave upon wave brought up in the wake of the liar-and-chief’s words and actions, and that chaos ripples out throughout American politics. Now, em, well, I wonder. One heck of a conspiracy, really, and these sorts of things exist more clearly defined in the imagination than in reality, and generally the truth is far simpler, but still, does make you wonder, or perhaps just an unexpected result, which is probably more the case – a happy accident, for some, not so much for others.

Now, here’s the idea again nibbling at my toes and let’s see where it goes.

Ok, so, this Butina they indicted for being a Russian spy is a weird one, no? Cavorting with old pot-bellied higher-ups within the NRA on those newfangled social media apps the young and beautiful use, bringing them to Russia for some kind of gun conference, this smart and flirty redhead, and who of that ilk could resist her obvious appeal? Her cute Russian accent, her gun-toting charm, infiltrating the heart of the American obsession with guns.

I mean, never really thought of it before, but the NRA could very well definitely be America’s Achilles Heel, their weak spot, the soft underbelly of the proud Cock of the walk American swagger, exposed to Russian interests, an easy mark.

And we all know that the NRA would be more than happy to take Russian money, heck, anybody’s money, maybe put it somewhere, um, let us say put it somewhere a foreign government couldn’t legally put it. You know, a little nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, jellybean? Oh, that sweet Butina, that foxy little go-between-a.

The tangled web they wove and the knots among knots and intermingled lines is staggering. Tempting those greedy little NRA guys, offering them all the things they adore, desire and knowing their weakness’, such as foxy little redheads with guns at their side. Then, POOF, the NRA imploded and the hierarchy all shift seats, throwing up an unlikely candidate to the top spot of their organization, just in time, or just a coincidence, and then this Russian they’ve become so familiar with is indicted for being a Russian Spy.

For years, Butina and her mentor, Alexander Torshin, a Russian official tied to Vladimir Putin, had hooked up with the NRA and other conservative groups, allegedly as part of what the Justice Department called a covert influence operation. Butina, who ran a gun rights group in Russia, and Torshin, who has been accused of money laundering (a charge he denies), had attended NRA events and other right-wing get-togethers, and during the 2016 campaign used their NRA contacts to try to arrange a meeting between Putin and Donald Trump. (It didn’t happen.) During this operation, according to prosecutors, Butina relied upon the assistance of conservative consultant Paul Erickson, her romantic partner and an active NRA member.

Did Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Cause a Leadership Shake-up at the NRA?Mother Jones

The article goes into all the entanglements between Butina, the NRA, and Russia, but it basically says she was a conduit, a go-betweener, a facilitator, an attractive facilitator custom designed as something a dirty old man with a gun could not ignore, even if he tried, which I bet they didn’t, try that is.

Ah, no, the ends do not justify the means, and what the heck is wrong with conservatives that they have become so corrupt in pursuit of those values they purport to be so valuable, and if that really was their intention, why the heck do they have to pay everyone off and cheat and lie to get it?

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2 thoughts on “The Little Fox Who Let The Ruskies Into the Coup?

  1. From this side of the Atlantic it may be wrong to comment of the situation we witnessed in Trump land ….but then again if one looks at politics in the UK and indeed elsewhere you do have to wonder just were did democracy, honesty and public duty/service disappeared to. Sad reflection of the current political world

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    1. Yes, sad commentary on this modern world. I miss that quaint discourse of my grandmothers’ politics when the parties at hand still had some level of respect for one another and viewed themselves as servants of the people.

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