Why Watching Sweat Roll Off His Brow Gives Me Pleasure

Each morn, usually up before the crack of dawn, whether I’m working or not, I sit here with my coffee and catch up on whatever political vids have been posted. Lately, or, well, if I’m honest, for weeks, more and more, it’s beginning to run together, with the same blather and speculation, the same tweets with different words, the same chaos but with different characters, day after day.

The one thought that has spun around lately, is that I don’t support impeaching that rumpTus, the chief liar of this chaotic and destructive White House.

I want him to go down, like with the ship goes down, I want him to be there to the bitter end. See, this is the thing, for the one who would follow, Pence is going to be no better, maybe far worse. For one as he has experience, and knowledge can be dangerous, plus some whack job values, draconian thoughts about women and abortion, and gawd alone knows what sick demented other ideas.

So, no, that, and the fact that this particular POTUS is only the symptom of a larger issue, and getting rid of him will only set him up as a martyr to an alt-right, white supremacist, nationalist movement that he is but a figurehead of.

To martyr him, to impeach him, only gives the fire more fuel, that pyre of prejudice, and anti-eliteism, anti-fancy words, anti-anything that smacks of intellectual discourse, diplomacy, are all, to some factions, considered suspect.

The tyrant dies and his rule is over,
the martyr dies and his rule begins.

Søren Kierkegaard, The Journals of Kierkegaard

I equate the rumpTus as a tip of the iceberg, as even if you knock the top off, underneath lies a giant that will not just melt away. In fact, it would enlarge, and grow back, bigger, stronger, and with more longevity.

To my mind, the only answer, and the one I believe those who oppose him should concentrate on now more than ever, is not impeaching, but in limiting his choices, which is to say, get more Dem bums in seats at the Midterms this November, and block the Repubs from allowing this incompetent man from wrecking any more havoc.

Let him tweet, let him wreck international relations with more countries, let him flounder, let his incompetence shine, and the lack of leadership he offers, let that sink in, let his supporters get what they want, and see what that gets THEM. You and I know, but they don’t seem to, and that is that their dear leader is a coward, a liar, a thief, and a man with no ideals but to serve himself. Even his children are not important enough for him to protect, as he’d throw them under the bus if it meant saving his own arse. They don’t see that.

Yet, watching day after day, at this man and his blather, and wrongheaded ideas, his lack of understanding of basic things, like time zones, and this strange obsession he has with loyalty, like some 3rd world dictator. I mean, seriously, he’s not the president of some squalor and crime-ridden country, but a 1st world leader whose position USED to be one very much respected, and is now become a joke.

The very fact he’s president, and all the tangled web of deceits that got him there, is telling, and weakens, in many minds, the job, and by extension how the country is viewed. That this place, this place that for so long has ruled the western world, made the rules, inspired, and flexed its mighty arm, can be so easily taken over, and, even more, that very little has been done about it, and the very leader who now rules seems as though he’s but some Russian poodle, well, that can not be ignored for long.

And, history can be very instructional on what happens when you remove the head, but ignore the body that has followed it, loved it and listened with batted breath to its every word. When the powers that be, those who are supposed to protect and serve the people, when they instead do what they feel is better, like with Caesar, and stab him right in the midst of the Senate, nothing is solved.

When that crew of conspirators severed Caesar from making himself into a king and hence turning away from the ideals of the Republic towards Empire, their actions had the opposite effect. In fact, they gave more power to the idea, and next in line came Emperor Nero, and a whole line of Emperors that stretched out the body of Rome to as far as it could until it could go no farther, weakened, and split in two.

See, Trump is his own worse enemy, and I say, allow him to continue. And, we can already see the seams tearing a bit, as seen last weekend in Washington, at that lack-lustre 20 people demonstration, where more counter-protestors showed up than racist pigs. The tide is turning, slowly, but turning it is, and it will.

When we look at history, back at, what we see are nicely laid out timelines, dates, actions, and the aftermath. What we do not often see, or are given any glimpse of, are the day-to-day minutia, trifles, details, of the common people and it’s effect on them. Well, it’s effect, but certainly as well how they coped, if they coped, and what, if anything, of the times, and how it affected them, if at all.

Some have said that the rumpTus’ followers have a cruel streak about them, as while they may not benefit from the profit shares of the very, very rich that benefit from the tax break, and rolling back of laws to protect the water, the air, the restrictions corporations feel bound by, and they do not care for any of that, pft, merely details. No, what his followers get a taste of from the rumpTus is soul burning glee at the effect it has on their enemies, the joy at another’s pain as Mother’s find their children ripped from their arms, at the crushing corruption of a man who cares nothing at all for them, other than their check mark on a ballot, and they gulp up his cruelty, ignorance, and his reckless behavior, his dishonesty, mean-spiritedness, and complete lack of any integrity, well, those things would seem to be insignificant compared to their thirst for ‘winning’ at all cost.

I can certainly appreciate the self-satisfaction, from those who feel as though the elites are deaf, dumb and blind to their needs, in seeing them squirm and scream and forced to watch as that man disgraces the office for which he was elected. And, that is why I do not believe impeaching him would have the long-term effect some believe it would.

No, rather, reining him in somewhat, and letting him spew his hatred and foul character, day after day, month after month, as the mechanisms of government chug along in the background. The system is in place, the rules and regulations exist, as long as they are followed and adhered to, and with every tweet, inaction, and disgrace, he destroys the party for which he leads, chipping away at all the lofty crap they gave lip service to, and in the end that destruction can build up something new, better, and forward thinking. Let him destroy, for it is himself that will be remembered as the one who slaughtered, and his people can see exactly who it is they voted for, as day by day, week by week, he exposes himself, and in time he will be exposed for what he really is, and all the things he is not, such as a negotiator, a dealmaker, and all the lies he’s told, and that he is really just a scripted reality TV star who is completely out of his league.

So, call me, well, whatever you like, but that is a pleasure to see, you know, that sweat roll off his brow at his own incompetence, as slowly his real self is revealed, and he is exposed for the sham he is, just another suit with dyed hair.

4 thoughts on “Why Watching Sweat Roll Off His Brow Gives Me Pleasure

  1. Unfortunately, the rules and regulations haven’t been followed or adhered to. Especially not by the Traitor. He retaliates against any who disagree even slightly and pulls security clearance at times he wants to deflect from negative things like Omarosa’s tapes, perhaps. His actions could pull us into a war.
    I agree that Pence and all his religion stuff could be a bigger problem. He’s terrible on civil rights. I don’t want him either.
    The Traitor, however, is a traitor and must be punished. He’s worse than Benedict Arnold.
    I can understand your view as well. I just want him with no power asap. He is ruining lives now.
    Great post!

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    1. Although, to be honest, I believe that by the time the Mueller probe is complete and the findings submitted, and once the midterms are through, and HOPEFULLY with a blue wave, than the next step can take place. Impeachment is a long process, and by than I believe his numbers can be widdled down, and by the end, his followers will be a very, very small crew of misfits and radicals only, as the bulk of them turn their back, one by one. In the meantime though…ugh, eh?

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