Amoral Muppets Make Martyrs Matter More

So, my question is, why now? Why speak up now? Some pundits have speculated it’s to do with McCain’s funeral over the weekend, and maybe something in the words, the images, the memory of a man unafraid to speak up for what he believed, inspired them. I too felt that way, watching those who spoke, tributes, and grand words, such as patriot, hero, courage, again and again – a man and his legacy.

People never want to think of the worst, are reluctant to prepare for it, afraid to wonder on what policies should be in place, what procedures, just like so many put off writing a will, and all that acknowledgement of death suggests, is perhaps scary, yet inevitable. Don’t we all have the thing that our dread helps us hide our head from?

McCain knew his end was nye, and thus preparations were made, guests uninvited, speeches assigned. Prepared his ending scenes, his last act of the play of his life as succinctly as he did any speech, or his clothes the night before a big meeting. A man of character, and a man with a message to impart, evidently, and it was heard loud and clear.

Now, here is some anonymous senior insider, some aide high up in the food chain of this 45th, and as Maddow, quipped, someone’s pulled the fire alarm at the White House, but unfortunately no one knows what to do next. There really is no precedent to follow for such a thing as an in-house White House crisis of such proportions that senior officials feel the need to expose their actions and prepare for battle and must know what is at stake.

See, doesn’t go away just because ya got your head in the sand. What more could have been done? Done differently?

Is that what this is about, is it…legacy? And what they want the annals of history to say? To know at least someone on the inside of that broken house spoke up, spoke truth to power, were part of the resistance when so many feigned loyalty to such an undeserving scoundrel, lurching through the hallowed halls, and such amoral character that someone went to such lengths to make the point that there were “adults in the room”, shoring up the edges so as to protect the greater good, to let everyone know…no worries, we got this?

Yeah, and why doesn’t that give me a warm fuzzy?

The biggest open secret in Washington is that Donald Trump is unfit to be president. His staff knows it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knows it. House Speaker Paul Ryan knows it. Everyone who works for the president, including his attorneys, knows it. But they all want something, whether it’s upper-income tax cuts, starving the social safety net, or solidifying a right-wing federal judiciary.
the atlantic ], by Adam Serwer SEP 6, 2018

Yip, nothing to see here folks, just business as usual.

Some say there once existed a bipartisan safety net on the hill, some magical caucus of gray hairs, a go-to for such things, and clearly today those sorts of heroes of yore are dead, some long gone.

Today the majority stationed on that hill seem only intent on kowtowing to the whims of the party line, and the whole bunch have been on the attack mode for so long that they have no idea what governing actually means, like for decades, to such a degree as many have had entire careers fighting the other, and most have entirely lost all credibility as a 911 helpline for anything.

Like, going to the cops about corruption when you know the entire police force is corrupt.

Although maybe he just likes to leave the details up to his peons, er appointees, his administration, as apparently he’s too busy, ya know, off schmoozing’ murderous dictators and foreign agents, he is after all merely the puppet, the pawn, not the chief of anything but his golf cart.

This op-ed, kind of makes one wonder if there really is this manic, amoral, muddled muppet running rampant through the hallowed halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

I mean, there are those who have questioned his stability from way before he was elected, back at the beginning when he was just one of 17 others who wanted the job; and even then it was well-known he was a bit, em, off his rocker on a lot of occasions. His intense personality, his ability to take on the impressions and opinions of those who he is surrounded by or near to, or at least that was the premise, I imagine, the attraction, the consolation prize for such ineptitude, that he was easily led off the scent.

Further, and as I’ve said before myselfTrumpism must lose at the ballot box for its defeat to mean anything at all. Trumpism must not be martyred. Maybe he is crazy as a loon, unable to properly lead or be trusted on his own recognizance, but, will this exposure not make the dude MORE outrageous? MORE dangerous? MORE unhinged?

He’ll grow more defiant, more reckless, more anti-constitutional, and more dangerous.

And those who do not quit or are not fired in the next few days will have to work even more assiduously to prove themselves loyal, obedient, and on the team. Things will be worse after this article. They will be worse because of this article.
[ the atlantic ] by David Frum SEP 5, 2018

Frum makes the case, and I tend to agree, there is a better way.

Or, maybe this is just some shiny tinsel hanging in a tree, meant to distract the bunch of us from the evil intentions of Kavanaugh.

Still, why did this senior official believe it was their duty to divert the monster from his worst instincts and keep the show on the road? Was it to support the deep state, the insiders, or stable state, whatever one may choose to call them, given one’s POV, still, does this not beg the question…what is wrong with the 45th?

4 thoughts on “Amoral Muppets Make Martyrs Matter More

  1. I’ve been skeptical of this person from the first. For one, the author states that he/she still likes the Traitor. That he has done good things for the country. Strike one. Later it’s said these protectors keep him from doing the really crazy stuff to the country. That the 25th Amendment was discussed, but no one wanted to cause a Constitutional crisis? WTH? So just leave us with someone unfit? Nominating SCOTUS positions? This corrupt, disgraceful traitor & his corrupt Republicans (and a couple Dems who vote with them) will be remembered to history as the MOST CORRUPT administration ever, removing democracy from a great country.

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