The Hill Is Alive With The Sound Of Him Singing

Come bounding down the stairs at work this afternoon, bursting with it, big smile on my face, so blawdy happy the one other American born co-worker was there to tell.

Yeah, so the whole not watching any vids after work didn’t go so well. I couldn’t help it, seriously. I mean, Manafort, cooperating “fully and truthfully” with Mueller, in a completely open-ended agreement, to testify, talk whenever Mueller wants, how he wants, and for however long he wants, even to postpone his sentencing until Mueller gets what he wants from him.

He pleads to 2 counts – which are the original 7 from the next trial condensed:

1) Conspiracy against the United States.
2) Conspiracy to obstruct justice (witness tampering).

That’s a potentially catastrophic outcome for the president.

Here’s why: As Vox’s Andrew Prokop explains, legal experts “have long speculated that the special counsel’s main aim in charging Manafort with financial and lobbying crimes was to pressure him to ‘flip’ — so he’d agree to provide information related to their true concern of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to interfere with the election.”
[ VOX ] Sep 14, 2018, 2:45pm EDT

I would imagine him and Mueller are going to get rather cozy over the next while, nice long rather involved chats, oh, and apparently, these chats are not always going to require Manaforts lawyer be present either, ◉_◉ whatever that means.

I mentioned this a few posts ago, that they were talking, Bloomberg reported it September 7th. AND, if you’ll recall, that was 2 days After the New York Times Op-ed came out, like JUST after, and everyone had been talking about all the stuff in Woodward’s book from advance copies some people had, and the mood was rife with speculation.

Now THAT is interesting. Writing on the wall? Not so confident in the ol’prez’s, em, ability to perform? Or pardon. Maybe. Perhaps.

And, this may have had some weight in his decision, as reported in Newsweek September 2nd;

Jessica Manafort, 36, filed to change her surname in Manhattan Supreme Court late Friday to “Jessica Bond,” multiple reports showed Saturday. The independent filmmaker said she filed for the name change “to separate myself and my work from a public perception that has nothing to do with the person that I am.”


Manafort made the lobbyists, he was hired by the corporations, and is who made the original swamp what it is today. He went back out and did the same for these other countries, like Ukraine for Russian interests. Intimately tied to Russia, ran Trumps campaign, he was very involved, and what did HE bring to the table? Who did he bring to the table, like that June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

He sold his expertise at getting certain people in office, then turn around later and lobby them. A vote this way, a bill here, a no there, deregulate this thing, make this easier, make this go away, ya know, we all know. Well, Manafort is your guy. That’s what he did, or part of things. He was also known to be rather good at getting folks elected.

Ya know, folks in, let’s say Ukraine who wants to be elected, and these guys know some Russians who know Manafort from way back, Aluminium Oligarchs or something. Same kind of convo at some point took place concerning the rumpTus’ campaign, and that’s only part of it.

The cronies all cooing nothing to do with the president, or his campaign. Riiight, and I got a potato farm in Idaho. Oh, and that it happened a while ago, no collusion. Witch Hunt.

Nice friends ya got their dude.

However, keep in mind, we don’t know what he knows. Like, does he know, em, maybe, stuff like Russian influence on U.S. affairs going back years? Decades? Intelligence on strategies, focus, unknown players, who knows who he knows, what he knows

I believe he is a rather valuable bird.

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