Of Past And Future Tawdry Teenage Tales And The Train Wreck That Is Kavanaugh

Probably an old wives tale, but maybe it’s the granular element of truth that rings through, or of irony, one or the other, but I am reminded of that to live through interesting times is suppose to be a Chinese curse. Either or, the last number of days, weeks, who am I kidding, years now I guess, since the dry dignified commentary of an average day was generally bland and thin on the ground, peppered occasionally with scandal. Back in that long ago time when news channels had staff that went out looking for news, instead of having to rummage through the barrage for those kernels of boring factoids, like debt, the economy, foreign relations, or heck, maybe some bog-standard story on taxes, eh?

Ya know, before the chaos commander in chief took charge, when news was something, well interesting news, was something that you had to go and hunt down. Remember those days? Before it became a three-ring circus of salacious characters and events, proven signs of innocence before proclaimed a guilty party, or, least back when that sort of story didn’t appear smashing aside other headlines outa the way on the daily like one tornado of tawdry after another.

Thinking maybe that SCOTUS committee might be re-thinking their wisdom in not conducting an FBI investigation, as at the first signs they could have stopped this whole tantalizing train in its tracks, allowed the cogs of justice to work its magic, towards the truth, not grabbing onto truth and strangling the living daylights out of it for fear of it speaking a truth they don’t approve of.

Em, not sure if the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice should be shoved through under such a haze of chaos, and if they had stopped and got some perspective they may have actually been able to control more of the narrative.

But no, no, apparently a calm rational approach is old fashion, and for some reason, their belief was that by not investigating it demonstrated their complete and utter faith and confidence in Kavanaugh.

However, now, due to their rush him through before it stinks too bad approach, it looks and tastes and is exactly what it is, and that is an attempt to ram a SCOTUS through before the Mid-terms so that the 45th can pronounce on high to his loyal followers he’s … WINNING.

Some point in the next couple days I guess we are going to be subjected to more details of this third woman who Avenatti is representing with a whole train car of other sensational headline-grabbing details, I’m sure, about the Judge and his conduct while he was in high school, and it would seem in direct contradiction of this virgin drunk lad that Kavanaugh wants us to accept as gospel.

However, Kavanaugh believes that being a passive/aggressive virgin drunk is a good cover story.

THAT’S where we are. Lordy, lordy.

So, Professor Ford was sexually assaulted when she was 15 years old and he was 17. Then days later another woman comes forward, Deborah Ramirez, who says he exposed his penis to her at some party when they were freshmen at Yale together.

Now, well, NOW, apparently there is someone new.

The attorney began to post emails between himself and Mike Davis, the chief counsel for nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee, in which Avenatti claimed that he has “significant evidence” of parties in Washington, DC, during the 1980s during which Kavanaugh, Judge, and others would “participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs in order to allow a ‘train’ of men to subsequently gang rape them.” He also tweeted about one of Kavanaugh’s yearbook entries and called for Judge to testify under oath to the judiciary panel.
[ VOX ]

Back in the long ago, ya know, when Judge Clarence Thomas was defending himself against the accusations of sexual harassment made by attorney Anita Hill, those other old dudes were not about to ram through their pick without at the very least first conducting a cursory investigation of the facts, even just to say they had looked and could confidently deny the accusations.

Riiiight. And they thought his gambling debts, whispers of him being a recovering alcoholic, maybe a party to some kind of misconduct of other staff members he may or may not be aware of, well, makes all that seem a little pft, and maybe that committee responsible for appointing this man to a lifetime appointment, someone who is going to be where the buck stops on major decisions that are going to affect American’s for decades to come, maybe they can now see the wisdom in taking these types of accusations seriously?

Yes, folks, we have ourselves a train wreck.

Still, there are those who question the validity of such claims, and how suspicious they feel it is that these details should now be seeping out of the cracks, even after intense FBI scrutiny, and questioning of fellow students, peers, classmates of Kavanaugh, why didn’t this sort of conduct come up?

Good question. However, let’s remember that all of this happened way back in high school, as first-year students at College, and there has been a lot of water under the bridge, and years have transpired, careers and reputations made, and many, most, are reluctant to drag up the crazy antics of youth. That’s not hard to understand, that most of us are rather unwilling to smear the reputation of a fellow classmate over things, maybe, you feel best left in the past. Well, not the least for the reason that it would not only be Kavanaugh whose reputation that would be affected.  I mean, if they were a party they are culpable, and vice versa, if he knew did nothing.

However, and let us not forget that most women do not report sexual assault. Every woman I know knows of someone who was sexually assaulted, not all, but certainly most. Whether it was themselves or a friend from school and most of them never were reported.

Some of those stories have only been spoken of to close mates, friends, exclaimed in hushed tones, maybe, over glasses of wine late at night, things told through tears and holding of hands, and hugs for reassurance. He did this, he said that, he said nothing. I was drunk, I was drugged, I was, and told to only a few, and certainly not outside the context of a larger story, certainly not as a voice confidently speaking, being the first.

Professor Ford went first and opened the door. As soon as she did the SCOTUS committee should have taken her accusations seriously, and immediately conducted a thorough investigation. It is only sheltered by that umbrella of courage and truth that Professor Blasey Ford began that these sorts of confessions can hope to ever see the light of day.

They were warned. History warned them. They can not claim they didn’t know, they did know, they just chose to do nothing, to ignore it, and thus they have proven themselves indifferent, and most definitely not acting in good faith, with the best interests of future generations of American’s in mind. No, instead, all I see is a committee of pleasers and ineffectual asskissers, in a climate of corruption and tawdry misconduct that they would much rather sweep off the fast-track they had planned.

Boys and girls, never you fear, history is watching them.

4 thoughts on “Of Past And Future Tawdry Teenage Tales And The Train Wreck That Is Kavanaugh

  1. The Republicans are disgusting. I can’t decide who is worse about Kavanaugh, the traitor #1 in the WH or traitor #2 mitch mcconnell. After waiting almost a year to “let the people decide” on President Obama’s pick (so they could put their own pick on the SCOTUS) they now want to (cram their pick down our throats) when he has been accused of sexual assault.
    To use the false dismissal of the accusers, “why didn’t they report this sooner, if true”, has been answered multiple times. They know the answer. They are saying it so their base will blame the women, probably more than they already do. The Republicans have their plan to take over the gov’t from the ground up and so far their shady tactics seem to work. I can’t stand or walk for long which annoys me because I want to be out protesting in that way. We all should be out there every day!!
    Great post as always.


    1. I don’t believe marching is all one can do, planting seeds, foster opening minds, encourage discussion, those are just as important. Thank you ! ; )


      1. Oh, I don’t believe marching is the only thing one can do at all. I’m glad you mentioned these other things people can do! One or any combination. Whatever one can and would like to do.
        And VOTE!
        I’m sure your posts plant seeds, foster opening minds, and I know your posts certainly encourage discussion.🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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