Za Dudes Naked

So cute watching him up there on that stage, expounding on the miraculous success’ he has enjoyed since becoming the 45th of that once, and future, United States of America. And then a chuckle is heard throughout the crowd of world leaders at that gathering of those nations that sat before him, yes folks, laughter. Haha, literally, and a rumbling of more as discomfort grew with a noisy stirring through the crowd, as they watched the pompous jerk expound on his bafoonus greatness. 

Of course, one must remember,  he’s not really that used to giving speeches to anyone but adoring crowds gathered to hear him campaign in red states, certainly, and he’s used to pronouncing his fabrications to less sophisticated minds. Bob from Idaho who believes that only his God is great and no woman should ever have any rights over her own body, well Bob loves the guy and slathers in glee at the very idea he is in the same room as this great man he, and all those that surround Bob, adore.

That’s the rumpTus’ usual audience, and the world is not laughing with, but at, and one does wonder if he caught that subtlety? Probably, but only briefly, just before his aides whisk him off the stage with a blathering of praise at the greatness of his speech, and a yes sir, just step this way, as they directed him off stage right. 

At those campaign rally’s, as the crowd is chosen, perhaps more wisely now after plaid shirt guy went viral, as the backdrop of cheering, MAGA hat wearers hear everything they want to hear, and gulp up the kool-aide, with his New Yorker accent, pronouncing, trouncing, denouncing, the ignorance they know and love, but not before the UN. 

Nope. Not before the UN. There he got derisive laughter, a rumbling chuckle, where no chuckle was expected, he clearly said, though now explains it was all part of his, em, shtick, yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket, it was an act. I meant to get a laugh he now says, and of course, you did, sir, of course, you did, we BELIEVE you. Not. Even. A little bit.

The podium at the UN is not generally thought to be a dress rehearsal for your comedy career once your stint as the 45th is, em, over, finally, over. 

So, after the laughing stock was finished up with the UN, he decided it was time to completely trash the accusations made by Professor Ford and Ms. Ramirez, well no surprise, really. Would normally be quite surprising, in any other atmosphere, but today this sort of brash ignorance coming from a president of the United States, and it is, well, almost expected now. 

More so, rather sobering to be living through times when the President of the United States is laughed off the stage at the UN, or, maybe extreme, but laughed at while on stage, and in front of world leaders. 

I mean, I believe that is probably a first. Sure, I laughed baby Bush off the screen any number of times, but the world stage? Bit geeky, not a real celebrity speaker ol’Georgy, but not ridiculed like the rumpTus.

Although, do you think maybe he doesn’t orchestrate that in order to keep people away from him?

He is a hard-core narcissist that is expected to hobnob with those sophisticated leaders, with far more experience than him, and I bet he thought right off the bat they’d just look down their noses at him, secretly, so he just brushes them off, nonchalant, don’t care at all. 

Yeah, but what do I know.  He just seems the sort. Tim would do that, certain people really intimated him, but he’d never let you know it, just bash them verbally. 

When I got back from all the trials of Tim, after his death, and after some years past, and with distance, I was able to see his narcissism, which I’ve spoken of before, or at least I finally gave it a name.  Psychologists say this response, deflecting, is a common response, and a way of saving face, either grandiose display of indifference or a good verbal attack or three, so as to mask their true self, their lack of self-esteem that their extreme narcissism won’t allow for. 

Dang, and Washington is full of them, and he is their Grand Poobah.

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