The Gentlemen Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

Dear gawd, it’s like they’ve all gone completely bonkers, and Lindsey dear, this is YOUR circus, and those are YOUR monkeys. 

A spectacle to behold, hissy fits at one another’s audacity to be sitting across from one another all day,  fixed in a pitched battle, red swollen jowls quivering in ire and privilege. 

Yet, it is a heated thing, this he said, she said, and it was never going to satisfy anyone, neither side would walk away with anything but, for some a feeling they’ve done their due diligence, whilst others perhaps walking away feeling had, other’s angry as friggin march hares on a tear, and holy crap, Lindsay, you’re heading for a stroke buddy, calm it down. 

Kavanaugh looked a wreck, personal opinion. Looked haggard and worn, angry and raw, and frustrated, and, well, he didn’t really stand up well to the whole thing, I can see that passive/aggressive streak has stuck to him over the years, and what we saw today was rather aggressive, and a few of the chaos in chief’s conspiracy theories belted out for good measure, and heaping dose of how this is all a con, and how a complete and utter afront this is to him, and his reputation, his good name. And, can’t say as he looked at all very judicial. 

But anywho, and is rather strange that the White House seems so adamantly against re-opening the investigation, see what people say, gather the witness testimonies, the timelines, get it square. You would think Kavanaugh would want that. Maybe step back, get some perspective over a few days.

Well, I guess for them they just think it’s just giving the enemy more time to prepare another volley at the castle, er, nominee. I’m sure it must have or should have, scared them to see that mask slip today, and we got to see that hidden ugly side, of which he is known. 

Oh, and it IS warfare, yet a hush falls over the crowd overnight, as we await the voices of the committee to gather in a few short hours, again, and god blawdy help their very souls if they decide to vote, but have at er, give’r a whirl round the block, let’s see how that goes. 

What the heck happened to civility? Whoosh, that went out the window sometime back a few, well, months and months ago. Speaking to one another in a tone befitting their positions would seem to be a thing of quaint diplomacy, and acting as though you believe your arch nemesis eats live babies for breakfast is the bee’s knees.

And I bet you a dollar Lindsey never thought he’d hear himself say “are you a gang rapist“, like, to anyone, ever. 

Let’s just say this not the sort of drama one finds yonder on Parliament Hill here in the Great White North. Oh, certainly Question Period on CPAC can get rather heated, but a tame kind of Canadian chilled sort of heated.

No,  probably have to say your average Canadian politician would generally rather bite his tongue off as ask a nominee of the Supreme Court if he’s a gang rapist or not, generally. 

And spectacle it was, and as much as the GOP tried, or said they tried, to not make it one, oh, it was a spectacle all right, grab the popcorn sort of spectacle. Not at all to do with getting to the truth, or of hearing what the two individuals before them had to say. No, this was political and had nothing to do at all with the serious nature of these allegations, and the serious nature of this highest judicial office, and is this guy really fit for that sort of role? 

SO, what did this debacle accomplish, I wonder? Who won here? 

In the end, it was Dr. Ford, who sat there amongst those fire-breathing dragons,  terrified, but said it all anyway, whilst the angry white privileged men hid behind their female prosecutor.

Courageously, with little to gain and much to lose, and a trembling voice, humbly answered their questions, as was her civic duty, she said. 

Women from all over, they know this woman. She is a friend, a classmate, a sister, not some privileged white guy with his code of silence and his privileged friends protecting the boy’s club of which he is a senior member, and protecting him, and all of them, from certain truths they would perhaps prefer left in the dark, helpless and silent.

No, this is a woman of strength with a truth to tell, a story to share, and sometimes that is all you have, and often all that’s needed.

2 thoughts on “The Gentlemen Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

  1. Yes. She was formidable because she was honest. Kavanaugh appears in denial about his alcohol dependence, how it has hampered his memory, and negatively affected his behavior. He presents himself like a classic alcoholic in angry and self pitying denial.

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    1. Yes, deny, deny, I’ve known a few. Read late last night after I’d posted that the American Bar Assoc. is even now calling on the SJC to halt the consideration of him, and saying a “thorough FBI investigation will demonstrate its commitment to a Supreme Court that is above reproach.”


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