Fear And Loathing Of Dirty Old White Men

Left in the midden piles of history we find the anguished statements of “I didn’t know, how could I know, how could we know”? In the course of lifetimes, and we forget the times that passed us by and we got lost in our desires, and our own self-preservation. Lost in the wind are those lessons learned from the mistakes of our ancestors, because, the present always knows better than did the past, and the future is always unknowable, regardless of what the annals may say to the contrary – trivial, inconvenient truth. 

Fading to but a whispered refrain from old men and women with old ideas, and dementia.

One day they will say, how could we have known?

They,  blinded eyes of their tribalism, the ink is invisible and riddled with so many inconvenient truths, and is there bliss in ignorance? Well, then keep them ignorant, slathering for the things they believe they are being denied, fever pitch, chomping at the bit, believing their rights are ignored, all the while ignoring the rights of all to please the pocketbooks of the few.


How can you ignore the bliss of ignorance? It would seem the Grand Old Party has no problem wallowing in the bliss of ignorance like a pig at home in the muck.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” 
Benjamin Franklin

We stand by, we, the bystanders, the audience of millions outside the borders of America, and watch the wreckage unfold before our eyes of the place that we would have thought immune, though incorrectly.

For, as the Greeks had warned thousands of years before, the fragility of Democracy is real, and fraught with the ever-looming danger from the powerful and the monied elite who would attempt to control the reigns so as to benefit themselves, the few, over the needs of the many, the WE

Yet, further, I think this climate with the confirmation of Kavanaugh looming minutes away, and I sit here comfortably ensconced, a safe distance away from the land of my birth and therefore not directly affected by the chaos, but, in time, aware that my own freedoms are at stake just as surely. 

The narrative the right would have everyone drink down is one of the left is forcing the many to live by and espouse to the ways and means of the liberal mind and ignore the needs of the conservative mind. Hogwash.

The liberal wishes to shove their way down their throats, supposedly for their own good.

Ok, em, really? Although, they certainly have no problem controlling the choices of women, to take away their rights, and believing that ignorance in the young of their own sexuality is superior to knowledge and well-informed decisions. Yeah, and like that has worked out beautifully in the past. 

And we begin to dig around in the policies that are upheld, and we come to a rather disturbing conclusion, and that is somehow we always seem to come back to old white men afraid of losing their control over … well, everything. 

And, by their logic, it is ok for a Federal Judge to go off half-cocked when his reputation is smeared by allegations he denies, and that somehow he is not responsible for how he reacts. As if he is not responsible for his behaviour when he is under less than ideal circumstances.


However, this is a nomination to the highest court in the land, should not one expect more for such a role? 

Some of the powers that be would say no, this man should not be held to a higher standard, and in this new age of anything goes the bottom line is as long as we win there are no moral grounds too sacred to trample, as long as the party in power gets their own way, at all costs, all’s well in the West. 

When winning is more important than the cost, we lose, all of us.

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” 

Frederick Douglass

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