Lies Of A Better World Thru Spheres I See

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So whose the angry mob? Who screams for the head of the queen, off with it, without the benefit of a court of law, for judging the judges who may not be judged, and holier than thou am I, but I digress, who am I to criticize.

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” 

Theodore Roosevelt

When he falls in the eyes of his loyalists, if he falls, and he may not, I imagine it will not be due to his hidden tax returns, not by his lies, day after day, not his tweets, not his inane ideas, not his conspiracies, nor tariffs and trade, not even his attack on the press, but through his always on, always pushing himself to centre stage, insisting on stealing the show. Still, his loyalist mob clamour their approval, with chants of “lock her up” as irony drips and pools around them unawares, as they wade through their own hypocrisy and they are oblivious to the con.

Or indifferent, so keen on his promises, with self-inflicted blindness, they look towards only the ends, all the while disregarding the angry, divisive, destructive means, blocking your choice, and health, and double jeopardy too, and who wouldn’t want a judge in your pocket? All the best mob guys do.

The authoritarian rhetoric hidden in the criticism of the media as evil villains of devious Democrats conspiracies to break the laws, and embracing those suspicious and criminal foreigners knocking at the doors, tearing from their cold dead hands their guns, dismantling the control of warmongering white men over the American mind and handing it over to angry women, giving their jobs to alien lands and immigrants, lying to your face to the effects of coal and the human role in the very warmth of the air on their lands, and he’s bought and paid for with Saudi coin so who cares if a WaPo resident news guy gets himself whacked and hacked up. Pft the rumpTus quips, I got too much money tied up with them to dare.

And they believe, they believe cause they so much want to believe. They want it all to be fake, to make it all better, make it all go away, they want the pablum of their youth, the innocence of ignorance, the bliss of lies repeated, soothed by the glare of the noble empire building business guy, taking America in hand, he’s making it all great again.

“Especially when we are afraid, angry, or confused, we may be tempted to give away bits of our freedom—or, less painfully, somebody else’s freedom—in the quest for direction and order. Bill Clinton observed that when people are uncertain, they’d rather have leaders who are strong and wrong than right and weak. Throughout history, demagogues have often outperformed democrats in generating popular fervor, and it is almost always because they are perceived to be more decisive and sure in their judgments.” 

Madeleine K. Albright, Fascism: A Warning

We the people are no more, as they slip through the door to some mythical past they need to hasten back to, and the majority rules, the commander in chief, liar, con man, even so, wrecking trade agreements as he goes, fracturing long-held ties with allies who have gone to war with them, and taken the hits, and taking them in when they could not go home.

Irrelevant, and he twists the media into knots with his practiced spin, and his warmth to despots and authoritarians.

“—–If you walk like a fascist, talk like a fascist, think the rules do not apply to you; if you seek to destroy the democratic institutions of your nation, solely to serve your own personal ends; if you foment racism, violence, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and racial intolerance; if you constantly lie to the people of your country; if you seek to destroy the credibility of news organizations to inoculate yourself against them reporting to the nation about your crimes; if you knowingly collude with foreign powers to undermine your country’s electoral process; if you sell public policy, domestic and foreign, to the highest bidder…you just might be a fascist.” 

Madeleine K. Albright, Fascism: A Warning
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Sadly, many can but stand by and watch, as institutions are tainted by agenda and greed, where men and women who where supposed to protect the collective butt of America instead kiss the bipartisan sissies goodbye, and accuse those who oppose gathering in the square as pawns of Soros, bought and paid for, all the while collecting their millions from their wealthy gas-plant smoking, coal burning, gun manufacturing donors.

Riiiight. Got it. 

So let’s get it straight, he bought and sold himself as the CEO, the prosperous businessman, the savvy deal maker, say it like it is straight up no chaser guy. Rough around the edges, no intellectual, yet climbed to the top of his very own golden glass tower himself, with a million dollar boost by his daddy, that in reality turns out to be all smoke and mirrors, an empire of lies, built upon years of cons and pawns and liaisons of a moron.

Everything is a show to him, he’s always ‘winning’, refusing to be upstaged even by a Hurricane. Instead decides to hold a meeting of the maniacal narcissists, listening as they rant on, Kanye going bi-polar right before our very eyes, from what I could tell, right there in the Oval Office.

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Triggering shades of Paul and I’m lost again in those helium sphere days of the late 90’s, and his disjointed delusional fantasies, the chaotic high and low conspiratorial rants of some alternate reality, and so I couldn’t watch much,  not of another black guy set adrift, and this time in that office of the chief of chaos, corruption and crazy. It was too hard to watch. 

A circus, a reality show every single day, tv cameras capturing every moment of the spectacle de jour, all the while exposing his inability to really lead, really show up, really be presidential.

“Hitler lied shamelessly about himself and about his enemies. He convinced millions of men and women that he cared for them deeply when, in fact, he would have willingly sacrificed them all. His murderous ambition, avowed racism, and utter immorality were given the thinnest mask, and yet millions of Germans were drawn to Hitler precisely because he seemed authentic. They screamed, “Sieg Heil” with happiness in their hearts, because they thought they were creating a better world.” 

Madeleine K. Albright, Fascism: A Warning

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