Just The Ranting Of A Frustrated Libtard

Thankfully I live in a world far, far away from the wild, wild west in the capital of that land of my birth down yonder. 

So we sit back in our armchairs, sofa side, somewhere on the outside looking in and watch dumbfounded at the daily spectacle, indictments, and of course sentencing hearings that veer off into the shrubbery, or as Ari Melber from MSNBC so aptly tweeted yesterday: “It is hard to mess up a recommendation of no jail time with Mueller, but it is doable“, and so the days spectacle unfolded.

After seeing the tweets yesterday, I looked forward to Maddow’s take and was not disappointed.  Flynn, or rather as it turns out his lawyers, flew up that balloon that somehow ol’military intelligence dude was ignorant to the fact one should not lie to the FBI. I thought that was maybe pushing the envelope, and I guess so did the judge in court yesterday.  Course, not surprisingly, the Fox News and a swarm of conspiracies latched on and even slithered all the way to the White House Press Secretary, with Sanders chirping out some inane version, of Flynn being duped, or somehow tricked into lying.  That of course sort of crumpled yesterday. Yep, Flynn now is going to have to go back and, well, I guess do better, unless he’d like to spend some time in jail. Basically, the judge was not satisfied that his assistance has of yet outweighed his crimes. Which, might hint a bit at the blacked out bits, the redacted elements of his crimes. 

Its probably one of the most head-scratching aspects of all this is how on earth Republican’s can still hold their heads high and proclaim themselves as rule of law watchdogs, as conservative values, champions of fiscal responsibility and basic family values, yet, remain mute and complicit even in all of the many shady dealings of the 45th, being now an unindicted felon for paying off women he bonked in the months after his son’s birth in order to win an election,  still making deals with foreign powers when his primary interests should have been to the American people and their interests and then lied about it, and all the while he’s busy stuffing more cash in his own pockets via a “charitable” foundation, forced to shut down due to some kind of corrupt dealings and is still being investigated. Is there nothing he touches that he doesn’t in some way taint? I mean, would you want to work for this man? Even if you do agree with his policies, I mean, it would seem as though everyone around him somehow ends up tainted by the stain of deceit and underhanded dealings, at the very least.

I guess now it is safe to say the Republican values can be bought and sold to the highest bidder, regardless of who that may be, without a thought to how that looks, of how dirty it makes him look, of how dirty everyone around them would appear to be, or at the very least they are all just ignorant stooges. 

As one after the other of his entities, his foundations, his transition team, inauguration and on and on and on, and how can these men and women of the Republican party still believe they have ANY ground left to stand on with their high and mighty fiscal responsibility when the deficit has skyrocketed under this man. Oh, and a man who has come right out and said he doesn’t care about the deficit that it is someone elses problem. Nice. When he admits to the affair after affair, and of paying them off before the election, a private transaction he says.

Yeah, so is a drug deal you stupid puppet. Seriously, private transaction? No, Mr. President, that is not how it works, NONE of your life is PRIVATE. NONE. Not ever again. 

There is a reason why those who would choose to run for the Presidency devest themselves of any business interests that may compromise them. Yes, but also so it can’t be used somehow to undermine them, as business dealings, stocks and all sorts of financial interests that a sitting president may have can at once as well become their Achilles Heal, as crafty cons and corrupt neo-cons are all to aware. 

WORD: that ‘business’ instinct the dude purports to have ain’t no match for the deviousness of a seasoned politician on the hunt. 

Sure, maybe a sitting President cannot be indicted, or maybe instead that’s just what the justice departments mandate states, however, that does not mean that others won’t tear apart every single last crumb of his life, laying bare his dirty deals, his myriad and slimy connections with various oligarchs, and exposing all the smarmy connections his chosen posse of naughty international sleazebags hang with, and are paid to take the interests of some foreign power to line their own pockets. Flynn’s just low-hangin’ fruit I imagine, there is much more to come. 

Trump is just a dirty creep. A poser, an ignorant man whose daddy paid his way, funnelling money to him and his other siblings throughout their lives. There is absolutely NOTHING self-made about the guy, well, self-made idiot, chump, puppet.

It will be his epitaph, the greatest American mistake, the man who exposed the fragility of the American system, the corruption and weakness at the core of the GOP, the ease at which he and his children were able to bilk the government out of millions to line their pockets, making deals with  anyone that would pay up. It still looks as though he still believes he could just waltz into the White House with his corrupt little crew and play all the same games he’s played for something like 35 years or so and no one would be able to do a thing, no one would know, just like always. 

He thinks he can just thumb his nose at all that, and get away with it unscathed, and honestly, can’t decide if it is more disturbing how ignorant he is, or disturbing that he’s so obvious. 

And, more importantly, disturbing that still, 35% of American’s are fine with all this. I really don’t understand what they’re getting from this, and why so many keep insisting he’s the best President ever, and in what universe they reside. Well, in the Infowars/Fox/Faux news and all the gullible racist, far right, hardcore could give a shite for anyone else’s welfare voters out in the wild who somehow have their heads so firmly stuck in the sand that they don’t even feel that the man and his crew have bilked them out of their pants. 

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