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Ok, stay with me here, but what if he wants to be impeached? Eh? Cry for help? His ego, well let’s be honest, will never allow him to resign, at least that would be the consensus.

So, if that’s true, and he knows he’s over his head, possibly indicted, possibly lose everything, 17 investigations swirling still in the air, and that whispering of the deals he made with the devil back when this was all just pie in the sky haunts him, and now he wants out, ya know “Olly Olly oxen free“.

As a child it might not even register in a conscious way, which mentally I think he still is in a lot of ways, untethered, out of his league, questioning themselves, and they act out in such a way so contrary to what they really desire, which is attention, their way, because they have lost control and don’t know what else to do.

If he were a child one would next wonder why on earth he is acting out? What, everything not great? It won’t be great? What’s at the root of the aggression, the temper tantrums, the defiance, the meltdowns? These are not always obvious, and in fact, can be deeply buried. At times the very act of a tantrum is meant to hide the source of the misbehavior from parents. 

There are a number of possible reasons for acting out behavior, and few are as simple as “he’s a bad kid.” When a child acts out, the pattern of inappropriate behavior is often used to cover up deeper feelings of pain, fear, or loneliness.


Showing his hand, playing the fool, staging one incompetent act after another, as a prelude to his defense? Well, now, if the scales are stacked against him his only way out is to mess up so often that it is clear the danger he inflicts, and he knows his goose is cooked, he will get no reprieve, his own cruelty has made sure of that. Can you be indicted AFTER you’re impeached? I wonder.

As some talking heads on MSNBC’s Deadline quipped in a vid I watched earlier, maybe we’ll start to see MAKE COLLUSION GREAT hats in the new year. Y’all know that’s where we’re heading, eh? Plot twist? Well, maybe not so much.

To be completely honest, it is just probable he may not have really understood all that was going on, all that was transpiring, perfectly probable. Yet, that skeptic in me goes, yah no. That seems a bit too, well, easy.

Or, he was a willing participant in a scam in which he didn’t actually know all the details since of course details are not his strong suit. I mean, no less guilty in my books, but if he won’t listen to his aides and advisors now, you know he never has, and he’s so easy to manipulate, so easy to squeeze, with all his dirty dealings, shady characters he keeps in the periphery, the sleaze-bags he listens to still, the people he chooses to surround himself with tells you a lot about the man and his motives.

If nothing less, he has been straightforward with his intentions, his amoral character, which I think was a selling feature to some, and his motive we’re always selfish, and maybe that is the thing us libtards don’t really get. The why the f anyone would follow the man, however, if your objective is entirely selfish and you’re white, privileged and wanna stay that way, or bored white suburbian on a pension, the entertainment value alone is worth a bit of corruption, tyranny and conspiring with the enemy; least to some. As far as they’re concerned, none of this effects them; so far. So far.

Short-sighted? Maybe, I suppose we shall see, as nothing is certain as if it ever was.

With a leader of the free world, arguably so today, but still, with the POTUS perhaps compromised, perhaps at the mercy of foreign characters who desire the weakening of Democracy, and America is one big ol’prize.

Really, a cry for help is not outside the realm of possibilities, as personally, I am beginning to wonder how on earth someone can be so obvious and not be crying for help? Otherwise, well, otherwise, what? Dementia? Sociopath?

“Sociopaths are neither crazy nor necessarily violent, as so often misrepresented by Hollywood scriptwriters. Likewise, they typically possess normal intelligence. The one superpower sociopaths do possess is an emotional deafness that allows them to act with a shark-like self-interest beyond the moral bounds of even the most hardened normal humans. People with this frightening condition can act without conscience, effortlessly lying to manipulate those around them.”


“Donald Trump’s speech and behaviour show that he has severe sociopathic traits. The significance of this cannot be overstated. While there have surely been American presidents who could be said to be narcissistic, none have shown sociopathic qualities to the degree seen in Mr. Trump. Correspondingly, none have been so definitively and so obviously dangerous.”

The Tyee

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