At The Heart Of A Sweet Southern Woman

Sitting here in my nook, listening to music, incense going, chillaxing on my 4 day Family Day weekend, and its Sunday so the village is quiet. The sun has poked out a couple times this morn, so that’s a rare and welcome treat as well. Spent the last couple nights hanging out, drinkin’ a few beers with a friend, listening to the odd meowing every once in a while as his chihuahua had puppies. We talked about this and that, but generally, it was just good to get out for a bit and chit chat with someone who isn’t a co-worker, ya know?

Been a while since I was out, been a bit of a hermit over the last few weeks, as the dregs and dips and dives and highs and lows of the last weeks of winter bring more gray and my winter tolerance is waining, heck, this year I had very little to start. I’m good and done with it.

Dad and MsB were supposed to come for a visit this January, as they normally do, but they declined this year, something about a sick relative of MsB’s, and the weather has been a shmuck and their none too inclined to the frigid deep freezes we’ve had.

So I haven’t had to curb my tongue since they visited in the fall, and I admit every time they do I half expect, hope maybe is the better word, they’ve come to their senses and tell me they regret voting for Trump – I’ve been disappointed.

So this tweet came up in my feed earlier, and I almost replied, almost. But I’m not sure what I’d say, and I don’t say this sort of thing well in 240 characters, heck, I can sometimes not even figure how to say it period full stop.

Anyways, this was the tweet;

I mean, short of just saying I have no clue. None. MsB is a sweet woman, kind and thoughtful, open-minded about so many things. Yet, she says that we should just give him a chance, he’s doing his best, he’s a good man and has a good sense of humour. Seriously, that’s what she thinks.

A good sense of humour. Yip.

And all those people are just trying to tarnish him, ensnare him in some kind of trap, I don’t know, but I was just stunned by that.

But, let’s be clear, MsB is while not some KKK wearing torch-bearing violent racist, but racist she is, and racist are many of her sisters, and those who surround her, and that mindset is as common down there as gravel roads and gun racks. Not the Jim Crow segregation sort of racism, but that respectable kind they don’t speak of in mixed company, or rather she doesn’t.

She finds Canada rather confusing, but we’re growing on her, I can tell.

Up here in the Great White North, she can sip a glass of wine, if she wants, when she wants, right there on the front porch on a summer eve soaking up the cool night air, out in the open, and no one to get all judgy. Where gay marriage is legal and handguns are not, and where she can be more herself, relax in the garage with us and watch NASCAR, and no one thinks she’s some sloven hussie for doing so.

She has freedoms here she does not have down there, and need not worry about the judgement of the neighbours, cause the neighbours do not judge lest they are judged, for good reason, which sadly many areas of the states seem to have forgotten.

I keep thinking of all those comments I read from many right-wing vids on YouTube and comment strings on Facebook or Twitter, the trolls and the MAGA bots and hear them accuse the left of taking their freedom of speech, and some kind of infringement or other on their rights, but all I see is their hypocrisy.

I think of MsB and I don’t even know what she knows about that man, and how she can so calmly, and still, still she is a believer, and I don’t know why, or how such an otherwise sweet and kind soul can be so deluded by that man, and not disgusted like the rest of us. How she isn’t appalled at his outright meanness, and vengeful nature, his outright flaunting of the laws and bending the constitution to suit his greedy needs. How can she not hear is glaring lies? His treatment of poor and desperate asylum seekers, not to mention ripping children from their parents, and she is OK with this? This is trying his best? This is a good man? Cheating on all of his wives, even when this current one was nursing his 4-month-old son and he’s bopping his brains out with a porn star. I mean, seriously, who can defend that?

She says grace at every meal, she has this quiet belief, a kind heart, and I respect that of her, even love that about her, her faith. Yet, how she can square that with what this man has done?

I’m speechless to even explain it to myself, little lone a stranger on Twitter.

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