How Many Are Caught In The Narcissists Web?

Being the passionate mouthpiece I am, it may surprise some to know I have seriously thought of wandering off to the land of kumbaya, write only poetry and take only pictures, and forget all this, the political chaos, the lies, the amorality, racism, perhaps the very dismantling of Democracy, it is a wonder I don’t.

I mean, I make nothing from it, benefits me in no way, shape or form, and yet I am compelled. Maybe being born down there, maybe in a way to understand my father, maybe patriotism for a place I don’t always understand, but those deep old roots, some going back to the late 1600s, still flow somewhere inside me.

Reserved introvert I have always been, it’s also always been difficult to sell myself, to quiet the voices of doubt, and triggered my fight or flight instincts, for self-preservation. But morality, the details, my standards of perfection I seek, if only for myself, duty, a supercritical nagging voice that sometimes still overshadows my inner sense, my noble causes and ethical ethos can sometimes overwhelm me, and I more and more seek solitude, to be alone, and write it out. The things I aspire to today look very different from those I sought in the past, but anyways.

And, well, I suck at kumbaya, just doesn’t sustain me for long, my soul just roars passion and purpose, though hidden behind sheep’s clothing (I mean, seriously, I live in Canada, it is cold).

I can not just stay quiet while the Republic of my birth burns itself alive with divisive politics and corrupt fear mongers who have absolutely no interest in the needs of the people they were elected to serve.

ELECTED TO SERVE, now there’s a concept gone with the windbag, as leadership over the decades diverged in the woods and came out the other end a popularity contest. With a populist president whose job title has been decided places him above the law, where exactly do you think that kind of thinking will lead? This stuff isn’t that hard, you know, really isn’t, just have to have a basic understanding of world politics, dictatorships, fascism movements that came to life before the first world war, and ran rampant across the globe, good places to take a peek at.

The president whose white rump rests in the White House serves no one but himself and is the natural result of decades of allowing lobbyists vying for higher profit margins for their gigantic corporate entities to run the show in Washington. Like, I wonder what would happen if you gave corporations carte blanche access to government officials and campaigns with no checks and balance? Opioid crisis, massive gun violence, and millions and millions without any health insurance and many of those bankrupt because they tried to save their child from dying of cancer.

Here we have a president where most of his appointees were either corporate lobbyists, or employees of corporate entities, and let them run the show within the departments they used to lobby – yeah, that’s going to go well.

…something of a pattern for Trump, who has recruited a number of cabinet members from the ranks of corporate America to staff the agencies tasked with regulating their former employers.

RT | Trump names former Delta exec to lead FAA amid meltdown over troubled Boeing 737 MAX 8 | 19 Mar, 2019

To say that people will die is not an overstatement, because they already have, and will continue to die as more and more regulations to various industries fall away, and as lobbyists under Trump gain more and more access to manipulation to suit their corporate entities profit margins.

This is classic Capitalism run amok, where those who have a vested interest in money are allowed to decide the fate of millions and millions of anonymous individuals, it is dangerous. I mean, if this isn’t the classic definition of Oligarchy I don’t know what is, it is at least the eventual result if allowed to continue.

So I was watching Mayor Pete on a news vid this morning, and he said something, something very very simple, but it resonated;

“This isn’t about him, it’s about us”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg on CNN Van Jones

And you know what, he’s right, that does lately get completely forgotten, as everyone is running around either hating, mansplaining or vilifying his every utterance and the average American has been completely lost in the equation.

Plus, if this GOP thinks the actions of this POTUS, their POTUS, is OK, just wait until it is NOT their POTUS, because their enabling of this corrupt man and all the unethical ways and means he used to get to where he is will have long-lasting consequences.

It is always going to be about bringing the narrative back to him, he’s a hard-core narcissist, and he has no concept of how what he does causes pain and suffering, not that he doesn’t care – he doesn’t care – sure, but he also just plain doesn’t understand anything outside himself, nothing about anything or anyone other than himself and maybe his immediate family – maybe.

Well, sorry, of course, he also cares a great deal that everyone believes he’s taller, smarter, richer, worthier, greater.

But it is time to start switching up that narrative, to stop hanging on his every tweet, let the various state Attorney Generals and lawsuits and investigations pin his ass to the wall, that’s their job, and he can’t do a thing about it. Congress should concentrate on the business of serving and oversight, looking towards the future, and let those others worry about this narcissistic conman’s past.

The man feeds off that attention, and while everyone’s eyes are all focused on this commander of chaos, he’s busy foisting up another charlatan conman, fraudster friend.

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