Servile Minions And A Glimmer Of Hope

You notice how the details are becoming blurred? The chaos generated seems to be more important than policy or even ideology, almost like it is the point, the objective is to obscure. Faith now is a weapon, not a hope for mankind. Decency is for schmucks, because a conman runs the show, and all the minions bow and scrape to his greatness, even though many are worse off than they were before. For some reason sticking it to the libtard is more important, then, oh, well, decency, or being faithful to your wife, little lone your country, apparently cheating is not so much a sin, but an option.

It still sometimes startles me how so many faithful so called Christians can actually support this man.

Is it about him? Just about him? He would like to think so.

Well, no, he is a symptom, Trump that is, he is a result, not the cause.

Every day we wake up, watch the news, read the paper, ticker news headlines flash by, and another lie goes past, and many have become so immune to it all, myself included to some degree. Decency is not expected. Presidential behaviour is not expected. We see it, we shake our head, and go on with our day, we have to turn away, sometimes for the sake of sanity and self-preservation, of keeping some smidgen of hope for humanity, or at the least hope for democracy. This man can basically do anything he wants and the GOP will do absolutely nothing about it, cause, well, I guess cause they have their bank accounts to consider, the average American can starve for all they care.

Or, something better? Something new? That will never be on the agenda for this crew.

Whatever, something new, better, old, worn, regardless, fear right now is ruling a class of people that have had it with snobby elites with no interest in their needs, their jobs, their pristine whiteness, their hearts and souls gone with the wind, and so they were tricked instead into giving it away to a sort of devil, well, least from my humble up here in the great white north point of view. Just sayin’, eh?

And, is not the devil in the details? Someone said that.

To Snyder, he asserts they gave it away for what he would term “the politics of eternity”.

The collapse of the politics of inevitability ushers in another experience of time: the politics of eternity. Whereas inevitability promises a better future for everyone, eternity places one nation at the centre of a cyclical story of victimhood. Time is no longer a line into the future, but a circle that endlessly returns the same threats from the past. Within inevitability, no one is responsible because we all know that the details will sort themselves out for the better; within eternity, no one is responsible because we all know that the enemy is coming no matter what we do. Eternity politicians spread the conviction that government cannot aid society as a whole, but can only guard against threats. Progress gives way to doom.

The Guardian | Vladimir Putin’s politics of eternity | by Timothy Snyder | March 16, 2018

And so now America has a group of men whose sole desire I guess is to return the nation to some Utopian yesteryear, some time around the 1920s, when their parents were dancing the night away in some joint, with some Dora, hanging with the lounge lizard, eyeing some Sheba cross the room, you know, back when America was the new big thing on the global block, and industrialization was still all shiny and new and the future was so bright they had to wear shades.

Why would someone, anyone, want to go back in time? Well, maybe some of us would if only to encourage Trump’s dad not to shag his mom, but otherwise, many of us, many Americans, were not on easy street, not accepted, and the colour of your skin in some areas of the States determined where you could and could not go. I mean, there are still areas of the south where you can find drinking fountains that say “whites only”.

These men have a limited shelf life though, as the new crop of Democrats will not be so inclined to go back in time. These ‘kids’ do not see the past as a shining example of America’s greatness, but instead have a vision of a different sort of future.

The future they see is not necessarily so bright.

Industrialization had its merits, but it also fast tracked the damage to the planet, and our stewardship of this globe we all call home, the only one we have at the moment, this home and native land has suffered.

But these rich men, like all rich men of history, they know, or think they know they will be able to go to higher ground if they happen to be wrong. If they think of it at all, science to them is an inconvenience, it affects their profit margin and therefore is suspect.

Today we see this white nationalist expounding on the great danger to the white identity, as if, I don’t know, country, world, as if the white mans dominance of the globe is paramount – oh, sorry, the white straight man that is, LGBTQ need not apply, or serve, or marry, or exist.

Yet, I see a whole generation of kids coming up in the world who are not so eager to uphold any of these shallow values some of their parents and grandparents seem so hell-bent-for-leather to preserve in amber. If anything, they will just burn the whole thing down and start fresh if they have to, GOP and all can go straight to their own personal hell for all they care – they can roll around in their graves to their cold hearts content.

I suppose that whatever happens in 2020, whatever happens tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that, this new generation that today are still maybe learning their ABC’s and 123’s, experiencing their first kiss, are not just creating apps to predict snow days or how to make a million on YouTube, some of them are eyeing those gray hairs in the Senate and thinking, “old man, your days’ are numbered”.

The ideas of the past, the policies, the rules, the whole shebang, it worked for a time and a place, a place and time that does not exist any longer. To go back, to look back to a particular time and wish upon a star is unfeasible, a disaster. Manufacturing is gone, those jobs are not coming back because it is rich men in power and profit margins that took those jobs offshore to begin with.

I mean, the Washington minions in the Senate may not want anyone to think about all that for too long, or think about whose paying them the big buck-a-roonies.

These sick with wealth degenerates who enable this madman’s whims and prejudices, his ignorance and greed, his lackadaisical concern for the basics, like his nations security, all this 45ths lies and cruelty, and thank goodness he is in the last years of his pathetic life, their names shall live in infamy. How much damage he’ll do, well, we shall see what that generation coming up through the ranks will have to contend with, what laws and policies, people and places will need to be restored, recognized and who deserves a lifetime in hell and whose families name shall be shamed forever more, we shall see.

The man is a ruthless monster, detaching the head of Homeland Security, and now he is free to install a more servile minion willing to do his bidding, which is to again separate children from their parents, even though the courts ruled it was unconstitutional. Oh, and of course you probably heard the U.S. is full, and that those agents at the border had the audacity to follow the law and allowed refugees in who were seeking asylum.

Again and again he has removed senate approved heads for “acting” heads of all sorts of departments, and one can only take that to mean he prefers those who are scared of losing their job and are therefore far more willing accomplices to his evil deeds and his worst desires.

Make no mistake, these are the actions of an Authoritarian, pure and simple, with no regard for empathy, compassion, or anything human. The minions, the loyalists, the GOP who protect him, and every single one of his appointed “acting” heads of this, that or the other agency, gawd help me I do hope there is such a thing as hell, and they spend eternity there.

I watch the news now with a kind of fury, a sense of sometimes anger so profound it takes my breath away. I am no longer just sadden by the state of the land of my birth, but horrified at what this madman has been allowed to get away with, with little to nada word from the GOP, who IF they ever had a spine it was at some point replaced with a cardboard version installed by their pathological POTUS.

Does make me wonder if his objective is to not win a second term, and instead go down in history as the most evil president the United States has ever had.

“There’s something happening right now, that calls for something completely different than what we’ve been seeing. Generationally different, regionally different, somebody with a different life story and a different background,” he told Fox News.

“And to the surprise of many, including myself, this moment could be the only moment over the last 100 years or the next 100 years, when it’s appropriate for someone like me to be in this conversation,” he added.

But I’ve been watching this one democratic hopeful, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and his husband Chasten, and they give me some of my faith back. His words, his intelligence, his compassion, his ideas, his heart, his willingness to serve, all of that and more gives me hope.

Watching him speak, listening to his words, his unlikely rise, I can’t help but feel this sense of maybe a glimpse of the return of rational, humane, practical, level-headed decency the president of the United States used to have. Early days, early days, but still, hope and decency have been so rare of late that any glimpse of it feels as bread and water, sustenance to one who has been starved.

“I get the urge people will have after Trump. ‘Look at the chaos and the exhaustion: Wouldn’t it be better to go back to something more stable with somebody we know?’ But there’s no going back to a pre-Trump universe. We can’t be saying the system will be fine again just like it was. Because that’s not true; it wasn’t fine. Not if we could careen into this kind of politics,” he said to The Washington Post.

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