It Must Be Quite The Report, Eh?

So AG Barr is finally having his feet to the fire, questioned on his “summary” that is not a summary, about what Mueller thought, how, what, where, and good gawd, the all mighty WHEN. As in, when are we all going to get a chance to actually read the Mueller report, well, what’s left of it once his crew gets done with it.

Yeah, skepticism running high throughout the twitter political pundit world I follow, as to Barr’s proper handling of this whole matter. While the Senate Committee grilled him, and him spinning out those tired old conspiracy theories of Obama spying on the campaign, ushered in quiet tones, as the GOP gently probed him. Which we all know is such rubbish, unless he’s now trying to say the Justice Department doing their jobs and investigating Russian interference in the election campaign is now called spying, when they had other foreign intel coming from allies indicating this now POTUS’ election campaign minions were walking into the frame of their own investigations into Russia. Okey-dokey, riiiight. Foreign allies are saying that campaign staff of Trumps are showing up with Russians they had under surveillance, and this is wrong?

You know, bunch a spooks going over intel they’ve received and are like…isn’t that...????

Now the barney, I mean Barr, is stringing out the narrative of the FBI/CIA…not clear who…but that they were spying on the rumpTus and it does make me wonder why they are strumming on that out a tune guitar, why are they trying, are they trying to rot the root of the investigation in order to undermine the report?

Must be quite the report then, eh?

I swear, these guys are just amazing, jaw-dropping and completely disregarding the law, ethics, their reputations, everything, and for what? That is what I just do not get, as to why they are so willing to possibly destroy themselves for this administration… this can not end well for them. One way or the other the truth will come out, even if it has to be dragged out kicking and screaming, it will be set free, truth is a mighty sharp blade and able to cut through this, give it time, give it time.

It does make me wonder, do you think someone(s) has something on some of these guys? Maybe something they don’t want people to know, and so they are willing to cheat, lie and steal? I mean, there are those who are just plain grifters making a buck, racist white supremacist pigs (Stephen Miller) who take pleasure in cruelty, and well-known Trump likes cruelty, and his base enjoy that cruelty just as much as him, so some of them are playing for the crowd – but not all – some are playing for the devil himself.

Anyway, idle speculation.

Can you imagine though if the GOP still held Congress? As the rumpTus likes to remind everyone, elections have consequences, and those consequences will in time turn around and bite him in the arse. One way or the other he is a big target for a lot of institutions, courts of law, state Attorney Generals, and so forth, that it is just a matter of time before all the dirty little secrets he’s tried to hide come into the light.

We know he has cheated at everything his whole entire life. He’s lied and manipulated documents to make himself look richer, or less rich, depending on what he wanted. We’ve been shown that his campaign were manipulated by Russia, although I really believe it was something more, but either way, no one in his campaign reported it. No, instead it was the U.S. intel coupled with intel from allies that first signaled something was up. He cheated, he is a cheat, and nothing he has ever acquired he has got by hard work, or business acumen, but instead it has been all a lie, a fantasy he created around himself and his business entities to make it look like he was more than he is.

I guess you could say that Trump himself is the very embodiment of fake news, he is the Emperor of fake.

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