At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming?

Is it time? I don’t know, I don’t, is it? Time to send the dirty dealers, the corrupt, the liars, time to send them all a clear message, that American’s are not just going to roll over and let this guy get away with it? Em? Is it? Not just for him to get away with it, but for those who may come after.

But sure, OK, no collusion, no conspiracy… the rumpTus and Co just did a little… Yeah, no prob, they said, you can snow this group, and them, and them, and we’ll just pretend we didn’t see a thing, here’s the polling data… thanx for the help.

From the Mueller Report - VOL 1, p71
From the Mueller Report – VOL 1, p71

And the GOP are all nicey nicey? Don’t make the troll angry? Maybe a little more concerned about re-election than they are about foreigners tampering with American democracy and their president letting it happen, me thinks.

Where did this all go wrong, I mean, I thought the GOP was supposed to be the tough guys, the guys with the guns, to be had like this? What does that say? Were they not the party of law and order? Were they complicit? Are they complicit? What are they getting out of this? What’s the end game here?

Really sort of makes you wonder, there has been no censure, nor any adequate response from that camp as to the conduct of this man who sits in the highest chair in the land. Nothing.

In reading the report, and comparing it to Barr’s summary, is as truthful as me summarizing Wuthering Heights by saying that Catherine and Heathcliff lived happily ever after. And they’ve just brushed it off like a tick on their sleeve.

Trump is a conman, has been for years. Always just under the radar, with enough mullah streaming in from his daddy to tide him over till the next crooked bank or Oligarch can be convinced to hand him some more. Refusing to release his taxes, fighting every attempt, kind of like the guys got something to hide, and boy don’t ya just want them to get access even more?

Yet, beyond the Mueller report, beyond the Trump White House, what I see before me are white men who are losing their stranglehold on societies across the globe. As more and more women come forth, leaders of companies, of governments, of minorities more and more taking roles of leadership within their adopted lands, as technology changes the landscape, white men are frightened.

As right-wing parties one after another women’s rights are being stripped away, and you know if they could put ‘the pill’ genie back in the bottle they for dang sure would get us all back to no control over our own bodies. Some of these men would like nothing more than to see their daughters enslaved to their reproductive systems again; they see their control slipping away.

As these parties create scenarios of fear and loathing, blaming all the ills of the world on immigrants, is this not just a selfish attempt to divest the people of their legal rights they have fought so long for?

Then you have maggots like Lindsey Graham, preaching the gospel of impeaching a Prez, and that one need not have committed a crime to be impeached, he said back in 1999. Because I just love this, according to Graham, impeachment is about “cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honour and integrity to the office.”

Restoring HONOUR? Hypocrite Graham is a sham.

While the man ain’t dropping his pants and having his pee pee sucked by an intern, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t obstructing justice and selling American democracy to the highest bidder, em, worse?

Perhaps I have too high standards for an American president.

I mean, cleanse the office? Cleanse the office? Of a lying, cheating, conman who has bilked everyone he’s ever been associated with, lied about his wealth, lied to the Americans who he is supposed to serve so many times they just expect him to lie and have learned to just ignore it, cause they know he’s a troll. He instructed his minions to lie, he lied right on TV, lied on twitter. The man is a laughingstock, a joke, a bully with a band of slithering minions in his wake wreaking havoc to the air, the water, the rights and freedoms of Americans, of vicious policies, and caging kids, and Graham thinks to lie about having your pee pee sucked is worse?

Cry me a river, Lindsey.

Is it time? I don’t know, but America can not last much longer with this man at the helm without any repercussions for his destructive tendencies, and ignorance, and his chaotic ideas. There needs to be oversight and public baring of the truths, and a balancing of the scales of justice. Without justice, what is the point of all this?

A president is immune to justice? That sounds like a wonderful way to make America great again.

To let this go, to let him get away with it, means the next, or maybe the one after that, someday we will revisit this travesty of injustice and the precedent it sets will destroy everything in one fell swoop everything the founding fathers dreamed America could be.

I don’t know…

…does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

source: Lyrics On Demand

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