Much Ado About Nothing, Or Is It?

The commander in chief, the President of the United States, so he has @Jack in the oval, and what does he obsess over? Considering there are certainly any number of things he could want to discuss with the CEO of Twitter, oh, let us count the many things any one of us may want to know, to say, to suggest.

Oh, but not the dear leader of the free world, oh no, he had his plump panties all in a dither over lost Twitter followers, cause, ya know, he’s the greatest at Twitter, and he should have the MOST followers – or, at least more than Obama – yet, yet, he does not, oh what a travesty of justice tis this conspiracy?

Now you and I, cause we are not morons, we, of course, understand that they clean out bots and fake accounts every once in a while, apparently the POTUS does not understand – or perhaps he likes fake followers, not quite sure which – I guess for him it is all about numbers, eh, not so much about quality, but quantity. WINNING!

Well, cheating, but anywho.

I am surprised he’d even have the time to be blithering on about this sorta pittance with all the myriad of things he could be obsessing over. You know, things like how to hide those financial records, and the other truths beginning to be exposed of his past and present, so many things looming on the horizon, defying requests for his tax returns, Deutsche Bank beginning to cough up his records, and well, never mind all that other presidential stuff he’s supposed to be up to.

Yes, folks, this is critical… WHERE ARE MY FOLLOWERS??!!!

It’s all a deep state conspiracy, or shadow banning, take your pick of cock-a-mammie clap trap du jour.

Or, maybe he’s just handing fodder to the late night talk show hosts and Saturday Night Live crew, you know, making their lives easier, or spinning the news cycle, trolling the media and libtards.

So, a petulant child-man running the country, more concerned with twitter followers than, oh, a vast number of concerns many of his citizens face, and every day he sinks to a new low.

And, while we’re blathering on about this, it is a distraction from so many things he would like everyone in the media to NOT be talking about. Yes, his worse nightmare is just beginning to unfold, and he ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The Mueller Report is significant and certainly provides a road map for Congress to at the very least beginning impeachment hearings, investigate, if not towards impeachment itself, but perhaps censure, or maybe just for the knowledge such hearings would impart to the average citizen whose lost interest in the whole thing.

Last month, the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas for records tied to funding for several Trump Organization projects.

The state’s top legal officer opened a civil probe after Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohentestified to Congress in a public hearing that Trump had inflated his assets. Cohen at that time presented copies of financial statements he said had been provided to Deutsche Bank.

CNN | Deutsche Bank begins process of providing Trump financial records to New York’s attorney general | by  Cristina Alesci

To my mind, there is this systemic rot at the core of everything Trump touches, and day by day, month after month, this becomes more and more evident. I mean, how many presidents have had this sheer number of investigations going on? It is like when you can smell something is off, but just can’t find exactly the source of the smell. You know? That instinct, sometimes from experience, that something is off, the action is suspect, the leader is a willing participant, yet, yet.

Yet his followers know he is corrupt, we all know he lies, and by any other name, call it what you want, but investigations into his conduct have been going on from almost day one, and most of what is in the Mueller Report is yesterdays news to many.

If nothing less I suppose so that people do not lose sight of the consequences of doing nothing, Congress must forge on.

That the man is so self-involved that he would waste a minute of his day on grilling Jack Dorsey on why he is losing Twitter followers, well, just maybe goes to show his incompetence and how unqualified he is for his roll. Seriously, these are not really things a person of his calibre would usually be concerned with, I mean, generally ‘they have people’. In this digital social media driven civilization this sort of concern would be the focus of the up and coming influencer well over half his age, someone who really doesn’t have anything better to be doing, you know, liking running a country.

However, social media is the one place he shines, and in fact, Forbes reported that Trump is spending almost 1 billion buck-a-roonies on his campaign for re-election in 2020;

In the days preceding the official conclusion of the Mueller Report, Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, was on a trip to Romania, where he outlined a $1 billion dollar strategy to get the U.S. President re-elected in 2020.

Parscale’s visit was received with great public interest in this mostly pro-American country located on the European Union’s Eastern border. Officially appointed at the helm of Trump’s 2020 re-election efforts in 2018, Parscale had previously been in charge of the candidate’s digital marketing efforts during the 2016 campaign.

FORBES | Trump Campaign Chief Outlines $1 Billion Strategy For 2020 On Trip To Romania | Tudor Mihailescu, March 24, 2019

Although, why Romania? Does kind of beg the question of why on earth Trump’s campaign manager travelled half-way across the world to visit such a far-flung place.

Ah, but, remember Guccifer?

A Romanian court has ruled that the notorious hacker “Guccifer,” who discovered the existence of Hillary’s Clinton’s private email server, will be extradited to the U.S. to serve a 52-month prison sentence after he finishes serving a seven-year sentence in his home country.

Guccifer – a portmanteau of Gucci and Lucifer – was the hacker handle used by Romanian Marcel Lehel Lazar, 46, a former tax driver who has admitted to perpetrating a string of email and social media account compromises.

Lazar’s hacking spree included targeting Romanian celebrities and officials, including lawmakers and members of the state security services. He reportedly gained access to victims’ Gmail, Facebook, AOL and other accounts by guessing their weak passwords.

bankinfosecurity | Romanian Hacker ‘Guccifer’ to Be Extradited to US | Mathew J. Schwartz, September 13, 2018

So, does seem a wee bit suspicious.

See, Romania is for some reason important, as even his personal Lawyer, Giuliani, has been found to have been, well, I guess you could call it interfering in Romanian politics – which by the by is a hot bed of corruption.

As a member of the EU, Romania has been tasked to clean up their act, but have reigned that back a smidge as, well, the top corruption prosecutor Kovesi last July, who’d been doing her job, was actually fired for doing her job too well.

In a letter to Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, which was published by Mediafax, Giuliani sharply criticised what he called “excesses made in the name of ‘law enforcement’” by Romania’s national anti-corruption directorate. The agency, he said, had used unfair tactics against suspects and intimidated judges and lawyers.

“An amnesty should be given to those who have been prosecuted and convicted through the excesses,” Giuliani said, claiming “many innocent people” had been jailed.

THE GUARDIAN | Rudy Giuliani attacks Romania for ‘excessive’ crackdown on corruption | Jon Swaine, August 28th, 2018

Again, why the concern over Romanian corruption? Well, other than the obvious, birds of feather flock together. When the controversy broke last year, Giuliani said in a text message he was acting as a contractor for the Freeh Group, a consultancy run by his friend Louis Freeh, the former FBI director.

Yes, these little tendrils blowing in the wind has my radar piqued as to what the high Hades these grifters are up to. Though of course in the rumpTus world of corruption, that could be anything from arranging hackers for the campaign to some secret dealings to build a tower in Bucharest, who friggin knows.

Yes, the ol’rumpTus is all about winning, winning at all cost, or any cost, and good god 1 billion? Yet, he does really, really NEED to win.

2 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing, Or Is It?

  1. As I have said before ..our politicians here in the UK don’t know what chaos they are currently causing, many acting worse than delinquent kids (sorry the kids have much more sense). But on your side of the Atlantic it just seems that one lie, denial, stupid statement of vanity follows another, yet the Boss man stays in Office, and god help all of us, he may even get re-elected. At least here it looks likely that we will loose our Prime Minister because of all the childish squabbles,….the bad news is that we may well get someone a great deal worse.

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    1. We are facing it here in Canada, as Trudeau has lost some credibility, and our own Right-Wing, alt-right, and white nationalists are ranging across the country gathering steam – I can see what is coming. God help us all is right. He, Trump that is, he is extreme, but the U.S. has always done everything to the ninth degree more crazy than everyone else… course you Brits could just pull out a “hold my beer” movement all your own… wouldn’t be the first time. 😁

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