Whatever They’re Hiding Will Be Their Destruction

From my perspective, by hiding in the long shadows that POTUS casts will in time be their final mistake. The reality is that deep state they like to go on about is all smoke and mirrors as the real threat is from the inside, and of their own creation.

Like the stories we tell explaining away our own BS, our biggest mistakes, most tragic choices, the regrets, those selfish greedy moves we make, the myths and masks we create to hide our secrets behind.

Those secrets can only be hidden for so long, in my experience eventually they poke out from behind whatever tales we’ve told, exposed to light of day, and almost destroy us, and sometimes do.

You know how it goes, ya got a nice little racket going, everything all tickety-boo, hiding behind your lies, raking in the dough, and then in walks your worse nightmare, but you don’t see that… you just see what you want.

Greed in his eyes, that you recognize. At first wary, after some time suspicion wears off and looks as though the guy just may be useful – and that was their first mistake.

Sounds like a plot to some mob movie, but stay with me.

Now, for those of us who don’t obsess over more, do not desire more, well, by any means desire more that is, of control, of money, power, concepts to me akin to a foreign tongue. For those that are not wealthy and powerful and not afraid to step away from something they know to be wrong, yet there are those, a small group, who desire more like you and I desire the next episode of Game of Thrones, those who will go to extreme lengths to both acquire and protect these things they desire like a junkie craves a fix.

All kinds of words and talking heads have been read and viewed into the sycophantic GOP, this viral subservience to Trump, almost to a degree that some have even wondered, myself included, are they hiding something? Or, hiding from something?

So I came upon this article on Medium that would suggest the answer to that query could very well be yes.

Russia, Republicans and RICO
Trump may have led investigators to the door of the Republicans as Russian money has largely gone unnoticed — until now.

Medium.com | The RNC has a RICO Problem | Shelly Fagan, March 16th, 2019
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is definitely something I have certainly wondered, as to why these men and women of the GOP would seem to be so willing to protect this corrupt con that’s leading their country down the garden path. Why are they so subservient? Why do they keep their collective mouths shut as he systematically destroys their credibility? Destroys any pretense anyone may still have had that Republicans were a party of law and order, fiscally conservative, and fighting for the average hardworking slog, and not just robbing from those same slogs to fill their own bank accounts.

Yes, what if the reason is they are just protecting their own arses?

Not at all so far-fetched, as we watch the crumbling of the NRA, as they descend into chaos, and who will protect the greedy GOP now? Those two entities, the GOP and NRA, their very power is propped up with monies from foreign sources, they offer those who desire their interests considered and as such a backdoor into the very heart of the American government.

So, the GOP now find themselves between a rock and a hard place, no choice but to plug their nose and support that denizen of all things they despise, glitz and sleaze, a foul-mouthed fiend, but they have no other choice.

The walls are crumbling, with Butina getting caught, and the NRA in tatters, fighting amongst themselves, and Republicans dirty little secrets are beginning to be exposed, and perhaps Trump is just the tip of the iceberg, you know, the bit we can see, and what lies underneath is the real danger.

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