Are We Watching The Rise Of A Tyrant And The Fall Of Democracy?

Over the last 24 hours it is like everyone just sort of went, wait a minute, who’s the real villain in this drama? Watching this descent into chaos and the fight for democracy, I mean, one minute were watching as Mueller outlines the real and grave concerns he has over election security, and the very next day we have McConnell striking down allowing a vote on a bill that deals with that very concern?

And so, we all turned our collective eyes towards this new nemesis, aptly coined #MoscowMitch by Joe Scarborough, which is trending on twitter.

And the reasoning behind why he is blocking a vote on the senate floor is really a barn burner of a reason – because he feels it will benefit the Democrats.

Seriously, that’s the reason. It will benefit Democrats.

Ah, ok, if that is your only concern, #MoscowMitch, then perhaps you may need to re-think your profession, cause last time I checked I believe you were elected to serve your constituents and the country.

Which in a nutshell is the underlying issue, because the reality is that he puts winning far above protecting the very core of democracy – free and fair elections. I mean, if nothing less it shows that the GOP in general have become merely immoral dweebs, too weak to actually compete and win their own battles, instead just stand back and let Russia interfere.

Plausible deniability seems to be the GOP campaign strategy for 2020, do nothing and take no responsibility, give free-reign to an authoritarian president, and win by cheating.

Now, the other thing that this election security issue raises, least for me, is that it does explain why Trump has from day one focused almost exclusively on his base, never reached past that 40-something percentage, because he feels the Russians can hack the rest for him. Much easier to hide 10-15% (or so) fraudulent votes in complicit GOP states than to actually reach past his base to other less pliable American voters and risk losing the loyalists who couldn’t care less if he shoots someone on 5th Avenue, long as he doesn’t capitulate to the evil democrats.

Basically the GOP knows that the majority of Americans don’t like republican policies, anti-abortion, anti-healtcare-for-all, anti-dark-skinned-immigrants, and rather than joining the 21st century, they prefer to fear-monger the public into believing everything they say, and lie and cheat to get what they want.

I guess that’s what I don’t get, is that the GOP are basically, right out in the open, saying that they have no moral code, patriotism is for wimps, winning is more important than preserving the democratic process, and that they don’t mind Russia interfering in American politics, or anyone meddling really, as long as they get what they want. It highlights the ever expanding corrupt underbelly of Washington D.C., that swamp that the ol’rumpTus was supposed to heroically drain.

The other conclusion here is that it would appear as though the GOP find Trump to be a useful idiot. At first many of them were resistant to him, recognized him for what he truly is. Though overtime I watched as they have come round as they now see that he does in fact give them cover, they enable him because then all the attacks focus on the POTUS, rather than them. For the swamp monsters that inhabit Washington that cover is a gift, his ego-driven personality is a master manipulator wet dream.

To be honest, it would seem as though the bonus feature of Trump is how ignorant and unfocused he is. His ignorance of American politics is profound, and given his short attention span, he doesn’t read, refuses to have anyone but loyal lapdogs around him, and so in the end he really has no self-awareness of how easy he is to manipulate – which they can use to their own advantage.

Yet, I really do wonder, do they all really have no concern whatsoever for how their inaction is in a very fundamental way undermining the core of democracy?

I suppose in my own Pollyanna way I still find it difficult to believe that they would be so cavalier, would be so willing to risk throwing away 243 years of democracy for an election? You know? Regardless of whether I like any of the policies they stand for politically, I really struggle with the idea that republicans have turned into a modern day fascist party.

Not so long ago United States was seen worldwide as this strong and vibrant democracy, but in such a short span of years Trump has completely eroded that notion.

On the world stage, America has become a bit of a laughingstock, stunned at the ineptitude of the president, we’ve watched often gap-mouthed in awe. Watching as lawmakers avail themselves to be so compromised, and doing absolutely nothing about it. Allowing the country to which they were elected to serve to be toyed with by foreign governments, corruptly taking money from whomever pays top dollar to have their interests met?

For anyone who calls themselves a lawmaker in America to become just some pawn to a foreign government with the intention of weakening America’s strength on the global stage, to go along with it, to take money and profit from it?

I’m not entirely sure I understand this.

But there you go, another old white guy too lazy to do the work, too wrapped up in their ego to give a care for how their actions affect the whole, the integrity of the office they hold, so hellbent on winning. They will cheat and lie to get what they want, and have no problem with being the lapdog of foreign governments, being an asset, since they have no morality anyways. No value structure that tells them right from wrong, so focused as they are on the prize.

I think the word is psychopath, but whatever. Can you catch psychopathy?

Prime example this week is ol’Moscow Mitch and his financial gains from voting machine manufacturers then, surprise, surprise, preventing a vote on said voting security, which would put under scrutiny those voting manufactures – rather telling as to where HIS loyalties lie, and who it is he really serves.

The weakness at the core of the republican party has become rather profound, as they struggle to remain relevant, lose again and again in the battles over ideas, have no clue anymore, or motivation, to stay relevant and maintain their morality, much easier to just cave and cheat and lie their way into power.

Probably just as well that so few world war two American vets are still alive to see what their country has become – it would break their hearts.

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