A Meander Through My Mind, Of Politics And Swamp Things, And Memories Of A Lake

Watercolor - Irish Lake

Ever wanted to just stop what you’re doing and throw out all access to the internet, sell all your worldly possessions and move to the wilds, live in a cabin by a stream, turning your back on it all? Going somewhere so remote you CAN NOT access the internet? No cell service. Nada.

I did it, the going to the wilds, not giving away ALL of my possessions, but a goodly amount got lost, but that’s an old story.

Almost 4 years, from about 2009 till 2013, I was lost in the woods of Grey County, after slugging away in corporate land for 6 straight years, I walked away.

I mean, there is ALOT more to this story, but eventually I found myself living on a pretty little lake in a quaint little cottage, surrounded by a beautiful garden, with the forest as our backyard, was just the thing to heal my wounded soul, from all the black-hearted greed that had surrounded me for much too long, I had been dying inside bit by bit.

But, truly for me, it was the 4 months after Tim died, stranded way up there till spring when my sister was coming to get me, just Irish and I. Well it was those weeks just before he died they put in the cables and I had internet for the first time in years, and when I was all alone, just the dog and I, after, I started this blog to pass the time till spring.

irish lake in a mist

To be honest that was all this was supposed to be, but its those months I’d like to go back to – and some day I will.

What I have learned over the years though, from that time, and experience, that some moments are not little, yet they sneak past you, unaware of their significance, their context against the grain of history in today’s chaotic political spectrum, and we become lost in the chaos and crisis after crisis, outrageous tweets grabbing our attention, so we miss the little things.

A few days ago at work and it was weird how strange it felt, to be looking at something little that, against the grain of history, wondering if it will be the thing that stands out. A pivotal moment, a brush of time past your eyes, just words, that in the GRAND scheme have significance? Maybe.

Again and again over the last few years, as we’ve watched the dumpster fire rage unattended in the White House, and oversight committees are hampered at overseeing at every turn, as Special Councils are created and are blocked by those with guilt written all over their actions, lies layered upon lies, and a chorus of the corrupt tweaking the narrative, muddying the water, few even know WHAT the truth is, and democracy dies a little more.

To impeach, not to impeach? To exercise the Houses constitutionally mandated right? Or, wait for this nonsense to be voted out in 2020?

So the Judiciary Committee stands before the cameras and says the words as if they were dust in the wind, nothing, just filing a document that says, amongst other things;

The house must have access to all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its full ARTICLE 1 power of the utmost gravity – approval of articles of impeachment.


…this committee is conducting an investigation to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment.

Judicial Committee court filling – July 25th, 2019

Oh, for whom the bell tolls Donny boy, it tolls for thee, and we shall see where it all leads.

So an unholy battle of WE THE PEOPLE against an authoritarian president with his ardent loyalists in tow shall soon ensue to rattle us all even more. Huffing and puffing and reciting bible verses ad nauseam on tweeter like it’s the end times – which by the way I guess a few of the MAGAs’ believe.

All the right-wing extremest have taken over the political spectrum, with a president that incites the narrative with covert references hidden in the rally roar, and we are dumbfounded at the lack of awareness of that mob to how thoroughly they are being manipulated.

But, as are we all, to one degree or another.

Following the bright and shiny, we completely miss the dull and drastic changes that are happening, regulations softened or eliminated altogether, big money runs the show, moves the needle, buys the senator with big aluminum owned by a once sanctioned Russian Oligarch, and butta boom butta bing, the bills sent to the Senate meant to help prevent Russian election meddling dies at their feet. Well, surprise, surprise.

Sunshine on snowflakes

Just to be clear, on both sides of the spectrum, the people, the average citizen, those are who are being conned. Big money, super pacs, dark money, the rich white guys run the show, and everyone else is being snowed.

I suppose more and more over the last few days, I’ve begun to look in the darker spots, in the shadows, behind the blithering blather and ratta tat tat tweets from the commander and chief, ignored retweets and the critiques lofted back.

Yet, as with any corrupt regime, one must not just concentrate on the head, for it would be powerless without the minions and toadies, the enablers, the fear stricken greedy ones afraid to lose their seat, the spineless ones, the being blackmailed ones, the swamp is deeper now than it ever has been. To be honest, right now I think it feels more like a carnival con of whack-a-mole, smash one and another appears. Smash that con, and another stage left, stage right, but lobbing the head off the snake is pointless as it will only grow a new one, maybe a worse one, the swamp protects its own.

Imagine if you will, a candidate with all of Trumps following, with his brash and bully ways, but actually, in real life not in their own imagination, but an actual stable genius? Scary thought, eh?

So, personally, I don’t care whether they impeach the guy, to be honest get rid of him via an election, but the real culprits, the real issue with the American systems is not just one man or woman, its all the dark and super pac, lobbying rich, whether foreign or domestic, and its all a matter of who has the most cash wins the round.

I honestly think that for those Americans who want their government back, they will need to bury the hatchet on ideas and policy, and focus on the big picture – GET BIG CORPORATE MONEY OUT OF YOUR GOVERNMENT.

Anything else, anything less, is just a mirage.

Removing Trump, McConnell, Rand, Graham, Jordan and the rest of the right-wing gang with all their cronies and cons, would be a good start.

Oh, but even so, even so, I some days just wanna throw it all away, take a few precious things with me and get lost in the woods, in a cabin, by a stream, and everyone can just go to hell in a handbasket.

3 thoughts on “A Meander Through My Mind, Of Politics And Swamp Things, And Memories Of A Lake

  1. I feel the same way. But until we can overturn Citizens United, remove Mitch McConnell and the other Trump butt-lickers you named, nothing is going to change. I honestly think it’s too late. Even if Trump somehow loses the election in 2010, do you really think he’s going to give up the throne? No way. He’s going to pull together all of his 2nd Amendment pals, his police, military, and biker gang friends and incite them to violence and there will be blood in the streets of America. I will need to have found my off-the-grid cabin by the stream deep in the woods when (not if) that happens.


    1. My poem was in response to your words, and fears – but I forgot to go back to respond. Had me thinking of you, and others I’ve read recently, and how dismal it seems with all this ‘winning’ going on. It is going to get worse before it gets better… no question. But, those turds are not immortal – this is the last gasps of old white racist pricks trying to change the narrative to suit their corrupt ideology.

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