The Rise And Fall Of The Chosen One

Spent a week away. Away from news, or views, or reviews of his faux news. Away to the beach for the day, another exploring my own cities historical stuff, a few in contemplation of light dancing through my garden, a night of beer and visiting with friends, and one dancing till dawn to some 80s and 90s songs. Away from the bat sh..a… crazy stuff down yonder. Lovely days, hours, minutes, and it was good.

Moon rise over Lake Erie

Come back? Well now, come back and after doing a bit of catch up, have this vision etched in my head of this man-child sitting in a room of fallen dominoes with countries names on them whose economies he’s caused to crash.

Seriously, besides anointing himself the King of Israel, or the Jews, whatever the heck the chosen one down yonder calls himself today, his tariffs and trade policies are threatening to cause a global nosedive.

His comments came amid growing evidence of trouble for other industrialized economies beyond the United States. Germany‘s central bank warned this week that its economy could shrink again in the third quarter — starting a recession — and much of the country’s economic slowdown has been attributed to the U.S.-China trade war, which has reduced Chinese demand for German imports.

“It seems like he is setting up a real challenge to the European Union’s economy and all this is going to do is continue to deteriorate his own economic outlook for his reelection,” said Heather Conley, Europe program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

POLITICO | Trump walks into a ‘nightmare’ G7 |
 08/23/2019 12:00 PM EDT

G7, which is coming up this weekend, and yeah, the rumpTus bumptus doesn’t really do the whole international leader thang that well, so it should be a rather interesting summit.

All experienced world leaders in their own right, many of them I’m sure look down their noses at this conman commander and chief dingbat of the United States. He puts no effort into it, sitting with his arms crossed with the bunch of them ringed round him with that childish stubborn look staring back, oblivious to diplomacy, ignorant of the finer subtleties of international relations, he is out of his league, over his head.

Personally, THAT is what I think has fuelled this newest round of crazy crowns he’s placed on himself, it comes right down to the fact he is completely out of his depth.

I HEREBY ORDER, he’s said just today, ORDERED American companies to stop doing business with China, like some kind of, em, socialist. AND, the stocks plunge again. Yip, out of his depth.

And all this empty disorganized rage, all are due to stress from his own incompetence looking back in the mirror at him. He is completely unqualified for his position, he can not handle the stress of the job without lashing out, and causing turmoil throughout the government, not to mention the stock markets, as they go up and down like a hookers panties to his every deranged tweet and impromptu White House lawn presser.

The pressure is building with impeachment still looming, his finances still an issue he is desperate to hide, and now with the economic decline caused, for the most part, by his own policies his cognitive deficits are becoming rather pronounced. I mean, he’s fired anyone who could rein him in, now he’s only surrounded by admiring toadies – he has effectively isolated himself from the very experts that could help him.

His tax cuts haven’t ‘paid for themselves’, most Americans got a tax INCREASE, not a tax decrease, and now economists are projecting the U.S. to be in a recession by next fall.

In the world of global economies, of which I am no expert, or even amateur, but apparently economists predicted that a down turn was imminent, which was just from the natural ebb and flow. Basically, this time around, Trump has possibly caused that predicted down turn to ramp up into a full blow recession, which until not that long ago was NOT imminent. Oh, sure, there had been whispers from certain quarters, but no definitive, collective, proof, just mere speculation on where these policies of Trumps COULD lead to.

But, he is the CHOSEN ONE, and chosen ones listen only to their corrupt gut filled with burgers and fries and a super sized diet Coke, eh?

So, wonder which world leader at the G7 he’s going to insult this weekend in France? Such a cast of characters to chose from. But, one thing is for certain, you KNOW he’ll do SOMETHING, man-child narcissistic psycho that he is, it’s impossible to imagine what, god help me I am ever able to predict what that apesh!t POTUS will say or do.

Oh, Calgon, take us away…far far away…

Lake Erie sparkling in the sun

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