And The Roar Of The Crowd Is His License To Be The Mad King

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Watching him the other day standing at the podium, clutching the lectern out there on the White House lawn, slowly and carefully reading from the teleprompter the prepared words, it almost seemed like he was just trying to keep himself upright, to say the words.

He is coming undone, unravelling before our eyes.

The job is hard, far easier to stand in the safety of our criticism of another, than to walk 3 years in their shoes.

To be sure, early in the narrative, but, it would seem as well his lapdogs over at Fox have abandoned him – certainly at the very least they have seen the writing on the wall. They must know the man for which they fawned is falling, exposing for all to see the wealthy wheeling dealing reality star is really just a fraud, a crackpot and a con artist, a lightweight, a fawning failure, a fake.

Yes, wealthy privileged one, ain’t so easy, is it? I mean, Obama lives in his head, he just can’t let it go, because he knows he doesn’t measure up, never did and never will.

All he can do is rattle the cage, yell at the minions who do his bidding, imagine that is what power is, imagine that just because someone CALLS you president, means you are worthy of the title, or that they have ANY respect left for you at all. Mr. President.

So easy to stand in judgment of his far more worthy predecessor, than to actually do the job himself, and that is what we are seeing clearer and clearer, day after day, as the grand illusion of who he wanted everyone to believe he was begins to unravel, begins to be exposed as the dredges of humanity that he is. The amoral man, the cruel indifference to the plight of his citizens, or anyone, anywhere, he does not care, about farmers, or migrants, or the average slogging Joe, not the child fighting cancer far away from home, not a shred of decency, not a whisper of compassion, just a photo op. It is and always has been all about him, and that snivelling angry base of monsters who allow him.

Let’s be clear, his base enables him, they allow him to be who he is, they let it be. Not the GOP, not just McConnell, or any of the lapdogs that huddle off in their corners, not Pelosi, or all those who sneak out the backway, keep their mouths shut, take the backstairs in order to avoid those hard questions, on their integrity, their country, their constituents.

Yet, lets back up, lets make sure we understand all this.

EVERY single thing he does, every cruelty, every disgusting thing, is after all at the behest of his loyal base. He is there because THEY allow him. He is cruel because THEY allow him. Because the party for which he leads, and those who voted for him, actually themselves believe that this amoral monster is doing a good job.

Sick and twisted as this man is, I acknowledge that for some, either his base or otherwise, there are a number of Americans who are completely oblivious to the many, many things he has done. They stopped listening long, long ago, and with the barrage of crap that spews from this administration, it is not surprising that so many of them actually have no idea half the stuff that this administration has done, focused as they are on the smoke and mirrors he and his cheerleaders create.

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For myself, every time my dad and step mom come up for a visit, there is this part of me that hopes they’ve woken up, they’ve changed their minds. After each crappy thing he does, I always wonder, will this be THE thing? Will this change their mind about him?

And each time I’m disappointed.

There is a part of me that wants to just ssscrreeaaam at them, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS SICK TWISTED MAN IS DOING TO YOUR COUNTRY? And then list them off, one by one.

Yet, I know myself, and in my rage all the eloquence and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years will be tangled up within that angry tirade, I’ll forget the words, blank out and just come off like I’m deranged. And, would they listen? Would they get it? Would they believe me?

It breaks my heart to imagine they know all this, all that I know about him, know this and STILL they would elect this monster?

Now in the news I see that we have little kids being handed a piece of paper that amounts to their death sentence. Today there are parents out there in the country of my birth, that rich and wealthy land, whose parents are facing the heart wrenching reality that their child is going to die because this administration is going to kick them out of the country. Children with cancer, with Cystic Fibrous, and life threatening conditions I can not even pronounce, and why? Because they happened to be born the wrong colour, from the wrong place.

Do they know this? Do they approve of this?

Personally, I do not care what bullshit administrative claptrap his toadies dream up, that is what this is. Cruel. Mean. Evil.

He is setting in motion this thing, giving notice, giving them just 33 days, kicking out children who are suffering life threatening conditions because they are not white.

And his base? Oh, sure, maybe the needle on his approval rating dipped a bit, but that sickens me, that any human on this planet with any morality would think this disaster is doing a good job, well, sorry, they are just as culpable as he.

This man owns every stroke his pen makes, every death, with that pen pristine forests die to whatever company wants to profit off its corpse. With mere ink and a nod, vast tracks of land are bulldozed. With a sniff and an incoherent blither, family farms that have been in the country for generations, stumble and fall and never get up again.

They too are responsible, just as responsible as he is. They are the very reason he is STILL allowed to do these cruel and disturbing things.

THEM. Not some stupid GOP senator, not the Speaker of the House, no one but them holds the key.

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They will be responsible for the death of every single child, every single disturbing and unethical thing he does, they are ultimately the master of his power.

They are responsible for the consequences of believing some oil company with an investment in protecting themselves is going to ensure you have clean air and water, and earth to grow your own food that isn’t contaminated.

They own the future, of parents who can not take their children to see the beauty and majesty of those United States, because it is all gone.

Every Single Republican that allows him to continue in his role, who does not speak up, who approves of him, pft, they are nothing.

It is that little base of his, those loyalists, those who approve, who come to his rallies, who fawn and flounce, they are signing the death warrant of possibly the demise of American democracy.

America was the land of the free, the country of hope, of fresh starts and dreams of one day having those things we all desire, no longer.

Today, they are laughed at and their leader is thought to be as cruel as he is comical, unethical, ignorant and weak.

It has become a place of fear, and blood on sidewalks and highways, malls and churches from gun violence.

It has become about authoritarian presidents, and crooked con artists and pansies for the corporate buck running departments they have NO business running. Long-time employees who have served under other presidents, are leaving, afraid of the stain, reached their final straw, of no longer being able to in good conscience be any part of this cruel racist man and this administration.

I mean, I struggle with certain details, like how Russians meddling in the elections is OK with his base?

I struggle to understand why they are not more concerned why exactly he is always pandering to Putin, snivelling like a fan, why he acts like he’s Putin puppet for all the world to see, right out there? That’s not strong, Putin thinks he’s an idiot. Most world leaders think he’s an idiot, albeit sometimes though a very useful idiot.

I struggle to get how they can be fine with a man who has cheated on every single one of his wives, all three, and without question, right out in the public eye with all its salacious and dirty deals.

They don’t even blink, christian bible thumping peddlers of the faith as many MAGAs are, it blows my mind how hypocritical it is to look down their so called christian nose at ANYONE, while heaping praise upon this ego-driven adulterous angry lying lusting greedy golf sloth. Seriously bent.

And, again, more people die by a mass shooting, 24 hours apart, and where’s the big guy now? Where’s the big boss with the super pen now? Where’s the guy that can just go and do whatever they want, shoot a man on 5th avenue, grab em by the pussy, gets what they want with a snap of their pen, where is he?

And POOF, off to the golf course.

Yet, the reality is, does he even matter anymore? Is he even the one really running the circus that surrounds the White House? With all the “grown ups” gone, who amongst the toadies he has picked to serve him hold the reigns?

Ok, so here is a little whisper that is making the rounds, that Melania is his “handler”, she is the one who is pulling the strings, pushing the narratives, the power behind the madcap and mayhem.

I know, fairly conspiracy theory sort of stuff, but still. Just thinking outside the box here.

I mean, maybe it is too easy I suppose for some to just write her off as just a flooze FLOTUS puffball cause she took her clothes off, but smart girls get naked too, eh? I mean, no reason to think she couldn’t be behind the man’s deranged ideas and such, or some of them. The handler hand-picked by the Kremlin?

But then again, the far right-wing nutjobs have infested every corner of the GOP for decades, festering in the corners of the Capital, slinking around hiding behind gerrymandered boundaries and faulty voting systems, lose lobbyist regulations, preaching their gospels of hate, clutched in their claws the democracy that scares the hell and brimstone out of them because they know their backward and racist ideas are dying, and their corrupt cons of fake conservatism with them.

Tick, tock, tick tock.

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2 thoughts on “And The Roar Of The Crowd Is His License To Be The Mad King

    1. This right-wing white nationalist movement is like the last dying breaths of an angry animal… violent and scary, but ending it is, these are the last horrific gasps for relevancy.


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