These Things We Now Know To Be True

We believed certain things had been sorted, we knew what the good hats looked like, we thought we knew who the bad hats were. Many believed that only those with no moral fibre would disagree with those values, we thought only people with selfish reasons would object.

Before and after defines today’s political landscape.

That day in November 2016 some things changed. This new order, this new reality is sideways, certain values such as compassion, empathy, honour, respect, dignity, once hallmarks of our modern society, now look quaint. Before that day we believed hatred, greed and envy were ultimately wrong, and that peace, love, charity and understanding were ultimately good.

Well, of course many of us still know right from wrong, yet some don’t care.

Today, I can not with a clear conscience say that that man’s supporters care about any of that. In fact, the loyal MAGA crowd seem to believe that the ends justifies the means.

How does someone with so little moral fibre, someone who has cheated on all his wives, someone who lied their way to the top, how did such a corrupt person come to hold that highest office in ANY land? How can ANYONE think he is doing a good job?

Before we didn’t know a lot about him.

I always thought him to be crass slime-ball, could never bring myself to watch The Apprentice.

In this topsy-turvy world, journalists that do their jobs are now evil because they expose him, they show us the real man behind the illusions, expose the fake man with his fake tan, we see behind the mask of that reality star.

Actually, we learned that it was a mask. How he appeared on TV was not who he was.

For instance, we know his father funnelled more money to his children by dodgy finances. Nothing about him is self-made. Trump inherited almost 415 million buckaroos via unethical tax dodges.

Seriously, no wonder the man hates journalists.

We only know any of these facts about his finances because that high office he so desired draws down the hard-light of accountability, otherwise why would we have even cared? The old boy certainly likes to blame everyone for his troubles, likes especially to blame the media for all his woes.

Truth of it is, and we all know how he is not so keen on truth, but truth is that he brought all of it on himself.

The spotlight doth shine on ALL who step into the public eye, with few exceptions. Once you are out in the open you are fair game, you are going to be subject to the bright glare of accountability and judgment. He can cry and have as many twitter rants as he pleases, it makes no difference.

Well, not to mention, the idiot is the President of the United States, and why should not his every move be questioned and analyzed? What did he think? Everyone would just fawn and let it slide? As if.

Why should we not be critical of his motives, his taxes? Why should we be in the dark of the many lies he tells, and why shouldn’t we be told what the truth is?

Yet, we know why. We all know why.

The man is weak, he is without merit, he is without qualifications. We now know much more of the sordid details and that’s why he hates journalists.

We now know that he faked his way to the top and with every investigation more is revealed, and that exposure terrifies him. We can all see that the Emperor has no clothes, he is completely fake, and none of the things he believes himself to be are true.

For a long time he got away with it, because he has surrounded himself with toadies of precarious values. This isolation has meant that he has no experience with truth; which is why he hates it, he can’t handle it, truth scares him.

Because of who he is, because of the power he wields, I think it qualifies him for an exceptional ability towards evil, because the decisions he makes are life-threatening for many.

Plus, that man has swum around in evil infested waters for atleast a couple decades, but it was all hidden behind the gloss and froth of fame and good writers.

Even so, even so, I don’t know if he will ever pay for it. Rich men rarely pay for their crimes.

In this case, there is little appetite for indicting a president, historically, after they have served their time in office. Though, since he is so often the exception in so many things, there might very well be a craving by many to see justice served up cold and harsh for this man. {crossing fingers that is so}

I mean, he certainly goes out of his way, him and his administration, to serve up the most evil and despicable policies. Encouraged by his ferocious base, he is egged on to more and more cruelty.

If anyone deserves a slice of their own medicine, it is him.

Boggles the mind how he is going to get re-elected, so many in the United States can’t stand him, so many disagree with almost everything he does. His inexperience and inability to learn is dangerous. His gut instincts are often wrong, and because he has kicked out anyone with any real knowledge, he is on his own with no one to tell him so.

He has never reached out to that majority of American’s either. Doesn’t even seem to care – or he can’t. That may be his downfall. In truth, his base won’t allow him to reach out, so he is in a lot of ways trapped.

They must be relying on foreign powers to somehow interfere again in the 2020 election, as otherwise I don’t understand how he can win. Far more is known of him, and there are no more illusions as to his character, his intent, his morality, his values, we know him for what he is, and what he is not.

Trump is more or less destroying the Republican party as we know it. Maybe not completely, but it will take a long while for them to recover, if they ever do.

And, quite frankly, I do not think that is overstating it.

The next generation, the ones growing up before our eyes, those kids are not looking wistfully back to some long ago time like their grandparents. White supremacist who fear losing dominance, well, that crap is not on this new generations’ radar. Those kids live in a far different world, a world that is ALL about diversity, and they do not fear the other. This generation coming up actually see opportunity in diversity.

This line was drawn, it can not be erased. There is before him, and there is after him.

Strangely, I even look at historical documentaries now and see a difference, of those before, and those made after his election. Talks and lectures of all subjects, at some point often there is that reference, subtle or otherwise, of this man’s effect on our world at large.

This is the world we live in, and we can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

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