How The Mighty Have Fallen

So, watching American politics is by far more entertaining than it ever was, and that is saying quite a bit, eh? I mean, Donny boy is so great he almost makes the whole Clinton Impeachment look like a Hallmark movie, and Nixon, heck, after school special. Pft.

Nope, ol’Trumpo has hisself a downright epic multi-season drama, maybe even an Academy Award-winning Film, or at least nominated.

Because I just can’t help myself, I almost, stress almost, feel, oh my god can I say it? Feel sorry for him?

Back stabbing, lying, cheating con job he is, I do think the ol’boy has lost his marbles. Or, he is one fine actor?

Oh, he is great, eh? Bashing Gold Star families, war vets left and right, respected officials from both sides of the political spectrum, world leaders, mayors foreign and domestic, hissy fit over Iceland not wanting to sell him Greenland, Jews are disloyal if they vote Democrat cause he’s the Chosen one, wow.

Takes sharpie and marks up a National Weather Service map to make it say what he wants it to say. What’s this guy smokin’?

“If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.”


What is wrong with him? I mean, he is obsessed with being right, I think they have pills you can take for this. I mean, everyday, still on and on about it, just can not stop being down-right looney-tunes.

I find the media, big corporate and small dude with a camera and an opinion on YouTube, kinda acting a bit hesitant, a bit, am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? Is the president like seriously, really mentally ill?

Can you imagine having to work with him every day? I mean, really, imagine. What fresh hell would meet you every morning? What fresh lie would you have to somehow figure out a counter lie for? What reason, what EVER, what to spin. It would truly suck.

Hope the pay is good.

Personally, no amount of cash could convince me, but I suck at lying, I would not even last an hour. Cutthroat vultures with selfish motives willing to endure the stain of that name on their CV, have at’er.

And thing is, all around I see more and more people are turning off, just turned away from the chaotic little shop of horrors down yonder in the land of my birth.

One sign the end is nye for this pile of walking shite show? Republican’s are retiring more and more, 12 at last count, mostly from the House I believe, and I expect more will announce they’re out by the time election day 2020 rolls around. Has to be difficult as a genuine politico who believes in conservative values to spend every moment of their lives defending this moron.

Not to mention, the face of America has changed and these politicians have very conservative constituents in their riding they are losing due to this crackpot and the outright white supremacist agenda this administration is catering to. Conservatives with traditional values, beliefs, morally restrained, traditional, and they’re losing them because they have the wrong skin colour and maybe come from the wrong country, they are lost to them.

The reality, the diversity and great power and prestige, the face of success, yes, that is gone. The once bursting with new ideas and great things, well those days are long gone.

Welcome to the club, could say Britain or France, the United States has now a taste of tyranny, sure wiped that uppity look off your face. Keeping your shite together in the face of great change is not so easy, is it?

For instance, Representative Hurd, once considered a rising star in the GOP walked out last month.

It’s probably not a coincidence that Hurd’s announcement came after weeks of Donald Trump lambasting minority members of the House of Representatives. There’s practically no room for criticism of President Trump in the Republican Party, but it’s also untenable for African American Republicans such as Hurd to stand by silently while Trump makes these remarks.

The Atlantic | The Republican Party Is Losing Its Future | by David A. Graham

It is fascinating, from a safe distance mind you, to watch as he dances around his mistakes, sidesteps his most racist tweets, egging on his base with more fabrications, and, who, I ask you who actually takes a sharpie and marks up a weather map so that it says what they want it to? Who does that? A mentally ill person.

When do you think his base will have had enough? See it? Ever? When do you imagine they will be tired of this? Yeah, never, never, some of them will dig their feet in, just like him, and refuse to budge, refuse to admit the guy is bat shitzu looney-tunes who really seriously needs to resign, he is just completely unfit for office.

I have never followed his twitter feed, and can’t bring myself to watch him speak for any longer than maybe half a minute. I find him so revolting to listen to, well, and of course I have no idea usually what the heck he’s going on about, he generally just makes no sense.

It has been said that maybe the MAGAs just enjoy for once being smarter than their commander and chief. They might have something there.

“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”


I often wonder though, does he play the fool, or is he the fool? Crazy like a fox? Or just narcissistic delusional psycho? Personally, I tend towards the latter, but I admit this could be just some act to drum up an insanity plea for when he’s outa office and the courts nail his arse for this that and the other. Possible.

And imagine what is still to find out? All those tasty tax returns, now just a breath away from being released, Deutsche Bank finally admitting they had them, after some hedging and dodging, how sweet it is, how sweet it is. Imagine the tantalizing bits of information they may contain?

Answer questions, such as, did Deutsche Bank force him to get a co-signer when no North American bank would touch him? How much dithering with numbers has he done to pay less on taxes, insurance, and whatever else? How many lies will those documents expose? Who owns who?

And how rich is he really? Is that really what he’s hiding? Billionaire rich? Or just measly Millionaire rich with massive debts to Russian Oligarchs and dodgy banks?

“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”


The man is really a disgrace to the office. Many proud American’s ashamed of this man who represents them across the world, as he takes the side and absurd words of age-old foes, stealing money from the Military to build a wall to please his minority of racist bigot followers. I mean, this is an administration who has caged children, even tries to deny children soap and toothpaste, and this week the news was they were leaving menstruating migrant girls ‘bleeding through’ underwear at detention centres. All of them, every single individual who does this sick man’s bidding is culpable for the inhumane treatment. This stain, I hope it follows them for their entire life, these horrible pigs who go along with this hideous administration and their disgusting treatment of their fellow human beings.

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.”


Yet, we seem to be living in a world where many feel justified for treating other people with disdain for not looking like them, believing what they believe, being born in the wrong country, have the wrong colour of skin, go to the wrong church, and dare to come knocking at the door looking for the same things hundreds and thousands of those self-same hypocrites ancestors came to those shores looking for; a chance, a better life for their children, or maybe just life.

Course, life is a precarious thing now walking the streets of America, shopping in a mall, in prayer, or just driving down the highway.

Yet, if your desperate anything is better than where you were, I suppose.

Which is exactly what one of the issues that is dividing America, desperation. A whole faction of society has been thrown aside, ignored really, as company after company succumbed to the rising demand for cheap goods and moved manufacturing overseas, and China learned how to automate everything. They are head and shoulders technology wise above anywhere in North America today. Anywhere. America can not compete, so Donny boy is having a hissy fit trade war with a country whose leader is there for life, he answers to no one, if the ol’rumpTus wants to play that game, then that game it shall be. China doesn’t really care.

So, things the way it used to be are bye, bye, and no ones doing anything to transform them into something else, they are stuck in the past.

Things that sustained families for generations, bought them a nice house, sent kids to college are gone. Main Street U.S.A. is a ghost town, and the shopping malls are closing down, watching the faces of their neighbour change.

Over decades the Republicans have been capitalizing on their fears, their prejudices, blaming it all on the other, the boogeyman, the Democrats, all the while pandering to the lobbyist dole, voting against the very needs of their own constituents. Blame, blame, blames IT’s THEIR FAULT, over THERE, its THEM. No, no, not these kind gentlemen who just handed me this tasty cheque who is maybe one of the very ones who SENT your jobs somewhere else, poisoned your water, made you bankrupt with medical bills as you watched your child die.

There is that age-old question, why do so many vote against their own best interests?

To the extent that the fear-based sensibility of poor people overlaps with that of conservatives, we can expect their political views to coincide also. This means that playing on popular fears and ethnic tensions is good for conservatives in elections

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY | Why Do Some Poor People Vote Against their Interests? | Nigel Barber Ph.D. |

The Republican party has gradually over the last couple decades been infested by many authoritarian conservative ideas, utilizing those fears and doubts to their advantage. They have responded with policies and laws they sell as the only answer to those fears and doubts. Ratcheting up the fear-mongering, controlling the narrative, promoting far right-wing nuts pumping out tales of woe and conspiracies. Yet, the objective being all the while to play to the crowd, whilst enriching their coffers with coin from the very companies that are actually to blame. And why should they care? They’ve got lots and lots of money in the bank, and they know their voters fall for all their cheap science and racist tropes, saying it like it is. Speak the plebs’ lingo, and they’ll believe anything.

“It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.”


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