The Evil Of Standing By And Doing Nothing

My sister and I were sitting in the living room, I would have been maybe in my early teens, she would have been maybe 9, she was in a little rocking chair, rocking back and forth. Back and forth, back and forth she rocked, saying as loud as she could Paula said shit, Paula said damn, over and over again, taunting me. I of course objected very strongly, as I had NOT said those words. Are you kidding me? You did not fart around with mom when it came to cuss words.

So, mom was having none of it, didn’t know which of us to believe as she had been busy in the basement doing laundry. Instead, and to my horror, she dragged the two of us into the bathroom for good measure and washed both our mouths out with soap.

That day I learned to be more wary of my sister, I learned she could be a little rat hole that will stoop to any means to stick it to her perceived enemies.

It kind of illustrates too, how easy it is to snow someone. How easy it is to barrage the air waves with so much misinformation and chaos that it is difficult to discern fact from fiction – especially when people are not paying attention.

And so, you know what? I have no idea anymore what it was my sister and I that day had been fighting about, or why she had resorted to her chaos theory tactics, but it backfired on her – heck if I remember correctly, and that’s a strong IF, I think she was just bored.

As a teenager I needed little provocation for finding her annoying, but she had now shown me another side to her, that she was a lying little shithead.

My mind doesn’t work that way, I’m somewhat guileless, as crafty cons and lies are not my natural, not my modus operandi. Yet, in my teenage fantasy world I would have loved to of crafted some tactic to get her back, but that is not me, and not how I operate. I am just not crafty and cunning and brilliant at lying. My highly developed self-awareness made it almost impossible for me to lie effectively, I was too self-conscious and believed that everyone could just see right through me. I’m also straightforward and not adept at hiding my motives, not good at pretending I’m something else, and too conscientious to accuse someone of something I know they didn’t do.

I mean, don’t misunderstand, seriously, if I could have devised some clever plan to get back at her you can bet I would have in a heartbeat. It was not from some morality or whatever I didn’t get back at her, it was merely my inept ability that prevented me – so I stewed in silent rage.

I have learned with time that simplicity and not caring what people think is actually the foundations of a good lie. Which means in truth I still rather suck at lying, but with age I don’t care as much, and have become more adept at carrying them off when the need strikes.

Although, crafty and cunning and false accusations are still beyond my sensibilities.

Plus, with every lie, though it may become easier to string out those untruths, it becomes more complicated to keep track of what you said, to whom, what the lie was, and they unravel. And, that lies can backfire – which my sister learned.

What’s that saying? Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

In a real sense I see a lot of these kinds of schoolyard tactics being used by 45, with a barrage of rapid fire BS tweets that it becomes too difficult for some to see the truth within the many, many lies.

Not surprisingly I suppose, it is that incident I often recall when I’m watching the 45th lie. I watch as the media punts the lie into the stream, the 45th stands by his lie, his administration back up his lie, or sometimes under pressure of being fired if they don’t, and even though the truth may very well be standing right there in the open, many remain confused.

Confusion is the key.

Lying is an art form I guess, to a degree, and for some it has the merit of allowing them to not have to deal with some kind of truth, some kind of thing that they want to avoid – avoiding confrontation, admission of guilt, a mistake that was made.

There really is a childish immature nature to the presidents lies. I mean, my sister grew up and became a rational adult, and she got over her petty jealousy of me being the older sister.

Trump on the other hand I believe is stunted emotionally, as well as intellectually. He maybe just never had anyone make him deal with his own shite, because his inherited wealth from daddy allowed him a measure of immunity to consequences, and that gave him the ability to just lie his way out of everything that was hard. In time, lies became cheating, and cheating begot a con, that con made him crooked, and crooked sorts seek out other crooked characters, and so hence his administration is now FULL of cons and crooks and liars.

Accountability has been lacking in this man’s life.

So, as much as the moron may wax on about not knowing about, oh, let’s say not knowing about all the Air Force’s little stop overs in Scotland to refuel at a public airport and play a round at his golf course, we don’t believe him when he says he knew nothing about it. Or, when he says he never told Pence where to stay when he was in Ireland. You know, and we are supposed to believe that he never said anything at all about staying at his resort 3 hours away from Dublin where all the meetings were being held, at a resort that just happened to be owned by Trump, and somehow these guys just spin the lie and really don’t seem to care anymore.

Then NOAA rescinded the earlier statement of denial in an unsigned statement concerning Hurricane Dorian effecting Alabama, and without anyone having to tell me, because we all know they are lying for him, because, well, we just know because that’s what these people do, they lie.

Such is the trail of chaos left in this commanders wake, and what a glowing example for their youth, that the president of the United States is known to be a serial liar. Well done America, well done.

This man’s natural instincts are to constantly be right. His ego will not allow him any form of what he perceives to be weakness. Although, that weakness in his character exposes his complete and utter incompetence, and I’ve said it before and I will say it again, ego is his Achilles heel.

North Korea duped him, Putin has him on retainer, and anyone that wants his ear merely has to stay at one of his properties and spend a few thousand. Well, and we all know he really is a #pussyassbitch.

Yet, unbelievably, lie after lie after lie nothing came of any of his lies, and he has not been made to pay for any of them – his toadies protect him. Those same toadies that he has surrounded himself with are fundamentally just as morally corrupt as he, as their own weakness exposes them to the Trump stain.

However, and I’ve watched this play out before, I have experience with what consequences can look like, we are maybe about to see the man finally pay for his lies, his cons, his cheating, his belief of his own invincibility. I sincerely and from the core of my being hope it all comes crashing down around him and his family name.

But, what this will look like exactly is unknown, but the House is set to vote Thursday on an Impeachment probe.

If it’s approved, as expected, it will signal at least somewhat of an escalation of the committee’s long-existing probe into alleged obstruction of justice and corruption by Trump. And it’s significant in part because, until now, the committee has conspicuously avoided taking any such vote that could be construed as beginning an impeachment inquiry.

VOX | The House Judiciary Committee will finally vote on an impeachment investigation this week | By Andrew Prokop

Most moderates in the House, the majority of Democrats with the power, they had little stomach for Impeachment. I as well have been somewhat hedgy on the issue, understanding the fear of backlash, and that it would do nothing to change the minds of his loyalists or his toadies.

Yet, there is now this feeling that enough is blawdy enough.

If the House does not act now they will have no leg to stand on, and history will show that they stood by and did nothing while America was burned to the ground by a pack of cons and crooks and greedy liars.

Maybe they all need a good soap in the mouth, all the toadies and those who prop him up, lying to keep their job, or lying because they approve, they all are foul and their failure is their own.

“Not to punish evil is equivalent to authorizing it.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

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