Pansy-Bum And The Enablers

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Ok, so over the weekend hell broke loose and found fertile ground within that house of white down yonder. All weekend, scandal after scandal after scandal, getting kind of difficult to keep track, actually. Safe to say, the next several months shall be rather fascinating as we watch the Trump cronies and MAGAs spout new left-wing deep state conspiracy theories. Perhaps more Kellyanne on the telly explaining to Fox News how unconstitutional it is to…wait for it… embarrass the president.

Yeah, embarrass the president, that is what she said. The unconstitutional part aside, I mean this is Kellyanne, but embarrass the president? Wow.

Ok, so few things transpired, but first, a little background of one element of recent news that really made me laugh out loud.

So, back in the Nixon years when the Grand Old Party made the effort to hide their cronyism and corruption, unlike this head-spinning reality of today, they could be persuaded to acknowledge right from wrong when it appeared there before them. Instead, the party members today seem to be at the whims of their incompetent commander, and we watch as they run around making up conspiracy plots to explain it all.

It’s a coup, it’s a coup… they cry to whoever will listen… like some kind of demented doves.

Ok, FUN FACT, some 30 or so years ago on Capitol Hill the House Judiciary Committee was looking for some guidance as to impeachment proceedings in regards Nixon. Since no president had been so naughty since Andrew Johnson in 1868, some guidance was required on how to proceed.

A report was commissioned that would be given the dry title of, “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment”.

This fun little report would outline the historical nature of impeachment and all sorts of little factoids – a seminal 64-page roadmap with appendices that looks into what counts as an impeachable offense.

And, guess who was a 26-year-old law school graduate hired to help with this report?

“The framers did not write a fixed standard. Instead they adopted from English history a standard sufficiently general and flexible to meet future circumstances and events, the nature and character of which they could not foresee,” the House staffers, including the future first lady, wrote about the ill-defined constitutional working of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Yes, that first lady was the then, Miss Hillary Rodham, before she was a Clinton.

This roadmap is also what today’s Judiciary Committee will be utilizing as they go forth in the impeachment process – the same document was used by the republican led Judiciary when they impeached her husband.

So, wonder what the right wing conspiracy nutjobs will coup coup coup about that? Hillary been planning to stick it to Trump since she was a 26-year-old Law graduate in the 70s?

And the process hadn’t just been used to remove alleged criminals from office. In the United States, 83 articles of impeachment had been voted out of the House up to that point against a dozen federal judges, one senator and Andrew Johnson, and fewer than a third actually involved specific criminal actsFar more common, they wrote, was that the House was dealing with allegations that someone had violated their duties, oath of office or seriously undermined public confidence in their ability to perform their official functions.


With couping in mind, the White House has now rubbed out that well-defined line the founding fathers drew between the Justice Department and the president, and instructed, asked, or told them to go after the guy who initiated the Russia Probe itself, Andrew McCabe.

Remember, that guy Trump fired just before he would have been able to claim his pension? The guy he’s denigrated and bashed again and again on Twitter? However, speculation is that the Grand Jury refused to indict, and that in and of itself is rare as hens teeth. This is critical, the Justice Department is not actually supposed to be trying to charge people at the whims of the president of the United States, for one, and the Grand Jury sounds like they refused to play to the whims of an up and coming authoritarian regime.

Perhaps Howard Dean on MSNBC this week said it best, that this is a cesspool administration.

Over the summer seemed the president was lulled into a false sense of immunity, then WHAM, it all hits at once — such as the appeal to the Emoluments case, which did not go away and now will go forward.

A U.S. federal appeals court on Friday revived a lawsuit alleging President Donald Trump violated the U.S. Constitution by profiting from foreign and domestic officials who patronized his hotels and restaurants, moving a watchdog group closer to obtaining financial records from his real estate company.

The case itself is significant in the acquirement of more financial records, as various groups follow the money this president has been trying so desperately to hide.

Bares reminding that this con artist would not have gotten this far without his hench peeps, such as Kellyanne and Giuliani, McConnell and Graham, the Fox News opinion putzes, all doing the fair share of dirty work protecting his substantial and corrupt derrière. Oh, and let’s not forget Mnuchin and Barr, Ross and Chao.

And, and shockingly {well not really} speaking of Chao, she’s being investigated now as well. She’s Trump’s Secretary of Transportation AND, guess who she’s married to? Well, she’s Mrs. Moscow Mitch herself, because of course she is. {rolls eyes}.

…thanks to a New York Times exposé in June and a Wall Street Journal report in May. The Journal reporting surrounded Chao’s failure to fulfill a promise to divest in a timely fashion from a crushed stone, sand, and gravel company that worked in the transportation sector and saw its stock price rise after she took over as secretary. The Times reporting had to do with Chao’s family’s shipping company, Foremost Group, and reports that Chao has sought to bolster the company’s position in China through official actions, such as attempts to include members of the company in state visits and appearances alongside family members in Chinese state media.

Everyone gets a subpoena this month, subpoena, subpoena, subpoena.

Next scandal on the horizon, the Manhattan DA has subpoenaed 8 years of Trumps tax returns for their own investigation.

The office is reportedly investigating whether the Trump Organization may have falsified any business records in connection with the payments, which would be illegal in New York State.

Now the posse would seem to be going with ol’rumps victim-hood as their defence strategy. Which, I do find rather amusing, considering the whole deal maker, big guy, strongman, say it like is, I know everything and don’t need no stinken advisors sort of president he portrays himself as, playing at being a victim?

Pansy-bum it is, I can work with that.

I mean, poor guy, completely over his head, busy bashing up everything Obama touched, like the Iran deal. Now we see that gave Iran the green light to attack Saudi Oil fields, more or less completely destabilizing the Middle East even more. So he’s going to have to go back in and make the exact same deal, or try. Iran will probably just laugh them out of the room.

Pansy-bum can blame it all on Bolton if he likes, but that buck stops on HIS front lawn. Now, for his lofty role, and the fact he’s not probably ever had to be accountable to anyone, must be difficult, eh?

So, muster up your sympathy muscle, folks, going to be months more of boo hoo, coup coup, boo hoo.

2 thoughts on “Pansy-Bum And The Enablers

  1. “…how unconstitutional it is to…wait for it… embarrass the president.”

    Hmm. Is it also unconstitutional to be embarrassed BY the president? If so, 60% of Americans are in violation of the constitution.

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    1. Yeah, just illustrates how two different people can look at the same thing, and both see something wholly different from the other. Wilfully blind, or wilfully ignorant? Or both, for likely.

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