Life In The Spin Cycle, Day 983

Let us abandon reality for a moment or three, and imagine that Hilary did do something untoward in her emails. So, she was naughty and shared states secrets, jeopardizing national security, ok?

So, first off, who cares? That was FIVE or more years ago. Investigations have been done and dusted, and this president, the one RIGHT NOW, is jeopardizing national security. This president RIGHT NOW, is making deals with foreign leaders for dirt on a campaign opponent RIGHT NOW. This president has and still is obstructing justice RIGHT NOW. This president RIGHT NOW is misusing public funds in all sorts of nefarious ways RIGHT NOW. This president RIGHT NOW is exposing state secrets to every tom, dick and Russian that happens by whose favour he wishes to curry for his own self-interest RIGHT NOW.

How do we answer back to the average right wing MAGA? Take a page from their playbook and turn it back, and remind them that corrupt or not, Hilary is in the past, let’s keep our eye on the ball.

They had how many months, well over a year with a GOP controlled House and Senate, why didn’t they get to the bottom of it then? Why not? Well, because there isn’t anything, she is merely a talking point, a weapon. Further though, and it must be acknowledged, the Clinton’s insinuated themselves in enough shady shite that they are a good target for misinformation campaigns manufactured by the “deep state” crew of cuckoos.

But even so, even if something was amiss WHO CARES, it is in the past, and we have far more dire present and future concerns with this current president.

Yet, somehow, the Trumpists just don’t see it that way at all.

The loyalist is enamoured with the man. They are blinded by the shiny gold bobbles and bags of cash he supposedly has. They are struck dumb by his say it like it is, for his bully tactics, for the cruelty the administration administers to those who they have deemed worthy of cruelty. They admire his flouting of laws, diplomacy be damned style, the get what he wants how he wants, the daily chaotic spin wash, the manipulation of the media, all score points to his favour in their propagandize eyes.

The blatant hypocrisy, now there’s a conversation. So, what did Biden do, exactly?

In that vein, I watched a piece on Democracy Now the other day featuring a James Risen who wrote an article back in 2015 that the Right Wing has twisted to serve their own ends.

So here’s a little background. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, joined the board of this Ukrainian Oil Oligarch, Burisma Holdings, and with its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky. It was April 2014, and the British Serious Fraud Office had just frozen their accounts.

Now, as for Zlochevsky;

Zlochevsky had been Ukraine’s ecology minister under former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian leader who had been forced into exile in Russia.

THE INTERCEPT | I Wrote About the Bidens and Ukraine Years Ago. Then the Right-Wing Spin Machine Turned the Story Upside Down. | JAMEs RISEN, September 25 2019

So, let’s not smooth over the edges or spin this the way we want, Hunter is, like many children perhaps of the wealthy and powerful, prone towards compromising their parents good name by dumn ass moves.

Hunter Biden had joined the board of Burisma in April 2014, the same month that British officials froze Zlochevsky’s London bank accounts containing $23 million. Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, an independent government agency, was conducting a money-laundering investigation and refused to allow Zlochevsky or Burisma Holdings, the company’s chief legal officer, and another company owned by Zlochevsky access to the accounts.

But the British money-laundering investigation was stymied by Ukrainian prosecutors’ refusal to cooperate. The Ukrainian prosecutors would not turn over documents needed in the British investigation, and without that documentary evidence, a British court ordered Britain’s Serious Fraud Office to unfreeze the assets.


So the U.S., as well as many European countries were concerned with the Ukrainian governments’ reluctance to crack down on corruption. It was the platform of dealing with corruption within the Ukraine that Zelenskyy was surprisingly (to him and many others) swept into office this year (2019). Corruption had been an ongoing problem for years. I suppose in many ways was also undermining their defence against the Russian’s all-out assault, as many nations would be rather reluctant to get involved with helping the Ukraine if the Ukraine was not committed to helping itself.

So, Biden goes to Kyiv. Now, here’s the bit that you want to understand, let this rumble around in your brain, then, think about ol’rumpTus and his spawn, and let’s not forget the spawn-in-law, and then think about this some more.

When Joe Biden arrived in Ukraine in December 2015 to press for more aggressive anti-corruption efforts by the government, Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma made his father’s demands, however well-intentioned, appear politically awkward and hypocritical. That was the point of my story. I quoted Edward C. Chow, who follows Ukrainian policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, who said the involvement of the vice president’s son with Zlochevsky’s firm undermined the Obama administration’s anti-corruption message in Ukraine.


Therefore, Biden going to Ukraine to pressure them to maybe rethink their head prosecutor (who was doing an AG BARR kinda stymie the investigation, with a little quid pro quo thrown in) was against the business interests of his son. Basically, if Biden had done nothing, THAT would have been protecting his son because the Prosecutor was not, well, prosecuting.

See what the right wing nutjobs did there? This is the bread and butter of the partisan spin cycle, they ignore a couple factoids and make it look like Biden was going to HELP his son, when in fact it was quite the opposite. If anything, it made Biden look a little hypocritical, as the article points out.

And THAT my good people is what you call SPIN. They picked that ball up and turned it inside out, and lobed it off into the crowd of cuckoo for coco puffs, and watched them feed on it, slurping in the kool-aid of their con.

See, and here I go again mashing that button, but, what does this story have in common with all their other talking points?

Yes, they happened in the past.

Do you notice that they seem to like that number 5? They like the past, because so many have such a short attention span, and facts fade, and 5 years ago is a nice number to dredge up incidents from which to spin.

Now, back to the present, right now the spawn of the chief con-artist of the United States allows his own children to feed off the trough of the American tax payer. Right now, with all their multitude of compromised self-interests, setting them loose on foreign leaders to do the United States business seems to be ignored. Cronyism, anyone? ANYONE?

That my good friends is what we should remind ourselves whenever they dig up old grievances – that they like the past because so much of it gets watered down. Also, the past is riddled with memory holes, and just big headlines saying this, that, or the other about Biden gets them clicks and the MAGAs are all, like many of us, dizzy from this spin cycle news on crack.

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