Watching The Mighty Fall Right Before Our Eyes At Warp Speed

The Best thing I’ve read last few days on twitter went something like “someone should tell those republicans that dead hooker they got themselves tied to is starting to stink“.

Which sort of sums up the week, more or less.

Watching this president careening headfirst into impeachment is almost nauseating, though enjoyable. I mean, he pretty much has the whole most corrupt president in U.S. history in the bag, but you know how dear leader is, always needs to be the greatest. I suspect we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

But what lit the scandal and sent it soaring were 10 words in that phone call with Zelenskyy – I would like yo to do us a favour, though. This is what is called soliciting help from a foreign office for the presidents benefit to smear a campaign opponent.

To be sure, the Intelligence Committee that is leading the impeachment investigation are going to have their hands full picking which impeachable act they should include, plethora have come to light just in the last 48 hours alone, and he keeps adding to his tally. By the time I finish this post, who knows how many more are exposed.

The only question now I guess is who else is going down with him?

In July, President Trump ordered his chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to withhold $400 million in aid that Congress had designated for Ukraine. Last month, the inspector general of the intelligence community told the chair and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Democrat Adam Schiff and Republican Devin Nunes, that someone had filed an “urgent” and “credible” whistle-blower complaint. The day after Schiff formally requested the complaint, the Trump administration released the hundreds of millions of dollars it had been withholding.


All the usual suspects are implicated, Barr, Giuliani, even Pence, so far. Following along with this reality on crack story is like a late night infomercial BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE !!!!

So, apparently the so called billionaire asked the financially f@#ked NRA to help him pay for his impeachment defence. This particularly nugget came through the feed round the same time we learned that the NRA acted as ‘foreign asset’ to Russia before 2016 election.

Seriously been watching this all unfold in real-time, it is astounding.

The one thing that stands out to me is how quickly and concisely it all spilled out. For instance just read this morning that it was McConnell that encouraged him to release the trumped-up transcript of the Zelenskyy call. Which is sort of odd. That someone in McConnell’s position, with his experience, would consider that conversation, or the parts they released, just fine, a nothin’ burger? Mind blowing.

Over the course of his presidency, he and his administration have delivered America to foreign actors, threatening national security at the whims of this man with no conscience.

I suppose too Trump really bought into his own press.

And McConnell and crew just stood by and watched so that they could get their republican judges, so they could slant the court for decades to come.

In fact, maybe in the end that was all Trump was, a pawn.

Yet over the course of the last few months I’ve watched as a higher number than normal amount of republicans announced they would not be seeking re-election in 2020. I’ve seen even his precious Fox News had begun to turn on Trump, calling out his lies right on air.

Certainly the Mueller Report was damning, and laid out the course of action for Congress to pursue. Yet, Trump and his toadies were blocking testimony, documents, and going to extraordinary lengths to block his taxes.

From the first whispers the Ukraine call just over a week or so ago, this scandal has been at high speed velocity.

Then this week I watched on twitter as one democrat in the house after another came on side to impeachment, and Pelosi’s announcement of the formal impeachment investigation hit. BOOM.

Not even the republicans in the hearing questioning the acting DNI Maguire could bring themselves to defend Trump, but instead defended Maguire, who was WAY over his head.

I’m sure there are many of us who feel a bit of vindication for seeing the corruption of this man from the beginning, and our belief of his dirty dealings have born the rotten fruit we always knew was there.

Now the calls for his resignation are growing louder and louder. This is by far not a done deal, but the rats are leaving the ship and ALL the dirty little secrets this corrupt man tried to hide are being revealed at warp speed.

Hang on folks, we ain’t seen nothing’ yet, and it is going to be one hell of a wild ride.

3 thoughts on “Watching The Mighty Fall Right Before Our Eyes At Warp Speed

  1. I agree, but his die-hards are saying this is a Democratic coup! 🙄 They certainly think the use of the server is perfectly fine.

    I saw a Tweet reminding that Kashoggi was investigating trump, Ivanka & Jared’s ties & interests with the Saudi Prince at the time Kashoggi was killed and those conversations also went to the code-word server.

    I totally agree with you!

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  2. And yet, with all this, his trumpsters say it’s the Democrats harrassing him. That it’s his right as “president” to keep these things private. Just amazing. Definitely a cult.

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    1. Yes, though I think they were making pancakes on Fox News the other day, so how in the hell would they know. Thing is, this is not going to play out like other scandals. The cover up, the code-word server thing is quite a different matter… a serious national security breach that is going to implode I expect. I think fairly soon few will be able to deny that this guy is a threat to national security, at a very deep level inside threat to international intelligence.

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