And, We’re Off

Yes, the times have certainly found us, with impeachment on the horizon now, and with the Ukrainian story in mind, let us not forget a couple realities.

First off, how bout we just get this one out of the way, we all know Russia plays dirty. Once Putin’s devious little mind is set, on a conquest, a goal per se, they are willing to achieve and maintain that at any cost, breaking international law and ignoring the sovereignty of any nation they deem chattel to that conquest.

Next, and most importantly, though seem to have been forgotten in all this, 13,000 Ukrainians have died defending their right to decide their own future, and not have it decided for them by Moscow. Right? Ukrainians die almost daily, and newly elected President Zelenskyy reminded us of this during his speech at the UN General Assembly.

Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, McConnel, KellyAnne, Hannity, and Carlson, and all the rest of his posse of pawns and players, can spin this however they see fit, but there are peoples lives at stake. This situation that has dominated Ukrainians security for years is not a game.

Trump asked a foreign leader to dig up and/or manufacturer dirt to smear a political opponent in an election, or, he wouldn’t hand over monies Congress had approved for Ukrainian self-defence against Russia.

That is an impeachable offence. Case closed. The fact most Republicans say this is no big deal is a big deal.

Not even the money withholding part – which is mean and dirty – it is not necessary to be impeachment worthy.

Yes, and of course the case is by far not closed. We all know the next months are going to be one blawdy wild ride through the conspiratorial characters of corruption courting chaos dominating every headline. Get ready for this wild ride of, good gawd, but I imagine more scandal after scandal, as the Trump team of toadies rip up the constitution and use it as confetti to snow their base.

Oh, but I don’t think it will be all bad. Seriously, can you imagine some of the cock-a-mamie excuses these scary idiots are going to dream up? They’re already some who are trying to argue that Trump didn’t know what he did was an impeachable offence.

Riiiight. Ok, so that’s like your child steals $10 from your wallet, and you catch them, you decided not to punish them, but instead give a lengthy lecture on stealing.

Two weeks later they steal $20 off the kitchen counter they KNEW was your money because they saw you put it there. You confront them, cause you saw them do it. Now, they try to argue that they didn’t know. Their excuse is that they thought you put it there because it was free money, even though you’ve never said any such thing to them, and in fact emphatically said quite the opposite not TWO WEEKS before.

That is in a nutshell one of the excuses they’re using. Other, of course, are the nutjobs that say nothing the President does is impeachable cause he’s some kind of god king invested with powers to do whatever the heck he wants.

Infested more like with the egocentric obsession of a malignant narcissist with tendencies towards doing whatever he thinks he can get away with. So, like I said before, Pelosi’s strategy has probably always been to just stand back and let him hang himself.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

Well, not to mention, that if in fact Trump actually didn’t know that approaching a foreign country to dig up dirt on his opponent is wrong, then, um, well, there are 3-year-olds with higher cognitive abilities. I believe being unfit for the job is another impeachable, ah, thingy?

At the heart of this though is national security. Let’s not let that get lost in the shuffle of chaos, that is the banner to which the Democrats need to rally under.

One last thing, if you do twitter, a good person to follow for all kinds of good background knowledge and wisdom @Teri_Kanefield.

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