Puppy Butt VS The Impeachment Trial

Truth be told, and I imagine I am not alone in this, I can not bring myself to watch it. I know what, when, how, where, and most definitely whom… do or do not, just getter’ done. Republicans in the U.S. Senate seem to be a tad preoccupied with concern over Trump putting their head […]


My Patriotic Divide, And A Sock

One tidbit of info I learned the other day, of note, via a tweet from Asha Rangappa, is “… one of the talking points pushed by Russia’s troll farm was that there would be a civil war if Democrats tried to impeach Trump”. And this particular “coinkydink” just happened to be mentioned in the Mueller […]


And, We’re Off

Yes, the times have certainly found us, with impeachment on the horizon now, and with the Ukrainian story in mind, let us not forget a couple realities. First off, how bout we just get this one out of the way, we all know Russia plays dirty. Once Putin’s devious little mind is set, on a […]