Impeaching We Will Go, Impeaching We Will Go, Hi Ho, Democracy, Impeaching We Will Go

The very roots of America lie in revolution, pushing off the yoke of monarchy and aristocracy. Revolutions of ideas and ideals, fought for and hard won, not by committee but by blood. Arrogant, sure of itself, proud, free, spreading the gospel of democracy around the world.

But, then something shifted.

With the magnificent success of puppet in chief, the profits from Putin’s promises deposited, awaiting the concert of angels to wing down and hand them everything they wanted, and the universe obliged – here ya go.

Oh, but be careful what thy wish for.

Can’t say this enough, but the ideals of Putin’s Russia and many republican ideals are copacetic, and so it’s not difficult to take the leap that Russian operatives have been cozy’d up to the GOP for years. It is the product of that relationship that we are seeing today, this president is in a lot of ways just the wet dream Putin’s had for years.

Against the very ideals of democracy, mechanisms for change were set in motion decades ago. Which means, I guess, they were just waitin’ round for such a guy as the ol’rumpTus bumpkin bully man, the rich guy with no morality they could use as their own personal weapon to get what they want. Was that really the new republican mandate? Is that what this is about? It would seem so.

The republicans, like Putin’s Russia, use lingo like “traditional values”, but what they really desire is a complacent and ignorant pleb that will let them rape and pillage in order to increase their wealth and power. All this freedom of the press, free speech, women’s rights, workers rights, environmental guardrails so corporations don’t destroy the earth, all that stuff gets in the way of their profit margin.

To them, if you are not part of the 1% crowd, you are merely a number on a spread sheet.

But, lets say this, I don’t really think ANYONE actually expected Trump to actually get elected. Its more likely he was just supposed to widen the already existing divisions, and more importantly he and his cronies would provide inroads to Washington. Least that’s the consensus among those following the whole Russian schemes, that Trump actually winning was not the outcome they expected. Instead, it was PRESIDENT Hillary that was supposed to be under investigation.

So back in the day, inroads to the GOP were made via the NRA. The republican base has been shaken and stirred for decades, manipulated madness and racial tensions toyed with thru Fox News and talk radio, the times were ripe for all this.

And Trump took off like a brush fire in the dry lands of the Midwest and southern states that had watched the world pass them by, and they longed for those days of yore, back in that never neverland that never existed except in their mythologies of the past.

Though, I think personally that the one giant flaw with the GOP is that they seem to underestimate the people that they serve.

Yet, even so, ya gotta be careful. Gotta keep your lips tight, don’t be cocky, do not assume. Maybe we are watching it beginning to unravel, but don’t assume it’s in the bag. Eh? Ya, been there, done that. Not just going to assume I know what is going to happen next, cause I thought that once before, and boy was I friggin’ wrong. Well, me and a few million other people.

It IS all starting to fall apart, sure. The whistle-blowers lining up outside Congress’ door, officials ignoring the chaotic mental case at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue and testifying regardless of what the Secretary of State may think, pft. Respected Generals saying disparaging things about a sitting president, and the White House Chief of Staff just walking out and copping to quid pro quo right on TV – cause ya know, didn’t happen if you don’t come right out on TV and say it.

And, here’s a question, where did KellyAnne go? And Giuliani hasn’t been out there on the boob tube spilling his guts, oddly. Say too much Rudy Colludy? Apparently his twitter account has been silent for 48 hours or so. With his goons Igor and Lev indicted, Colludy himself under investigation, and Putin’s manufactured Oligarch, Firtash holed up somewhere in Venice hiding from extradition to the U.S., and everyone taking turns under the bus, it unravels a little more every day.

Ah, yes, but, get too cocky and lose perspective, lose the ability to sit back and watch, observe them in their natural habitat, swamp things that they are, all cocky and conscience free.

No, do not just assume.

So with that in mind lets take a wee look at impeachment, shall we? At what it is, and what it is not. Because for anyone watching the nutjobs in upside-down land blather on one would think that either they are just complete morons when it comes to the constitution of the United States, or, they are lying.

Given the blather is often coming from republican congress and senate sycophants, I’m leaning heavy towards lying. Tulsi is just a nesting doll.

So, here goes, what is impeachment?

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach an official, and it makes the Senate the sole court for impeachment trials. The power of impeachment is limited to removal from office but also provides for a removed officer to be disqualified from holding future office. Fines and potential jail time for crimes committed while in office are left to civil courts.

United States House Of Representatives – Impeachment

Right now what we are looking at is the investigation stage, the prosecutors going through the witness’, documents etc and deciding whether there is a case. If there is, then what are they going to impeach Trump on? What articles of impeachment will be set forth? This part is often done in private, behind closed doors.

So, to be clear, the GOP are arseholes and are just trying to score points with their mostly ignorant base nutbars who like that sort of crap the sycophants are pulling – like trying to get into closed door committee hearings. This is all just about trying to make this part seem nefarious and, well that is a stinking pile of horse manure.

Ever watched Law & Order? Imagine how these antics would play out by some, lets say mob boss’ senator for hire on that show?

“Impeachment is not an extension of ordinary political debate; rather, it is reserved for conduct that threatens the very terrain on which such debates occur.”

Laurence H. Tribe, To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment

Keep in mind, an impeachment is not like a regular criminal investigation.

Once the investigation stage is complete, once the case material has been gathered, they decide on what articles of impeachment should be presented, and then that is sent to the house floor for a vote. If it passes it goes to the Senate for trial.

The senate shall have the sole power for the president to be tried. Senators are the jurors, and this means any impropriety of the juror may impede the whole trial. That is why many senators are keeping their traps shut, as they should.

But hey, if you don’t believe me, how bout a judge on Fox News?

Therefore, at this stage of the game, everything Congress is doing is within their means, and everything the republicans are whining about is complete rubbish. Trump will get his “day in court” once he is impeached and it goes to the Senate for trial.

At this point I have no reason to believe he won’t be impeached, as all the evidence for impeachment is right out in the open, right on TV and confirmed by the White House itself. I mean, just because the White House says “we do this all the time”, does not mean it’s all hunky-dory, cause it ain’t. You can say that its all well and good to rob a bank, but that does not mean that robbing a bank is all well and good, right?

“As the Framers knew, democracy can fall to charismatic demagogues, would-be monarchs, self-interested kleptocrats, sophisticated criminals, and high-functioning morons.”


By contrast, Canadian politics is completely different since the power of the Prime Minister is basically in the hands of parliament. Hence the term “prime”, as in he is but the head of other ministers, though he is not a leader with the same power as a president, and therefore can be gotten rid of in the wink of an eye, WHOOSH.

Now, the founding fathers in contrast to the British model that Canadian politics was based, they wanted the leader of those newly drafted United States to have a greater role. The president in their mind should be invested with more power than a Prime Minister but without the ultimate divine rights of monarchs – I guess more like an elected monarch.

Therefore, unlike a corrupt monarch (of which they had ample examples) who was not working for the good of the country, they needed a bloodless way in which to get rid of them. Hence, IMPEACHMENT.

So when you stand back from everything, when you look at the sycophants in their natural habitat, corruptly colluding and obstructing justice left, right and centre, one can only think it part of a broader scheme.

Basically, they want to change the rules. Certain power players in the GOP really really like what the Russians under Putin got. They like how the stinking rich Oligarchs get all that power without having to kowtow to the opposition. They like how Putin can just wave his hand and do away with any real challenger to his power. They like how the Oligarchs can manipulate the system in order to maintain their wealth, and hence gain significant power without all the headache of pandering to the plebs.

Oh sure, make it look like a good ol’pure as the driven snow election, but it is just a facade, the winner is always, always, always going to be Putin. Or, whomever else the Oligarchs, who hold the real power, whomever they want.

Therefore, you can kinda see why the GOP would want to taint the whole impeachment process, since the whole democracy thing is really what they are ultimately trying to weaken.

“Impeachment is not just another form of political combat; it’s an emergency measure meant to save the democratic foundation on which all other politics unfold.”

Laurence H. Tribe, To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment

Impeachment, therefore, is the rather complicated process by which you remove a duly (well, questionably in this case) elected president. And by extension is the very process by which the founding fathers baked in to the constitution the means to protect the democratic nation they wished America to be.

2 thoughts on “Impeaching We Will Go, Impeaching We Will Go, Hi Ho, Democracy, Impeaching We Will Go

  1. Very, very nice.

    I did think he would be elected. No one around me believed me. I thought he was going to do the horrible things he said he would & more. Lots of people told me he wouldn’t, that was campaign talk. I always thought he was corrupt & couldn’t be trusted. Now the proof is coming out.

    I think the House will impeach him. Maybe others too. Having him convicted in the Senate is definitely not a sure thing.

    Yes, “duly elected”. Ha! Maybe like the way in Russia you describe, which he’s done nothing about.
    He’s an unqualified nobody causing damage to the US around the world.


    1. Living up here in Canada, so removed, I was completely shocked he won. But, I spoke to a co-worker afterwards who said when her dad travelled thru before the election he saw that in more rural places it was Trump everywhere, Clinton signs only in the cities.

      Which is what I see here during this election in Canada, liberal and NDP signs in the city, and all conservative in the more rural. Wish us luck…ugh. But this is a snapshot only of here, hopefully other Canadians in rural parts across the country won’t be as stupid. This area of Ontario is a lot more influenced by what is going on in the U.S….which is not as much the case outside our province.

      Liked by 1 person

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