Truth And Lies In A Time Of Selfies

As my bag of tissue fills up, *sniff sniff* … *atchoooo*, so I’ve been home sick, horizontal fading in and out between old Time Team specials, or vertical in my chair perusing the news, as it steamrolled through.

Which of course also means that Pika Poo had my undivided attention, and spent her time between my lap, or skidding o’er the vinyl floor after a toy or two.

Now, as it turned out, it happened to be an excellent week to get sick, if one is a news junkie. Whilst watching all the news, refreshing Twitter every few minutes, with the impeachment trial looming on the horizon, Lev Parnas’ lawyer had some rather tantalizing images to share, and gasps of shock and awe were heard o’er twittersphere.

To be honest, anyone who seriously still thinks the 45th has some plan, or a defence for that matter, maybe still believes he’s some 4D chess master, is delusional. I believe it is safe to say that very little he actually does is strategic, it is all about how it aligns with the interests of Donald J. Trump at any given moment.

Nope, he is totally winging it, and in the background the clean-up crew just finishes cleaning up one mess, when they’re on to the next.

More and more we see new reasons why the Senate needs to hold a real trial, with this plethora of witnesses and documents available to them, and show some compulsion towards getting to the actual truth of the whole underlying facts behind what he knew, when he knew it, how, what involvement, why, when, all of it. Really, to do anything less will stain them and their family name for the history books, for their grandchildrens grandchildren to know the names of the crew of miscreants who enabled this corrupt, self-dealing 45th.

You would think they would want the truth, the GOP that is.

However, if they have some inclination of the truth already, and it doesn’t look good for them, not holding a real Impeachment trial will be just as telling.

Now from the interview this week on Maddow, we hear Parnas lay it all out, who knew what, when, implicating Barr, Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, Nunes, and on and on, this posse of bar flies.

So, another take away, seems as though Trump acquired most of his slimeball goons in his own hotel, like flypaper.

I suppose we can with some confidence pronounce that having something to hide is the commonality dragging all these characters into the Trump cult, and what keeps them loyal sycophants.

Otherwise, at least looking at it from the outside, you have to wonder, what is it these individuals see in him? Why do they pander to his every command? Why are they so willing to ruin their careers, have their names associated with this incompetent fool? It still blows my mind.

And, it does beg that simple question… what do they believe they’re going to get out of it?

I mean, 45s defence hinges on a majority of the Senate being willing to turn a blind eye while he burns to the ground all semblance of law and order, democracy, not to mention diplomacy.

If they are fine with the government being run by a bunch of thugs with no greater cause than to do the bidding of a failed businessman turned reality TV star malignant narcissist whose only goal is to enrich himself, than I hope that karma haunts their family name till the end of time.

Anyone who does not see that all these goons around him are sycophants covering up his dirty deeds, at this point, after all there is out in the news to peruse, well, they just don’t want to know.

I mean, Parnas was not just making hollow acquisitions, he has the receipts.

All this week his lawyer has been posting these tantalizing photos of EVERYONE, all the dirty players, and as soon as they have the audacity to claim ignorance, well, photo evidence belies that claim.

They defend themselves with “but he’s indicted”… {roll the eyes}.

Seriously, in the rumpTus sphere, like who ISN’t indicted, in jail, going to jail, should go to jail, or already dead?

Parnas speaking out on Maddow, as he states, was about literally protecting himself from being erased (Epstein). Which, is no doubt why he kept all these documents and pictures, just in case.

Everything he says either backs up the impeachment testimony, fills in the blanks of impeachment testimony, or adds new layers to impeachment testimony.

So, as I enjoy the merits of breathing with my mouth closed, over this weekend many cagey politicians in D.C. will await to see who else is exposed for their lies, hypocrisies, and wonder at their fate.

I mean, anything can happen between now and Tuesday morn when the Impeachment trial begins.

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