The Significance Of Diplomacy And Lights In The Dark

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If a couple pieces of bread are mouldy, do you throw out the whole loaf? Do you ignore the mouldy bits and consume it anyways?

Take things out of the broader context due to desperation, making decisions out of dire necessity, rather than from a calm consideration of our own best interests. And, what we would consume does often depend on how desperate one was, eh?

And the same applies to politics, and politicians; who we follow, how we follow, what we become wrapped up in, what we choose to ignore, what we decide to make excuses about, what we are defensive about, what triggers us.

But if you don’t want to see it, you won’t see it, and it won’t matter. And that’s when stuff gets a little culty, when the followers themselves turn into the defence at all costs, believing their own goals are justification for the means.

Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, well, you know what they say.

Well, one would think it would tell ya stuff when the surrounding people in your social media sphere begin to feel culty, willing to defend, with no recognition of what the broader landscape says, thinks, wants, feels.

The I am right you’re wrong, go F yourself, kind. Won’t listen to anything, no matter which side of the line, which belief, which ever thing you may have in common, they only see what divides.

See, like I said, stand to close and you will miss certain mouldy bits.

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It’s important to be able to have access to that wider perspective, important to put everything in its proper context and not skewed, or merely enhancing a particular point of view.

Such as world maps made in North America often enhance the size of the United States, making it seem as though the country is larger than it is in reality.

Important lesson to learn, as one views the POTUS, the Democratic candidates, don’t get wrapped up in the notion of GOOD guys and BAD guys, WHITE hats and BLACK hats, cause you’ll miss stuff.

Same in the Middle East. There are all kinds of details, don’t get caught up, stand back, watch, listen, look for sincerity, and all the various perspectives on the same place, same objectives, just on opposite sides.

The point of view, the distance you stay, the more skeptical one is, the more you question, the perspective you keep. If not, if you get caught up, you can lose sight of the real foe, the REAL crisis, not A character, but THE characters.

Perhaps that may play a part in how we view the world, how we view situations, how our news has changed us, from broad sketches, to in-depth analysis, obscuring the realities outside that part of the spectrum they highlight.

And so that is why I try to stay outside the spectrum, poke around for those with unique perspectives, into the indigo, seek out those who I don’t necessarily agree with all the time, but that I respect for the sincerity of their perspective.

Those who have thought about what they are talking about, writing about, tweeting about, they’ve taken stock of the facts as they see them, and formed their opinion. You know? Not shoving it down your throat because THEY’RE right, and IT’S GOOD FOR YOU.

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Beau of the Fifth Column YouTube channel is like that. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a gun nut, but he has a perspective on gun rights that I don’t even begin to understand, but in that opposition I find his appeal. He looks like your stereotypical red neck southern man, and that is another aspect of his approach I admire, in the sincerity of his presentation… this is who I am, take it r’ leave it, no matter… cause if ya don’t leave your prejudices at the door, you will miss his knowledge, and his diplomacy.

Today in our fast as lightning, in your face, curated to your taste news cycle, it can isolate us from greater truths, to the long-term cost of things, opposed to merely the immediate results of things. It can skew our point of view to seeing things from this intimate and in-depth perspective, ignoring the larger context in which the information resides.

Widening that gap between, wedging it just the more, tap, tap, taping away, using either LEFT or RIGHT to divide America, since divided they may fall, like dominoes.

See, in these times of crisis one needs not a hammer, but instead glue, someone who draws people together, not someone who wedges them further apart, using fault lines that have existed since the founding fathers.

But, of course those types are rare, and never seem to stay around long. While their ideas carry on if they have merit, they themselves are often trampled in the stampede, of criticism as much as from consideration.

Again, look at something to closely, and all you’ll see are the faults, and not the larger context. Everything now happens in soundbites, and we think that encompasses it all, but it does not.

Maybe, rather than looking for the glue, or the star, or the hero, look for the bright lights in the dark.

Instead, seek for those whose ideas, wisdom, opinions, sincerity, who spread knowledge freely, not instigate for hate.

The fool seeks attention, NEEDS attention, wants you to pay attention to all the details, to become lost in every offensive or otherwise horrible detail that you forget about the big picture unfolding, losing sight of the corruption and swamp things that have been right there at his side the whole time, keeping him at the centre of our divided attention.

A puppet, not just Putins, cause he makes himself a very convenient fool.

A court jester, the genuine idiot hired because he is good at distracting the audience.

The biggest grifter in the land somehow gotta hold of the highest office, and now if he goes down they ALL go down.

See, that’s the risk they took when they decided to follow a clown.

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But they were hungry, and scared, those white men, with their mouldy minds, threw all their lofty facade of ideals aside, and one day they woke up and realized that the world had left them behind and their days were numbered.

Tick, tock… tick, tock.

In their fear of what lay ahead, at what they would lose, the power, the control, they made a deal with the devil, to become the very thing they had fought to keep away from their shores, the thing so many had fought to keep at bay.

Instead, see, those old rich white men see the world they once knew, all of it, slowing sinking under this wave of innovation, globalization, integration, mobilization.

We are watching the death throes of the white homogenized male dominance, at odds with a world that doesn’t want them, or need them, and is tired of all their goddamn war games.

So, step away from the story, the details, the close up. Go outside underneath the trees, bath in the essence of that perspective, reaching for the sky, look up, breath the air, return to the chaotic din with a more critical eye, taking the WIDE view.

Oh, and look for those lights in the dark, those who spread their messages in a good way, sincerely.

Look for those who share their thoughts without the entanglement of a pet project, or candidate, no particular objective… maybe with a different perspective, or from a different place… look for those lights in the dark.

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