Impeachment, Though, You Know, Que Sera Sera, And A Quid Nor A Quo, Even So

With the new puppy taking up my time, lavishing me with Pika poo, and playing squeaky toy games with Stink, I’ve engaged in less politics, read less, watched less. Pondering, I suppose, more pondering of late than opinions. No conclusions, though.

Finding myself more and more with this desire to just stand back, watch, listen, absorb what is unfolding, but not engage with it. High level scans of the news and views, but deep dives give me anxiety, so I move along to other kinder, gentler pursuits, like throwing Stink across the room to watch my little Pika poo go crashing cross the kitchen floor after her toy.

And, thus, my need to write about it all, him, them, it has waned. Don’t need to share what I hear, what I think is in the wind, as I’m off in pursuit of puppy poo again.

But, anywho, speaking of poo, #DirtyDonald was trending the other day on twitter, and it made me wonder how his followers can be so enamoured with all his corruption and incompetence? I don’t know, guess being dirty is for them a feature not a bug, but I doubt their children’s children will necessarily see it quite the same way, once all the republican blarney and blather is erased with time.

Those truths he has tried to hide will have their day, and once it all has been revealed, what will the future have to say? Try as one may, the lock on secret vaults that today hide the crimes erode with time, the truths of all the corruption out in the open, and often at just the worst time, so I guess we shall see.

Dumbfounded I suppose to watch as those republicans parrot the Russian talking points, and wonder if they have thought of their own legacies.

The facts, more or less, are he cheated to get elected, or at least we can say he turned a blind eye while those in a foreign country meddled to help get him elected. And the reason we can really only say that much is he orchestrated his gang of miscreants to obstruct justice, lie under oath. Hiding secret meetings, and liaison’s on foreign islands, Russian money changing hands, whispers of the Russian mob and money laundering going back decades, but shhhhh.

Yeh, sure, but let’s talk about Ukraine. And, one may wonder, if that country was so, so, so very corrupt, and ol’Trumpo were so worried about that corruption, certainly does beg the question… why not a peep UNTIL Biden entered the Democratic presidential race? EM?

Sure, ok, ol’rumpTus is worried about corruption, though.

Got it. {rolling eyes}

But lets move along.

So, that supposed playboy who paid off a porn star, ol’unindicted Individual 1, knows he can not win fair and square, so he cheats. With a side of obstructing justice, just for laughs, I suppose. He’s innocent, don’t ya know, out der fighting corruption, don’t ya know, so that must be it, why else wouldn’t he just reveal his taxes and docs requested by congress? If he’s so innocent what does he have to hide, right?

Anyone who believes Trump has nothing to hide is smokin’ crack.

And so we watch those white nationalist dirtbags and their crew, stuck in the days of yesteryear, desperate for relevance in this modern multicultural and global world, struggling for survival, in a world that is passing them by, scared of things they don’t understand.

I guess a little tyranny and fascism is a small price to pay for relevance, eh?

But, that all said, the leader of that crew of desperate dirtbags, will impeachment remove him? Probably not.

Will it sway his base? Nope.

Will it get him re-elected? Maybe. Perhaps even likely.

Is that a dangerous gamble? Yea, yes it is.

Impeachment, though, marks a president for life. Attached to his legacy, his Wikipedia page, his obituary, will always include that word.

Those appointed by him, the Judges, their name as well will, in some way, shape or form, yes, their own name will have that word attached. A hares’ breath, a whiff of that stink, perhaps, but there, the word… the stain will touch their name.

Judge so-and-so, appointed by Dirty Donald.

Not to mention, for many, his is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history, impeachment adds weight to that, kinda like an anvil sort of weight.

They can defend him with a “firehouse of lies” and ignore his crimes, sputter on cable news about corruption that has no grounds in reality, go on about conspiracies, and rant and rave like lunatics on C-SPAN, right there for future generations to ponder, #LenigradLindsey, #MoscowMitch, they can coordinate with the White House to cheat, to say right out loud he will not pretend to be a fair juror, oaths have no worth I suppose, and blah blah blah, even so… that word will remain, his ultimate stain.

It will always be forever more attached to his name… IMPEACHED.

He obstructed justice, he lies about lies he has lied about lying about. He has defied his oath, he has abused power, he has sought to weaken American institutions, journalist have been murdered, on HIS watch, and apparently with a nod and a wink from HIS own son-in-law.

Dictators call him ‘friend’, a useful idiot till the end, authoritarian con-men he bows to their desires and turns on American allies. Laughed off the world stage, his tail between his legs, pouting he’s been bullied by the international cabal of the haut monde, all out to get him, I suppose.

Now, can you imagine for one second lets say Reagan flouncing off in a huff because people were saying mean things about him?

I mean, think about that.

Boohoo baby.

Actually, can you see ANY other President of the United States, dead or alive, getting away with even half the crap he’s pulled?

Getting away with, to name but a few, serial lying, multiple close associates in jail, accusations of rape and sexual misconduct as long as a flag pole, listening to patently unqualified advisors whilst ignoring the advice of seasoned veterans, cronyism and corruption like it’s a standard for admittance to the administration.

Caging children, separating families, and racist tropes become a point of view, no longer taboo.

But, all of that aside, all of that and everything he may do, besides all of it, whether you agree or not, care or not, even so, still, his name will always be stained with it.


Certainly, paramount to the idea of impeachment was a means of removal of a corrupt and or unfit president by peaceful means. Yet, was that all it was intended to do?

Maybe not.

Because, there is a stain the word associates with them, so as to always attach a big BUT when someone reads or hears the name, and regardless of what he does, what the Senate may do, whatever he accomplishes, however much his loyalists love him, defend him, regardless, there will always be that addendum…but, he was IMPEACHED.

Legacy was what those fathers of America had in their minds, and that detail would not have escaped their notice.

Which to my mind suggests one reason why they left the actual process of impeachment to the winds of time, to leave it as organic and mutable as future generations may require, devoid of their own divided views on what one should impeach a President for, if one should, how I suppose secondary to the why.

One thing those republican snakes have done is ensnared the concept of impeachment in a chaotic stew of BS, such as, though not limited to, suggesting it is like a regular jury trial, like a court of law in the classic sense, like Law & Order, with the courtroom, and witnesses. And, yes it has those things, but what makes something impeachable does not have to be criminal in that sense. “High” crimes are those that can only be committed by those in roles like presidents, regardless of how great the economy is or how wonderful the job numbers are, or how many people were actually at his inauguration.

Whether he was chosen by their God, or is a pawn of Satan, tis not relevant, he will still be impeached.

For impeachable acts, like obstructing justice by again and again defying a co-equal branch of governments subpoenas, abusing the power of one’s office, checked all the boxes. Bing bing bing, he wins the prize.

Yes, Mr. President, calling on foreign nations to smear one’s political opponent in an election, is an impeachable act. No quid nor quo required.

But, please, what was that about Biden? Ukraine? Corrupt who? And you were so worried about that it took till the Democrats were the majority in congress and Biden’s running for president to get your knickers in a knot, eh?

Oh, up is down and left is right, in this mixed up, messed up world.

Yet, one side caveat of an impeachment trial in the Senate held during the dismal grey winter months of an election year? Republican Senators up for re-election will have to choose between the campaign trail and their duty as Senators for the impeachment trial. So, there’s that.

Though, in all honesty, what do their constitutes ever get from them anyway? What will they be missing out on?

Oh, but no worries matey, a Democrat will swoop in and steal a few frustrated voters embarrassed by that cruel and corrupt conman and crew.

Yet, regardless, what will be, will be, the future tis not ours to see, yet, still, he is going to be impeached, even so.

Ooops, more stinky poo. Gotta go.

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