Crackhead And Sh!tstain, A Big Bad Wolf, And A Merry Yadda Yadda

Actually, ignored my phone almost the entire time I was at my sisters for Christmas. From Christmas eve till Boxing Day when we left, barely touched it, no desire nor interest, didn’t care anything about what was transpiring down yonder, and it was wonderful.

Writing so much the last couple years about that incompetent crybaby down yonder in the land of my birth I guess has gotten a bit old. I have to say that this Christmas his obnoxious snivelling seemed to take on a new, em, tone of boohoo. I admit that I have been distracted, from politics and pouty POTUS, since Irish has been gone, since puppy Pika has come in to my life, I feel this shift.

So out and about in the usual places, seeking inspiration, a new slant, rather than a mere rant, the fire and fury replaced with fierce and furry.

I really didn’t give a rats-patooty this last few weeks’ bout POTUS, just shook my head, and swiped it all away.

Moron re-tweeting out some garbage from a QAnon account with like 10 followers and up for 10 days? Pft. Who finds this stuff for him? Who feeds him this crap? Makes ya wonder.

Then, tweeted out the name of the Whistleblower, cause, he thinks he’s untouchable, I suppose, wants to rally his base to… what?

But, it did get the ol’cackles cackling, his name tossed cross the screens of the politicos hanging on his every absurd word. Guess he was bored, jealous everyone off celebratin’ the birth of his ‘faithful’ Christian followers lord and saviour, needed some attention, narcissist that he is.

Anywho, he’s impeached, he can boohoo all he wants, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, Pika had a blast, played with the cat, Eva, nicknamed Crackhead, cause she’s still really a crazy kitten, at 8 months old, and those two were fast friends.

Pika came home and conked out for the whole of Boxing Day, into the night, and beyond, it seriously wiped her out.

She did so well, too, generally, considering she’s only 4 1/2 months old. Generally peed where she should, generally not where she shouldn’t. Scared the bejesus outa their giant black dog, Stella, who I think was completely unnerved by this pipsqueak firebrand of energy.

Oh, Pika was fearless all right, but Stella, unnerved or not, could take wee Pika in her jaws and with one good shake, well, so I took no chances, eh?

Couple anxious moments, bit of a manoeuvre to swoop in the odd time Stella was out and about. But, her age is starting to show, and wasn’t as spry as she was, but still. Up I’d nab the wee sh!tstain hell-bent for leather, and save her from the big bad wolf.

So, all that is over, and much fun was had by all, and we are back to our little life, just us two.

Decided we needed a couple nice long walks, take her to some of my old haunts, the places Irish and I would go.

Yesterday took her to one of the parks that runs along the Thames River, joggers and walkers out in the fresh air like us, enjoying the mild temps.

Thought I’d bring a couple props, a bit of holiday bling.

However, my model…ahem… it would appear we’ll need some work.

She is becoming more brave, and pint size Pika could get lost in the shrubbery, and can certainly go places I can not. Therefore, she stays on leash, as much to protect her from gopher holes and hawks.

I have learned over this last couple months since she arrived, that small she may be, but mighty, and brave, and fiery. She goes at things with a gusto, scared or not, she faces those fears with that Chihuahua confidence I have come to adore.

Exploring these places with her, I find I look at them anew, through her eyes.

And I have learned that she wants nothing at all to do with being dressed up like some dolly dog.

Small she may be, but fierce and noble is she, my wee Pika.

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