Delusions And Deflections Of A Loser

Whilst counting the days till the Don is gone, and all his goons, I watch the great and the good, the poor and the wealthy, the intellectuals and the couch potato politicians spar on whether the commander of chaos and cons followers {marks} are redeemable.

Standing back watching as this all transpires down yonder in the land of my birth, watching them more at odds, more angry, and watch the right-wing politics of hate grow, it is sad to watch, sad to write about, actually.

Which, is why I haven’t, just kind of stood back in horror and followed the madness as it unfolded on Twitter, all the cast of characters actually devolving more and more, like some comic book villains, more farce than factual, more frantic, more chaos, more uncertainty.

I mean, seriously, mounting their defence at a presser in a parking lot out front of a landscaping company, next door to a peek show & dildo store called Fantasy Island, across the road from a crematorium?

Dear god, half the country sound like blathering idiots trapped in this bubble of BS, a dangerous right-wing cult of delusions.

Almost 50% of the United States just nod their heads, incredulous to the idea that what they think they know, and what they believe, is rubbish.

It is all one big giant misinformation campaign designed by the top of the food chain GOP to snow their voters, spreading false narratives to maintain power and control, ignoring the will of the majority, and seemingly completely fine with this attack on democracy.

“a right-wing nationalist party dependent on the race-baiting and narratives that run counter to reality”

WAPO – In the aftermath of the election, the media can’t slip back into its old bad habits, Jennifer Rubin

Deflect, deflect, deflect.

Spin, spin, spin.

Lie, lie, lie.

Yet, perhaps I can identify a little with belief in a delusion, after 10 years with my ex-husband. Afraid to leave my crumbling nest, fear of the scary world ‘OUT THERE’, I felt like I was trapped, if only within my own mind.

Afraid to even think about what it would take to walk away, even if I knew in my heart I really should.

Yet, one day the door opened, I guess you could say, and decided that whatever I had been afraid of was far less scary than the lie we had been living, as his depression sucked the energy out of the room. He was terrified of the boogeyman in his head calling the shots, and so I let his psychosis drain us both, as we sunk into his narcissistic nose dive of denial.

Sympathy for the devil? Well, sympathy for the delusional maybe is more apt.

Not the same thing, but in a way I do understand being locked into a certain narrative, where everything else seems impossible.

The lies you tell yourself holds you hostage to the delusion, for fear of what the alternative is, and turning your back on the reality staring you right in the face, but are ashamed to see, just can’t face it.

Slowly, as the days roll on, more of agolf twitlers followers will come to the truth, that their man lost, and Biden won.

Even now, flags and signs are coming down, and TikTok I guess is full of the sorrow of his plebs accepting his defeat.

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

They will be disillusioned, and grasping for something to cling to, refusing to see through the spin cycle we’re seeing all across right-wing loyal minions.

Many of them will not be able to accept his defeat, and might even become more radicalized.

Not seeing, even now, they have been enthralled by a conman, an egocentric failed businessman who’s coasted on his daddy’s money his whole life, and what he didn’t fail at, he just walked away from, never having to own his mistakes. A man who is basically a magnet for other corrupt sorts, they seem to gravitate to him, if just to sail along on the fumes.

They will create new excuses, accept the lies, believe that their guy was cheated and the evil Democrats are to blame. That is the new conspiracy, the new story, their dear leader was robbed, and this is the new reason they are angry and full of rage.

Cause, god alone knows how on earth they are going to fill their empty angry lives without their precious knotted up complicated conspiracies.

The new narratives already in play, making the rounds, designed to re-direct them from the loss, towards a story that keeps them mad, and entangled still.

Even though not one shred of evidence has been found of fraud, court cases kicked out one after the other, and election officials all across the country declaring the election secure, with no widespread fraud.

However, an election that somehow magically allowed more GOP seats across congress, yet somehow just twisting the election against Trump?


So, the conspiracy-mongers cocktail of anger and fear, stubbornly cling to the fantasy constructed for them, neatly backing up all their preconceived notions.

“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

And, by this the GOP keeps the minds and hearts of the precious Twitler voter in their grasp, and thus they keep power.

Many things they refuse to acknowledge, since within their isolated bubble their point of view reigns supreme. Lost, entangled in the past, terrified of a future they have been told will only bring evil, ruination of the wealthy white man’s dream world, of power and control, slipping from their grasp, year after year.

History will look back at this year, the horrors of 2020, the lines of portable morgues outside hospitals, ICU beds filling up, hospitals being swamped and unable to maintain proper care, thousands and thousands dying all alone. And the right-wing spin cycle using the pandemic itself to divide the country, making policies meant to protect them and others a political grand standing declaration of loyalty to the trumplican regime.

They would rather believe in complex forces at work bent on some sinister global agenda, socialist demons destroying the fantasy world they bought in to, clinging to the notion that it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.

Apparently, they would rather force their own ideology down everyone’s throat, and call it freedom.

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